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Maintain Startup Ideas

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A company that sells technology to help the elderly maintain their independence.


A toolkit for schools to build and maintain their own websites.


A SaaS system that enables companies to create and maintain their own web pages, and use them as a single source of truth.


A B2B software product for companies that manage and maintain their IT and IT-enabled departments.


This startup is building a chatbot app for dental patients. It will teach patients about their oral health and the best way to maintain it.


A tool that helps organizations build and maintain their cloud infrastructures.


A startup that helps people set up and maintain a home security system in their own homes, and is being marketed towards DIYers.


Slack is a project management and chat platform for teams and groups. Slack builds software as a service (SaaS) products, which are web-based applications that companies or organizations can use instead of having to install or maintain software on their own computer.


This is an online tool that helps companies manage their physical stores by helping them track inventory, maintain data on the condition of their products, and keep up with trends in their markets.


A platform that helps the elderly maintain independence and control over their finances. The company wants to provide financial tools to help the elderly maintain independence and control over their finances.


A tool for training, building, and maintaining drone fleets.


A start-up using AI to help retailers maintain their store inventory.


A social network for people who want to maintain privacy while using the internet


A tool for maintaining the peace between warring factions.


A new kind of “under-the-radar” startup that creates and maintains “micro-cities” for renters, like Uber for apartment complexes.


A startup that helps middle-aged men build and maintain their net worth.


A company that helps to build and maintain the database that banks use to make lending decisions.


A company that builds and maintains a digital kitchen and dining guide (think a Yelp-style app for food).


A startup that’s building a tool to help people maintain their phone’s warranty, the company claims.


A startup that wants to solve the problem of finding and maintaining backup storage for businesses.


A startup for long-term rentals, allowing renters to find a home and a landlord to find the right tenant. Both sides can be verified by credit checks and the landlord can maintain control over the rental.


A tool meant to simplify the process of building and maintaining a slide deck for an investor presentation in order to minimize the need for custom development.


A startup that has built an automated rail system focused on the trucking industry. The rail system is connected to the trucking fleet, allowing drivers to scale back to a more leisurely pace and still maintain a safe route.


A startup working to democratize credit in the developing world, creating a new financial product that would give people access to credit in a way they haven’t had before. The company, which was founded in India, wants to make it more affordable for people in the developing world to use and maintain credit.


An API for building and maintaining websites, with tools for building and managing the code.


A startup that helps business development teams build and maintain their relationships with customers by offering a direct line of communication that is always available.


The startup is working to make the task of maintaining and protecting clothes easier and more efficient. The company’s app helps users scan clothing into the app at home, and then sends them to a “laundromat” where they can drop off their clothes for washing.


A platform to help retailers buy, maintain and repair their products.


A system that helps employees navigate and maintain compliance with their benefits programs.


3D scanning of objects, with a database for maintaining 3D models. With the help of the database, the company wants to build applications for things like digital signage, construction, art, and even retail.


A startup that sells a service where you can outsource the work of maintaining your house plants


Idea: A startup that wants to build a “Bloomberg terminal for the Internet of Things”, aiming to help companies that make connected devices from cars to smart homes maintain security.


Idea: A startup that is building a mobile-first way to manage the data you’re generating in order to help you maintain good health.


Idea: A startup that aims to help companies in the Middle East and India use technology to hire engineers and maintain online reputations.