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by @levelsio

Mental Startup Ideas

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A startup that aims to help people with severe anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues find the resources they need to get better


Idea: An on-demand therapy platform for people suffering from mental health issues


A toolkit to help non-profits build and manage websites. Its pre-built themes include a person-powered fundraising site, an environmental website, and a donation-based site.


A startup that is a chatbot that provides short-term mental health support


A startup that helps the homeless and mentally ill get connected to services.


This startup is building a self-learning platform to help teach people the fundamentals of coding. The startup’s founders say that the product they have built is already powering over 20,000 students in 300 schools.


A startup that helps veterans with mental health issues and PTSD.


This startup is building an app to help people with mental illness manage their health. The app aims to make mental health care more accessible and affordable.


A company that makes a video game that helps teach people about mental health.


A platform that helps people with mental illness to find jobs, get to school, and get the care they need.


A startup that helps people with serious illnesses deal with their illness and the mental side of it


A company that develops a system that allows people to visualize and enhance their dreams to “increase focus and mental clarity”.


The startup is building a marketplace for social and environmental benefits that companies can offer to their customers. The idea is that companies can leverage these “social benefits” to boost the loyalty of customers who want to do the right thing.


A city-level tool to let governments track environmental health and pollution using sensors, analytics, and mobile-based data. The startup has the backing of the mayor of Chicago and the EPA.


A startup tackling the stigmas around mental illness and jobs in the US


A startup founded by Apple alum, which aims to make it easier for people to clean their devices. In exchange for every $10 the company makes, it donates $1 to environmental causes.


While many startups have been building virtual reality products to help improve cognitive or physical therapy, this startup is specifically built to help people with mental illness. The app works as a video support system to help people with anxiety and mood disorders.


A new app that allows users to “virtually” connect with a well-known psychologist. The app was launched in April and is being used by students and their parents to help them better understand their experiences with mental illness.


A startup aiming to make it easier for people to go out and get the medicine they need. They already have a patient app and have built a “pocket pharmacy” pharmacy, and aim to expand to services such as mental health and pharmaceuticals.


A company that helps patients manage their mental health records so they can share them between doctors.


The startup aims to make complicated environmental accounting and reporting for companies easier, with a platform that helps companies track their carbon footprint, water use, and other environmental data. It’s currently testing with a few companies in the energy and manufacturing verticals.


A startup that helps people take care of their mental health, including counseling and psychology services. The startup is working on a mobile app for people to use when they need help, and is trying to work with employers to offer mental health support on-site.


A platform that lets families, friends, and neighbors connect, find, and support each other for their mental health issues, using a big data approach to help the right people at the right time. Through its platform, Bensound plans to provide a virtual space where people can post their symptoms, get support, and connect with each other. The platform reaps the insights provided by the data from all the posts to offer people with mental health issues the most personalized, accurate diagnosis possible.


A health service for people with persistent mental problems. The company wants to provide safe homes for people with mental illnesses, to help them get the services they need to lead productive lives.


The summer school is for students interested in learning programming and fundamental knowledge in computer science, with the intent of helping them be successful in college.


A “social network for treating mental health”.


The Y Combinator summer school is a four-week program that teaches computer science fundamentals to top-tier high school students. The program was launched in 2010 by Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator.


A startup that’s creating a digital system for the management of health, safety and environmental risks.


A startup that helps people stay social, but focuses on encouraging mental health.


A company that makes it easier to measure and manage the environmental impact of a company’s operations.


A wellness tool for people with mental health issues to track their symptoms and stay on top of things. The startup is backed by Outcome Health, the company behind enterprise wellness company Medical Health Network.


The startup is working to connect people with mental health professionals through a mobile app.


A platform that helps connect people with professionals in their community for physical well-being and mental health.


A startup that wants to build a marketplace for more environmentally-friendly products. With a business that was founded in the UK, they now have an office in the US.


A startup that wants to use AI to figure out who has a change in behavior is an addict and who has other underlying illness like depression. The startup uses data science to work out what’s causing changes in behavior and figure out whether it’s a symptom of a mental illness.


A personalized, curative music therapy service for hospitals, created by a company that focuses on using music to treat mental illnesses.


A startup for health care professionals offering concierge medical services, including home health care, mental health care, and the provision of medical equipment.


A startup to help people get a mental health checkup by a clinical psychologist after a significant life event, such as a breakup.


A startup that helps people manage their mental illness, hosting support groups and offering free support.


A mobile therapy app for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.


The company’s idea is to create a service that helps re-integrate people with mental illnesses into the workforce. The app employs standard HR practices, but is customized for people with mental illness, offering support in the form of a personal guide for each person.


A dating app for people with mental illness. The app asks you to rate your symptoms and asks you how you interact with people, giving you a score between 0 and 10 based on how likely you are to get into a fight or be abusive.


This startup is building a tool that connects the best doctors with patients in need of mental health services, creating a more efficient system than the current one.


A company that develops and sells a line of “smart windows”, windows that can monitor and adjust to changing weather and other environmental conditions to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.


This startup is building an app that connects people with people who need help finding help with the mental health issues that are too often seen as taboo.


A startup that helps governments issue tax-exempt bonds in an environmentally friendly way. The company uses blockchain technology to track everything from who owns the land to who owns the building to who owns the certificates.


A new way to help consumers buy environmentally-friendly products. The startup is a small team that’s looking to build a better way for consumers to get their hands on environmentally-friendly products from all over the world. While it’s not quite a marketplace, it does offer a centralized marketplace that connects the consumer to one online store for all their environmentally-friendly products.


A tiny computer that can be implanted into the brain, offering a way to treat chronic pain, mental illness, and even Alzheimer’s.


A startup that allows individuals with mental health or other health problems to connect with mental health professional.


Idea: A B2B startup making a new kind of AI for managing oil wells. They say their AI’s can help reduce costs, make oil wells more efficient, and reduce environmental impact.