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Major Startup Ideas

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This company wants to replace the need for cashiers in grocery stores. It’s not just a vending machine that dispenses goods, but a multi-modal platform that handles payment and inventory. The company has partnered with major grocers, including Publix, Kroger, and Albertsons.


A platform that helps companies manage their customer service and chat support. They have a contract with a major e-commerce company.


A company that helps employees share information about their projects. It’s also an app that powers human resources at major companies.


A startup that wants to provide an alternative to the major companies that offer access to credit cards.


A startup that helps users book doctors’ appointments from their phone, and provide medical history and pictures of themselves. It’s currently live in 10 major cities and has raised $1.6 million.


This app lets users shop at top retailers with their phone camera. The app allows you to scan a barcode and then shop on the same day. The app works with 25 major retailers like Sephora, Amazon, and Bloomingdale's to manage loyalty and reward programs.


A startup that allows travelers to easily access and compare the prices of flights from all major airlines in a single interface.


A startup that pairs you with a community of debt-free, budget-conscious people who are willing to split the cost of a car, home, furniture, or other major purchase.


These guys have a chatbot called “Alexa” that helps you track down a product you may have ordered. The company has integrated with major e-commerce companies to provide the service to their customers.


A logistics marketplace for e-commerce companies. The startup wants to help buyers and sellers find each other, and has already paired up with a few major retailers.


According to a report by TechCrunch, the San Francisco based coworking space, WeWork, is looking to raise another round of investments at a valuation of $8 billion. WeWork has been growing rapidly, and has been a major success in the US. However, the multi-billion-dollar valuation has not been met by the pace of growth, and many question how sustainable it will be.


The company helps athletes and teams figure out what to do next after winning a major sporting event.


This is a SaaS startup that aims to help small businesses with their marketing and branding needs. The company says it has over 700 customers, with the majority of those customers coming from the tech industry.


A startup that collects data on your phone and then turns it into a map of crowdsourced traffic conditions along major roads and highways.


A “digital assistant” for managing all of your travel bookings, including flights, hotels, cars, and more. The company is currently in talks with major airlines and booking sites to integrate the product.


A startup that aims to help US cities build 100,000 solar powered charging stations across major highways to help people get around.


A platform for companies to more easily and securely accept digital currencies, with plans to integrate with all major payment gateways.


A payments startup that helps merchants accept all major credit cards by charging them the same price. PayMill charges the merchant a flat 2.5% fee for every credit card transaction.


A plan to solve the problem of 3rd-party open source code, providing a way for developers to get access to source code from major open source software projects without having to pay for it.


A mobility platform that connects businesses with the right tools to make it easier for drivers to earn income by delivering packages and other items. The startup’s co-founder, Alex Boussard, says they’ve already seen interest from a number of major companies and has even managed to raise a few million dollars in funding.


A company that provides an API for businesses to be able to sell custom branded cryptocurrency gift cards to their customers. They say their customers include Whole Foods, Sephora, Target, and other major retailers.


One of the key differences between this year’s class and last year’s was the level of public interest in highlighting the work of the companies that were accepted. This year that level was very high, with over 10,000 people visiting the project page. That interest was a major factor in the growth of the class.


A startup that helps people who don’t have access to a bank account get one for free. The startup has partnered with several major banks to allow customers to open accounts even without the usual documentation that banks require to authenticate.


The founders of this startup are former execs from major media companies including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. They’ve built a tool to help brands and agencies keep up with the news, and have launched in over 2,000 companies.


A company that helps major brands like Target and Chipotle via a “three-second check-in” that lets customers add a fast, simple rating to a product to build a sentiment score for it.


A travel rewards app that will let you earn points for purchases from major travel retailers.


People are tired of waiting on hold for customer service, so they’re putting their calls into a queue to be answered and retrieved. The startup is aiming to be the de facto customer service app for the next generation of companies, and says it’s already working with several major companies in the space.


Builds on the Chariot ride-hailing app for major cities in North America. The company says it’s adding more and more supply every day.


A startup that wants to help retail businesses streamline their shipping operations. It’s working with major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and Kohls.


Another way to track your health and wellness. The startup is currently working with a major health care group in NYC.


A SaaS for managing and tracking the performance of a dealership’s fleet. The startup has grown to 3,000 dealerships, including Hertz, Enterprise, and other major companies.


A platform that helps customers shop for and compare products, and integrates with their CRM, and has already integrated with 10 major CRM providers.


A developer’s toolkit that lets you build apps that work across all the major operating systems. The startup was founded by ex-Google employees.


A startup that helps merchants manage the process of returning items. This startup is run by CFOs for major retailers.


A new way of paying artists, based on a kind of marketplace model. The major difference is that the company doesn’t take any commission from the artists. The startup instead takes a 30% cut as a fee for the use of the platform.


A startup that helps companies create content in the form of paywalls, with a service that allows companies to make their own sites for paid content. Currently they are partnering with major publications to create content for their site.


As a company that offers a service to connect freelancers with employers, Cofoundr has an exclusive relationship with a major content distribution platform.


A startup that’s creating a new way to arrange catering for events. The company is building a platform that makes it easier for event planners to book caterers and decorators in most major cities.


A company that provides a platform for artists to share their work and connect with fans. They currently have over 400 artists, and plan to announce a partnership with a major US publisher in the coming weeks.


A decentralized exchange which trades tokens on a decentralized order-book using a hybrid of centralized and decentralized orders. It will handle the majority of trades on the decentralized exchange, with the rest handled by an off-chain arbitrator.


Non-VC-backed startups also happen to be a major focus for the accelerator.


An ad platform that can be embedded into any website, allowing advertisers to track their ads across all major social media platforms.


A payments startup for small businesses in India, which wants to make it easier for SMBs to accept payments from major banks.


A startup that wants to make it easier for musicians to publish and sell their music without having to make major changes to their current workflow.


A dating app for millennials that uses location as a major factor in the matchmaking process


Founded by a former product manager at Google, OnSwipe is building a platform that helps major brands and retailers drive sales. OnSwipe is working with a number of major brands, including Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus, and Target, as well as a number of retailers, including Build-A-Bear, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.


A video game that helps users learn about the world’s major religions


A self-driving delivery car for food and groceries. The startup is in talks with major food chains to take the software for a spin on the streets.


A web-based platform for managing a fleet of self-driving vehicles, integrating with all the major systems including Waymo, Uber, and Tesla. The startup’s platform is built on the open source OBD2 standard and uses the same kinds of sensors as Tesla's Autopilot.


A favorite among beer enthusiasts, this startup has spent years building a database of beer shops and bars in major cities across North America.


This startup is building a platform to bring better, more efficient financial services to the world’s unbanked. They’re currently in talks with a major bank to launch their service in the fall.


Idea: A startup that is working with a major South American bank to help them build a platform for managing their B2B loan portfolio


Idea: A voice-activated “interface for the real world”, like a “JARVIS for the physical world”. The founders say it currently “works with every major cloud provider”, and that they’re looking to partner with companies that need the technology to build in-house platforms.


A startup that provides a way for companies to sell to customers using chat. The company counts major banks as clients and claims to have a 2.5% conversion rate.


Idea: This startup is a marketplace for food trucks to find parking in major US cities. It’s led by a team of engineers who previously


Idea: A startup that provides a full-stack CRM for nonprofit organizations. The founders claim the product has a 3x conversion rate compared to other major players, and is focused on helping nonprofits do more for less money.


The following is an incomplete list of major startup acquisitions: