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Measure Startup Ideas

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A device that can measure how much a plant needs to water its roots and send that data to a mobile app.


A small business marketing strategy and planning tool that lets small businesses measure their marketing performance across all channels. It started by focusing on social media and has expanded to include web traffic and content marketing, email marketing, and paid search.


A startup that is building a way to measure how well your music sounds in the club.


A platform that helps brands track social media conversation and measure the effects of social media campaigns. The company is working with brands like Macy’s, Next, and Starbucks.


A new way to measure employee performance.


a tool to help people measure and reduce the impact of their social media use on their personal and professional lives. It’s been downloaded over 1 million times.


A software company that builds tools for companies that want to be able to measure employee productivity.


A hardware company building a connected kitchen to help manage and measure food preparation.


A startup that sells a device that measures the humidity in your home and helps you manage your dry air


A startup that’s building a tool to help schools estimate their energy costs. The startup’s founders say they want to make it easier for schools to measure and manage their energy costs, but they also want to make it easier for them to implement energy saving measures.


A health care technology company that wants to build a device that can measure your body’s cortisol levels to determine your stress levels.


A company that sends workers out to measure sites for a precise fit for solar panels


This startup is building an AI and chatbot to help marketers measure their brand’s performance.


An AI-based platform for helping companies measure and understand the impact of their employees’ spending and behavior.


A startup that makes a sensor that attaches to the outside of buildings and measures the humidity and temperature for every room. The startup is currently working with a handful of commercial buildings across New York City.


A startup that wants to create safety measures for autonomous vehicle testing.


AI-powered machine learning platform for the fashion industry that helps brands measure product fit and recommend products for different sizes and styles.


A way to monitor, measure and prevent “cybercrime”. The startup is currently being used by the United States Department of Defense to fight cybercrime.


A company that uses social media to measure sales. The company claims to be the first to use programmatic buying to measure sales.


A tool for making it easier to measure and optimize employee productivity.


A startup that’s building a medical device that can be worn like a watch to measure a person’s heart rate throughout the day.


The company is centered around a new product called the “Activity Tracker”, which is actually a wristband with sensors that measure the wearer’s activity throughout the day. The wristband communicates with a phone that then records the data on the app. The data can then be synced with a HealthKit-enabled app for tracking progress.


A way to measure and report on a person’s location and movements in real-time, without requiring a wearable device.


A company building a tool for sites to accurately measure page views and clicks, as well as help them gain better insights into user behavior.


A way for advertisers to measure the success of their ads, and for consumers to see which products get the highest engagement.


A tool that measures a company’s chances of going under based on their current financial situation.


A platform meant to help businesses measure the ROI of their marketing efforts in real-time.


Designed to help clients define and measure their social impact, Consequence is a software company helping nonprofits and for-profits better track their impact. It helps clients measure the effectiveness of their programs and measure employees’ impact, too. The company has a $10 million Series A, with $1 million raised in its first round of VC funding.


A company that builds software to measure and predict the performance of brands


A simple online platform to measure and compare ratings, recommendations and reviews for restaurants, bars, spas, salons and more.


A platform that helps companies create and manage an employee group, with tools to find new hires, measure engagement, and reward engagement and performance.


A software company that helps businesses better define and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. The company’s founders say their platform has already helped businesses like Blue Apron and Fandango “get more value for their marketing dollars.”


A start-up that builds small devices for the home to measure temperature, humidity, and other factors. The company is also developing an indoor location service.


A way to measure how well a startup is performing and where it should spend more money.


A tool that helps users track their fitness progress, measure calories burned, and connect with friends.


An analytics tool for companies that want to measure and visualise their social media marketing.


A tool that helps people find and engage with influencers on Instagram with different metrics to measure campaign performance.


 A startup that collects data from social media networks and aggregates them into daily reports that can be used to measure the human conversation that happens on the internet.


A company that conducts regular polls to help companies measure consumer sentiment.


A wearable device that uses a sensor to measure how much CO2 each person is emitting. The startup is looking to reinvent the carbon footprint game by working with employers to offer discounts to employees who can reduce their emissions.


A SaaS platform to help companies set up and easily manage and measure employee wellbeing programs, as well as provide advice on setting up these programs.


A Wi-Fi-enabled fitness tracker that allows the user to measure their body fat percentage. When paired with Omron’s blood pressure monitor, it can also provide access to one’s general health history.


Part of the problem with software is that it’s hard to measure how well an app is working. AppZilla wanted to solve that problem by building a platform for developers to track their app’s stats. The startup is focusing on mobile apps, and has already raised $1.5 million.


A startup that helps businesses spend less on electricity costs by managing their energy usage (through usage monitoring and energy saving measures.)


A startup that helps women measure their menstrual cycle in a way that’s more conducive to women’s health.


Nota is building a tool that helps companies calculate their cost of goods sold on on each unit of product they sell. The startup built a tool that can predict and measure the cost of goods sold within an hour.


It’s a data analysis tool for social media. It’s meant to help brands measure and optimize their social media campaigns.


A platform that makes it easier for companies to measure employee engagement. It analyzes text messages, chatroom messages, and social media posts to provide employers with insights into what employees prefer, what their priorities are, and what they’re working on.


A company that makes it easier to measure and manage the environmental impact of a company’s operations.


This is a platform that helps companies manage their risk, allowing them to measure and control their exposure to risk, in an easy to understand way.


A digital health platform that helps patients track their blood pressure, heart rate, and other measurements. The idea is that it’s less expensive, and easier to use than the existing devices, which are used by a small percentage of the market.


A company that sells a handheld device that can measure UV quantities for soil. The company’s first product is a $200 device that measures UV quantities to help farmers measure how much fertilizer to use.


A mobile app that allows people to measure how much energy they are using, from the comfort of their own home, for a small fee.


A company building a $10,000 smart kitchen device that can track and measure food production, helping people get to know the nutritional value of their food, and making it easier to cook healthier food.


A way to measure the “value” of a company’s work.


Employers can access a single dashboard to track their employee’s performance. Performance is measured across different channels, including time spent at work, friend requests, and the effectiveness of their social media presence.


A $500+ tool that measures and tracks weight loss and the overall health of a person. The service is built to help people with diabetes and other health conditions, and tracks things like blood glucose and weight.


A startup that wants to help companies get their “product-market fit” right. It’s a tool that helps teams come up with product market fit hypotheses and then helps them measure them with a bunch of tests.


The startup wants to use a combination of machine learning and data science to figure out a person's biological age based on a series of scans and measurements. The projections are meant to help people decide what to do with their retirement.


A project created by YC alum Eric Migicovsky, it’s a device that can measure your physical activity and communicate with your smartphone.


A way to “sharpen the pencil” for developers, letting them easily visualize and measure their code. It’s currently in private beta, with around 300 users.


A platform that allows advertisers to track and measure their Facebook ad campaigns, which is estimated to be $16 billion in ad spend.


A DIY kit that lets users measure and diagnose DIY electrical problems.


This startup makes a device that measures skin temperature and runs the numbers to help a patient determine if they have a fever.


A software company that helps retailers sell more products in-store by giving them tools to measure sales in real-time.


A product that combines a “digital kitchen scale” with a connected kitchen appliance. The goal is to make cooking more precise; for instance, you can measure the exact amount of rice you’re using.


A smart suit that monitors a cyclist’s body and sounds an alert if the cyclist is having a heart attack. Geekster’s founders say that it’s a much cheaper alternative to an electrocardiogram, and only takes a few seconds to measure a person’s heart rate.


A company that is building a platform — dubbed “the People’s Portal” — to allow small business owners to easily connect with the customers who use their services. The company will also offer a suite of tools that can help small businesses track and measure their customers.


A startup that measures and reports on the ethics and practices of companies and organizations. The startup shared a solution to a problem in which consumers and companies aren’t aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions.


A product that helps people better measure their credit score, with the goal of making credit accessible for everyone.


A B2B platform that lets companies measure and optimize their sales pipeline, with plans to integrate with other tools like Slack, Google Drive, etc.


A startup that’s building a tool for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It will allow marketers to track their performance and measure impact.


A wearable technology company, based in San Francisco, that makes apparel and accessories that measure in real time and track your activity. It has some of the lowest prices in the industry, and is a contender with the other big players.


The startup wants to make self-controlled health management a reality by bringing patients to doctors once they’ve self-monitored and measured their health regularly.


A startup that has built an AI-powered platform to manage the growth of your startup’s social media engagement, allowing the company to monitor customer sentiment, measure engagement, and optimize their content.


A company that helps advertisers try out new ad formats and measure their effectiveness. For a small fee, advertisers can use the startup’s service to generate a report on their campaign's success. The company claims to have a list of over 100 clients, including large fashion brands and big insurance companies.


The startup is building a data-driven platform to help companies measure their marketing effectiveness and ROI. They say they’ve already built a $200,000 product — but they’re looking for $75,000 to build out the data science.


A tool that helps small businesses in the US create and measure their sales operations. It’s backed by Y Combinator.


A startup that wants to help organizations cost-effectively learn, measure, and deploy AI.


A marketing platform to help companies measure their impact on the world by tracking their impact on the environment.


A startup that allows businesses to measure their online revenue to help them make better decisions about marketing and pricing.


A way to measure crowd-sourced activity to help startups figure out what people really want.


A tool to help you figure out how to best measure a person’s data across their entire life, including health, work and leisure. The startup’s founders say they’ve already spoken to Fortune 500 companies about their solution.


This startup is building a wearable wristband that measures blood glucose, giving patients a better idea of how they’re managing their diabetes.


Idea: A company that makes a $300 tool to help farmers measure soil quality.


Idea: A B2B company meant to help businesses measure the effectiveness of their digital ads — by tracking and analyzing their landing page performance.


A tool for measuring and tracking performance on social media. The startup wants to help social media managers measure the impact of their efforts, and get a better sense of which tweets are performing well.