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Match Startup Ideas

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A tool that connects education with job opportunities in the US and India, by matching employers with vacant jobs.


A startup that wants to use AI to help small businesses find the right workers by matching them to the right jobs.


A dating app that matches people based on similar musical preferences.


A startup that provides matchmaking services for empty-nesters in their 60s+


 A micro-funding platform for entrepreneurs, reducing the cost of startup capital for high growth startups by providing a mechanism for investors to match their own funds with the startups they care about. The goal is to save startups money on the front end while generating real returns on the back end.


A startup for people in retirement who want to retire overseas. The startup helps people in their 50s and 60s with this goal, by building a financial blueprint for a person’s retirement and then matching them with an appropriate country.


A startup that matches millennial engineers with engineering jobs


A b2b startup that aims to help companies find and hire people that match their culture and values.


A dating app that helps people find matches regardless of what they’re looking for in a relationship. The startup has attracted more than $10 million in investment, and has partnered with celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, who was one of the app’s first users.


 A startup that matches people for daycare and nanny work.


A company that helps online businesses with their online marketing by allowing them to target their customers based on their search history and then match them with a relevant video ad


The company is building a platform that will allow people to land on a page with a listing of homes for sale, to create a profile, and then receive a personalized email to show homes that match their preferences.


 A “kind of Tinder for hiring”, matching people who want to work together and those who might not be a good fit with each other. Its goal is to help employers find and hire better talent, while helping job seekers find the perfect fit.


Idea: This company is building an AI-powered solution for retailers and suppliers to match inventories, to combat stockouts and to reduce markdowns.


 A company that helps companies hire and train in-person apprentices. The company works with a network of companies to match up novices and experienced businesses, creating a system of apprenticeships that lets companies save money and still have their hands on the newest tech.


A way to find local help when you’re running a service-based business. The service tries to find contractors and other types of work that you need done, then match you with the right person to perform the work.


Matching job seekers with employers, coupled with goal-setting and coaching, could help reduce the representation of men in the American workforce.


A startup that wants to create an online store that uses artificial intelligence to automatically find and purchase items that match a customer’s taste and preferences.


The goal of this startup is to help consumers shop for services that match their needs, rather than relying on recommendations from friends and family. The company looks to compete with platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial by selling subscriptions that will take care of the customer. The startup is already working with a number of Wal-Mart and Kroger stores.


A product that helps transport companies find and hire drivers, with a focus on the U.S. trucking market. The startup is marketed towards companies that already use a third-party recruitment or “driver matching” service.


A tool for recruiters, that lets them upload their resume to a centralized network and have it automatically filtered to candidates that are a good match for a given job.


Helping people find the right home by matching them with builders based on their budget and lifestyle.


An AI-based matchmaking system that pairs job seekers with employers.


A company that helps match people who have the same taste, background, and interests to make it easier to find collaborators, whether it’s for a band or a new home.


A platform that matches people looking for work with freelancers


This company uses algorithms to predict what things you like based on your online browsing history and then matches you with like-minded people for future purchases.


This startup wants to be the Netflix of dating. It wants to connect couples by matching them based on what they’re looking for in a partner. It also wants to keep track of everything couples do together.


A startup that wants to help retailers and brands find new customers by taking their email lists and feeding them into an algorithm that matches them with potential customers.


A company that automatically matches users with their fitness instructors


A startup that helps students decide what college to go to, by matching them with data on schools’ average SAT scores, average AP scores, average graduation rates, and more. The company uses algorithms to draw on this data to match applicants to schools.


Initially built to help people get around their cities without buying a car, Carpool is now a decentralized ride-sharing app that acts as a matchmaker for people who want to share their vehicles with a stranger.


A startup that creates a marketplace for companies to outsource their recruiting to on-demand recruiters, with the promise of matching candidates to available jobs within a week


 A cloud-based company that helps fund managers build portfolios based on algorithms that match the risk and return of specific types of bonds.


This startup is building a service that helps match strangers in cities to rent cars. Drivers can use the startup’s platform to find, secure, and book a car, and then get paid on the spot.


The startup is looking to pair the benefits of a collaborative economy with the efficiency of a shared economy. The company offers a system that can match the right person with the right job while also providing them with a flexible schedule.


Using machine learning, Connect is building a platform that sorts through the clutter of online dating platforms to find the best match. The startup is currently in the process of raising its Series A.


A B2B company that matches service providers with customers and helps them find the right partners.


Using a service that matches athletes to coaches, the company helps athletes compete more effectively.


A platform that connects employers and job seekers, letting both sides build a profile of the other, and then matching candidates with the right employer.


A startup that matches employers with employees that are looking to work from home. The startup is currently in beta mode and is available for use on the iOS version of the app.


A startup that helps companies manage their supply chains by automatically matching products in inventory to orders. The founders have raised $1M in seed funding, with plans to expand to Europe.


A real estate firm for buyers, sellers and renters that matches investors with real estate deals


A platform to help companies manage their travel expenses and travel agents by matching travelers with nearby hotels


A portfolio manager that uses machine learning to match your investments to your risk tolerance.


A program that matches and trains mentors with students in the Bay Area.


A startup that builds a hiring platform that allows users to fill a job description with a string of keywords and get a list of candidates who match.


A tool for designers to get more out of their creative process, by letting them “mix, match, and remix” colors and patterns in their Photoshop library in order to create new looks.


A company that provides vehicle and driver safety solutions. The startup helps people find insurance for their cars by matching them to their driving habits.


This startup helps recruiters with finding the best candidates and matching them to jobs.


Reduce the friction of scheduling interviews and making hiring decisions. The company says they’ve already raised $1M and have a job matching product that they’re launching in the next few months.


A company for people who want to earn money from their data. The startup is building a marketplace for data that matches people with companies that would like to use their data for things like predictive algorithms and marketing.


A startup that helps companies find data scientists by matching them up with the opportunity.


A social network designed to help people make friends with those from different cultures, which works as a matchmaking service for travelers.


A $50 million per year B2B startup that gathers data from credit card transactions, then matches the data to the person’s payment history to make sure they’re getting fair credit.


A startup that aims to help match talent with companies for remote work.


This is an app that helps fans book concert tickets. FanBridge helps match fans with the artists they want to see, then book tickets and credit cards for the show.


A startup that helps companies buy chemicals for industrial processes. It works by helping companies identify chemicals by web searches and then matching them to the exact chemical they’re looking for.


Matchmakers for the gig economy. The company is building a platform to help people find and hire gig economy workers for specific gigs, whether it’s a ride share, delivery, or a nanny.


A company that helps employers find candidates that match their job description.


A social network for antique collectors and dealers. It helps users find and buy and sell antiques, matching them with people who have the same taste.


A platform that helps companies find and hire talent. The company wants to be the LinkedIn for the hiring process, allowing companies to do a search for their needs and then being able to find candidates who match the roles easily.


A venture that matches businesses with potential employees across remote work platforms.


A platform that matches customers with repair services.


A startup that helps people find the closest taxi service on demand. A company called Taxi Magic will match you up with a cab in under 5 minutes, and if there's not one nearby, you can request a car to come pick you up.


A company that helps students get into medical school by matching them with mentors. It takes a student’s application and provides recommendations on which medical school to apply to, based on the student’s chances of getting into medical school.


A platform for matching large hotel chains with small hotels that need to do some big renovations quickly. The startup offers hotel owners a choice of different financing options that they can use to pay for their renovations.


A platform that matches employers and talent, allowing recruiters to tap into a large pool of candidates via social networks.


A company that wants to build software that helps footballers around the world look at the footage of their matches and understand how they could be better.


A startup that sells a set of “performance indicators” to help employees track their performance, and then match actions to those indicators.


A company that, like Thumbtack, allows people to find contractors and service providers, then allows them to rate them and find the best match.


A tool to help recruiters identify the best candidates for each job. For instance, if an ad says a certain job is in Chicago, the tool can look up the average salary and job openings to determine if this job is a good match.


A program for graduating students to match them with jobs and internships, pitching itself as an alternative to unpaid internships.


A dating platform that lets people find love by matching them based on their interests.


Take a multi-pronged approach to recruiting, matching a candidate with multiple companies, and then helping them understand the role they’re interviewing for.


An iPad app that helps you find a matching style for your home and then shows a 3D model of your home in 360 degrees.


A startup that wants to help workers find jobs using automation. It uses an algorithm to create a database of companies looking to hire and will then use that to match workers with jobs.


A startup that helps software engineers find remote jobs that match their expertise.


A new way for employers to hire workers. The startup uses a live video chat to help employers hire workers quickly. It uses AI to match candidates to employers, and allows employers to ask questions and validate candidates before hiring.


A ride-sharing service that uses algorithms to match drivers with customers, as an alternative to the taxi companies that dominate the market. The drivers are paid when they’re matched with customers with a ride, and the startup is profitable.


A platform that aims to help dating sites like Match.com grow their user base.


A startup that helps companies bring in new talent, by matching them with employees in similar roles and locations. The company has been operating since 2017, and claims to have hired over 1,000 people to date.


A tool for automating the hiring process in small businesses, with a focus on matching applicants with job openings.


A platform that automates the process of doing social media advertising. It uses AI to match ads to consumers based on their interests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


A hiring app that matches candidates with different companies, allowing them to work remotely


A platform that helps match sellers with buyers for rent-to-own products.


A dating app for millennials that uses location as a major factor in the matchmaking process


A platform that helps users find nearby ping pong tables, buy tables, and host matches.


LendingClub is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company that aims to cut out the middleman lending market by allowing borrowers to connect with each other directly. The company’s P2P model is based on an algorithm designed to match borrowers with lenders. P2P loans were responsible for $2.7 billion in loans in 2017.


A startup that wants to automatically match people with the best Airbnb rentals for them.


A startup that matches people looking for a house to a homeowner who wants a renter


A company that wants to help companies match their employees with the right jobs, using a combination of algorithms and social connections.


A directory of independent developers, with a marketplace to match them with a client. The startup has a team of former Google employees and has raised $1.5 million from Y Combinator.


A company that sells a device that can change the color of a bike’s frame to match the bike’s color scheme.


A startup that is a matchmaking service for people re-entering the job market after being unemployed for a long time


A startup that helps people who are looking to buy or sell a house create a dating profile to find a match that will help them through the process


A startup that provides a service for matching up people who are moving so they can check out apartments together


Idea: This is an app that makes it easier to start a conversation with a stranger A user creates an account, and the app matches them with another user, providing an icebreaker The team says they have 3,000 users and $4,000 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A job-matching platform for companies and local economies in developing countries The company works with local governments and communities to create a better match between employers and job seekers


Idea: A tool for helping employees find a new job, providing a platform for employees to post their resume on and get matched with companies who are hiring It’s a marketplace


Idea: A startup that provides software for scheduling employees on factory floors, allowing them to match production capacity with demand and prevent under- or over-production of goods.


Idea: A startup that matches freelance developers with smaller startups looking for engineers.


Idea: This startup wants to make it easier for people to get matched up with local experts like doctors or lawyers. It currently has 2,200 experts signed up, and is charging $45/hr for up to five hours of work.


Idea: A technology company that’s building an API to automatically match parts of a building’s structure with subcontractors. The idea is to help construction businesses better manage manpower.