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Medium Startup Ideas

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A real estate platform for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to buy and sell real estate.


A startup that is building a platform for onboarding new talent at small- and medium-sized businesses. The startup looks to make the hiring process much easier and more efficient by connecting employers with freelancers via an online marketplace.


A customer and supplier management software to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce costs and increase productivity.


A B2B company that helps suppliers manage their orders, with a focus on small to medium-sized businesses with fewer than 100 employees.


A company that helps small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) build their own Telco-like infrastructure.


A tool designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses get their online through a series of video interviews.


A platform for communication, collaboration and information sharing among small and medium-sized businesses.


A platform for small to medium size business owners to create a customized email marketing campaign that can be send to their customers.


A platform for managing the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, such as hiring and managing.


This is a startup that wants to help small and medium-size companies connect with local communities. The company provides an online platform to help companies find local talent, and has a built-in business development tool to help build relationships between companies and local businesses.


The startup is building a tool to help startups get more visibility into their customers. The startup wants to use data to build a “scalable dashboard” that allows small and medium sized businesses to see all their social media data in one place.


A digital bank account for consumers and businesses in Latin America. The startup wants to bring account management to the small and medium enterprises in the region.


The startup is building a platform for event hosts. The app is aimed at small to medium size events, and includes features like group chat and live streaming.


Builds mobile apps for small and medium-sized businesses that are typically handled by outsourced developers. It helps the client keep track of their employees and their weekly hours, track expenses, and generate invoices.


The startup is looking to serve the needs of small and medium-sized companies by offering “managed customer relationship management.”


A payment startup that offers a money transfer service for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has a network of partners that cover 90% of all businesses.


A startup that takes on the issues facing small and medium sized companies in the industry with a cloud-based platform they say is “built for the employee experience”. The platform hopes to give employees more time and flexibility to be productive, with features like the ability to manage and access workers from any device, a “private” chat room, and an inbox for all communication.


A set of tools for small- and medium-sized businesses to manage their credit and invoice processes.


An HR platform that focuses on employee engagement, and is aimed at small/medium size companies. They plan to announce a $2.5 million seed round in December.


The company is building a single-sign-on tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them manage multiple logins for different services.


Drawing on the insights from the most-read articles on Medium, this startup is building a toolset that lets writers and other creatives see who’s reading their work and how.


A tool for managing the data on a small to medium sized business. It’s a white label product that is available to be customized by either a third party or a business owner.


A startup that wants to bring affordable, secure storage to small and medium sized businesses. The company is focused on providing remote access to business owners who would otherwise have to pay high prices to store things in their own homes.


A cooperative that helps small-to-medium sized businesses with a number of issues. From customer service to marketing and HR, The Cooperative can help small-to-medium sized businesses with a number of issues.


The company is building a B2B payments platform for small and medium businesses


A startup that helps small and medium-sized companies manage their accounts receivable. They’re currently serving customers in California, Florida, and Illinois.


is a company that helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) connect with a wider set of potential customers. The SMEs gain access to a wider range of potential customers, including business professionals, which helps them build up their customer base.


This company is building a software platform that connects manufacturers with small and medium-sized businesses that need digital printing solutions, including direct mail, invitations, catalogs, posters, and more.


A platform for helping small- to medium-sized businesses run their sales, marketing, and customer service. They’re currently in beta and have worked with a variety of companies, including Johnnie Walker and Net-a-Porter.


This is a tool that helps journalists and reporters publish their work on Medium. It’s meant to help journalists write the same stories over and over again.


 A decentralized encrypted messaging platform for the world’s 2.4 billion unconnected citizens. Decent has built a messaging app that uses its own cryptocurrency, BitShare, as the medium.


A company that provides data-driven marketing for small and medium sized businesses.


The company wants to make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to process “smart” payments.


A tool with a simple design that helps organizations and software developers build and manage their websites. It’s focused on small-to-medium businesses.


Built for small-to-medium sized retailers, a shopping list app that can be synced to a phone and can also sync with a website.


A book publishing platform by the founders of Medium, which has raised $23.5M to date. The company wants to automate book publishing, and focus on short books.


A startup that helps small-to-medium-size businesses send sales emails with photo-realistic pictures.


An enterprise social network and HR software company in the Philippines. The startup hopes to help small and medium businesses get access to the kind of services large corporations have.


Business software for small and medium companies. The company says it’s working with more than 1,000 companies in the US, Brazil, and Canada.


A startup that helps small and medium-sized businesses in the US sell their products on Amazon.


 A tool for building and editing webpages with a drag-and-drop interface. Think of it like Medium, except for building sites.




A platform to help advise and manage small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The startup’s founder says he wants his product to be like a “low-cost version of Facebook for SMBs”.


A platform connecting small-to-medium-size businesses with large-scale customers. The startup allows companies to create personalized sales campaign strategies with brands, based on the customer data they have on hand.


A company that helps small- and medium-sized companies in financial services, insurance, and real estate get financing


This startup uses technology to help small- and medium-size businesses process credit cards. It’s currently in beta with 100 small businesses.


A startup that helps small businesses manage their inventory of supplies. It’s like Amazon, but for small/medium sized businesses.


An AI-powered product to help companies understand the sentiment around their products. They’re currently working with 100 small and medium sized companies.


Idea: This startup helps small and medium-sized businesses automate their accounts receivable, allowing them to focus on their core business


A business tool for people in the Philippines to find and hire freelancers for small-to-medium sized businesses.


Idea: A startup that lets you create a link that “promotes” the creator of a link that you share. For example, if you share an article on Medium, you can give the author a little boost and help them get more views.


A software company that helps businesses build and scale their content marketing programs. A financial services company that aims to make trading more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.


A platform that lets businesses manage their online presence and marketing efforts. The company is targeting small and medium-sized businesses.