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Map Startup Ideas

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A tool that allows you to create maps from your phone’s camera.


A startup that collects data on the world’s 4.5 billion-odd cellphones and builds a giant map of their locations with all the phone data available.


A map service for communities that provides real-time alerts about road closures.


A startup for artists that maps out the best places to sell their art.


A platform to help companies control and manage their entire supply chain. The company wants to aggregate data on every step in the supply chain, create a comprehensive map of it and manage it all from a single dashboard.


A startup that enables users to create a story about a short trip online, using photos and maps. The app has been in beta for two years now, and has over a million photos and videos.


A way to make bus stops more efficient and integrate real-time bus information into Google Maps


This startup is building an “interactive map of the world” and wants to be the Uber of mapping.


A video conferencing app that uses Google Maps for navigation.


A startup that makes and sells a $25 hardware device that plugs into your smartphone and lets you make maps of the world.


 A tool that helps you search for and find your lost phone, on a map that shows it’s current location.


Spots on the map that help you find the closest ride to your destination. The startup wants to make it easier for drivers to find the best ride deal by letting them mark where they want to be picked up and dropping off.


A company that’s building a detailed map of the world’s supply chains, put together using new satellite technologies. The startup wants to create a more efficient and transparent supply chain for all manufacturers.


A startup that helps people find affordable health care services. The startup also offers a service that helps people who need a doctor find one via a map.


A platform for self-driving car manufacturers to build their own maps and run their own fleets


A company that maps the world’s urban areas using satellite imagery. It’s currently working with six cities: London, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.


A startup that’s building a location-based search engine for restaurants, highlighting the cuisine of a city via an interactive map.


This is a company that makes a way to map the physical world of information. The startup is building a suite of open data products and services that will allow users to visualize and understand the world around them.


A goal-oriented task list app that helps you achieve your goals by tracking your progress and mapping it to a calendar.


A tool for organizations to create road maps and share them with their employees.


A smartphone-based navigation app that can read your GPS data and build a map of where you’ve been. The startup has raised $2 million in seed funding.


Produces maps of the world’s street address systems, using data from the U.S. Census, U.K. Post Office, and Google’s Street View.


This startup sells a device which allows you to use the power of your smartphone to map out and visualize the power consumption of any device connected to a power grid.


A startup that collects data on your phone and then turns it into a map of crowdsourced traffic conditions along major roads and highways.


A way to allow a location-sharing app to build maps or other geospatial data into its service.


This startup is building a tool that can help you create a parkour map using a smartphone’s camera, then share that map on social media.


A startup that builds digital signboards that show up on Google Maps


A platform that helps people find the best and cheapest healthcare, based on the best information available on what treatments are effective, and what providers are best. HealthMap is targeting big cities in the US that have good healthcare options and are currently underserved by them.


A startup that has built a visual, crowd-sourced map of the world’s nuclear weapons.


This wearable device generates a heat map of the area around the wearer’s head, allowing him to better understand his environment.


A SaaS-based application for meeting and event planning that includes an online calendar, interactive maps, and invitations.


The startup is working to create an interface for the entire world’s supply chains, creating a single, centralized map that can be used to track and manage everything from production to delivery.


Esri has a mapping app for the shower.


A messaging app that is meant to make communication with people in your network easier. The app’s ability to create a personal map of people in your network helps you build relationships with the people you interact with most.


A map of New York that acts as a digital billboard, providing advertising and location-based services. It was one of the winners of the NYC Tech Challenge.


A mobile loyalty program on the city’s streetcars. Citymapper has a small but active mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that is a map of the subway and bus system in London. The company is also building a loyalty program that rewards users for using it.


A music festival that uses GPS data to create a giant map of the festival site and then plays concert-goers on a huge screen.


A tool for building interactive maps, allowing users to organize things like sports teams, book clubs, and other social groups.


A team of former Google engineers are building a “SEO suite” for e-commerce platforms that includes keyword research, sitemaps, and other tools. It helps brands rank better on search engines and direct more traffic to the site.


A startup that is building a tool that helps companies map out employees' preferred work hours and locations so they can more easily schedule work from home.


A process automation service that helps companies build automation systems. The startup builds a process and maps out the user flow, then helps companies build a flowchart that describes how to interact with the system.


The company’s founders say they’ve developed a product called The Future of Productivity, which is a way for people to map their processes to a set of rules, and to share their achievements with a community of peers.


A mapping tool that helps users find their way around the world.


This startup is building a tool for creating and managing maps using GPS and mobile devices.


A startup that allows users to trustlessly review and share their favorite restaurants on a map.


This API lets designers create and embed online maps and maps inside their apps.


A startup that helps people manage their money by mapping out their goals and their savings. People can then use the tool to “plug in” their goals and see how much their savings go towards them.


A company that uses data science to map your fitness routine, providing you with a personalized fitness plan that maximizes your time and energy while respecting your personal limits.


A startup that helps you create a travel itinerary for your trip, with maps, reviews, and hotel bookings.


A virtual reality headset that can show you a 3D map of your home when you’re on vacation.


A place for people to find events that work for them. You’ll see a map of the city and nearest parks. You can also add events to a “todo list” and have the map and todo list sync up.


A tool to help people navigate an unfamiliar city in real time by overlaying maps to show their relative location on the map.


This startup is building a product that allows users to quickly take a picture of their physical location and then instantly create a Google map of that location, allowing for quick and easy sharing of that location with others.


A platform that connects you to a network of freelance designers and developers to create a product for you. The company also works with your team to provide you with a product roadmap and a recommended development timeline.


A SaaS business that helps companies build customer journey maps. It’s a tool that helps companies track where their customers are at in their lifecycle.


Connects with a user’s Evernote account to create a pivot table, with a map or a list.


A company that aims to be the “Google Maps” of the sharing economy — a place to look up and rent everything from homes to cars to storage units to vacation rentals.


An AI that helps you find the best route from your current location to your destination, with a built-in navigation tool, and a live-map view of the traffic.


This startup is building a chatbot that can help you map out your home renovation or design project. It's available in English and Spanish.


A way to make it easier for people to create and share maps and maps of things like cities and parks.


A tool for companies to build product roadmaps. It’s currently being used by companies in the US.


Citymapper is a map app that helps people navigate cities around the world.


A startup that allows people to browse a map of the world to help them choose where to go on their next vacation