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Manufacturing Startup Ideas

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They help connect foreign workers with U.S. companies in the manufacturing industry. Their platform helps companies with the process of hiring foreign workers after they’ve arrived in the U.S.


An online marketplace that connects manufacturers with large-scale distributors. The marketplace is built on the idea that there are many manufacturing companies that want to do business with large companies, but are unable to do so because of their small size.


A small batch manufacturing business meant to help customers get their hands on the newest, shiniest (and most expensive) gadgets the minute they’re released.


A company that makes both low-cost and premium products for the fashion industry. The premium products include the T-shirt, the slim-fit denim, and the leather jacket. The company is also manufacturing a line of eyewear, and it recently launched a line of knitwear for women.


A company that’s moving the power of the “internet of things” from the world of large manufacturing plants and factories to the world of small-scale manufacturing and manufacturing at home. The company is working with over 50 manufacturers to make it easier to connect their products to the Internet.


This startup is building a B2B platform that connects freelancers and agencies with manufacturing manufacturers.


A “social marketplace for manufacturing”, where manufacturers can find and price items from suppliers, and suppliers can find customers.


The startup is building a teaming platform focused on the education, construction, and manufacturing sectors.


A B2B Internet of Things platform for the construction industry that offers a platform for construction companies to make products that can be automated, from construction vehicles to buildings. The company is building a “smart factory” that offers a low-cost manufacturing model that can be automated, allowing construction companies to run on lean manufacturing principles.


A platform for helping people build and sell customized products. They’re currently focused on building a platform for small businesses to access to the manufacturing supply chain.


This startup is looking to prevent the spread of the Zika virus and other mosquito borne illnesses by manufacturing naturally repellent sunscreen that users can apply to their skin.


An online service that wants to help companies manage their manufacturing process. Their first product is a $2,000 kit that comes with a 3D printer and 3D printer-compatible materials.


This enterprise software company is designing a SaaS app for running a large manufacturing facility. The company is currently in a pilot with a large manufacturer in the US.


A tool for optimizing product designs for ease of manufacturing.


A company that develops a computer vision system for manufacturing equipment to reduce downtime to 15%.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to disrupt the way that flexible manufacturing is done. Its purpose is to help customers determine the optimal amount of materials needed for products, and help companies manage materials.


A startup that helps companies that make physical products of any kind manage their manufacturing with a single platform.


A startup that wants to turn the internet of things into a powerful business tool. The company, founded by former GE engineers, wants to build a platform that combines everyday objects into a platform that can help with manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management.


A startup that wants to help “thrive in an era of automation and cheap labor”. It’s a platform that helps businesses pick the right type of machine for the task, whether it’s for a B2B company or a manufacturing facility.


A cloud platform for companies handling high-volume data including financial services, utilities, manufacturing and media.


A universal barcode reader for all industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The startup wants to develop a barcode reader that can read the same barcode across all industries.


A “B2B marketplace for contract manufacturing” that connects manufacturing orders to suppliers.