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A startup that sells ready-made food for people who live in an area where it’s hard to get good quality food


A new company, made possible with the launch of the new iPhone X, is developing a smartphone that looks like a watch and can be used to take selfies.


A search engine for fashion companies to find clothes and accessories that go well together, cut for a specific body type, or are made with sustainable materials.


A startup that aims to help consumers get a better idea of how a product is being made, from labor sourcing to sourcing of materials.


Shopify's Indian subsidiary is helping build an "online-only" (so no offline sales) marketplace that will sell goods made by small artisans and craftsman. While a combination of Alibaba and Amazon, the market size is expected to be between $500 million to $1 billion in 2023.


A startup that wants to disrupt the textbook market by offering low-cost, digital textbooks made by an average person.


This authentication app is made for Airbnb and other service providers. It lets you use your phone to make a secure token to authenticate yourself to an app.


A startup that’s building an online platform for people who want to build and sell their own custom iPhone cases. The startup’s founders say that about 1% of the cases sold in the US are custom-made, and a handful of startups have tried to build their own platform for selling such cases, without much success.


This startup has created an out of office messaging app that lets you send all of your team members an email with a message and a URL to a video recording that you’ve made. The app is all about helping small teams manage their in-person workflow and avoid technology-driven distractions.


A social enterprise in Indonesia that sells bedsheets made of recycled plastic. The company is building a factory that can make up to 50,000 bedsheets a week.


A platform for financial advisors to manage their clients’ investments. The platform is intended to help advisors avoid mistakes often made by new advisors, and set up automatic investment reports.


This is a startup that helps businesses demo their products on the web, using pre-made widgets that look like online store pages.


A company that helps designers create custom-made leather goods for clients.


A web-based platform for students to market and sell items they’ve made in their spare time.


A social network for those in finance, made with the goal of “reducing the cost of the financial system by democratizing access to financial markets.”


A startup that sells the first commercial drone to have a consumer version available, with a price tag of $1,000. The drone is made for those who want to experiment with aerial photography and videography.


A startup that lets you order a batch of custom-made grilled cheese or pizza from 24 different restaurants, and have them delivered to your door. The startup is still in the R&D phase, but hopes to launch the service early next year.


This startup helps consumers identify which products are made from recycled materials.


A startup that lets users upload, preview and purchase a pre-made selection of stock photos from thousands of professional photographers and stock photo agencies. Users can save money by purchasing images from photographers at lower than standard rates, and then have them professionally curated by the company.


A startup for building and selling websites using pre-made templates.


A startup that provides people with a custom-made suit and then sends a tailor to their home to help them get fitted


A startup that helps people manage their cryptocurrency portfolios Users can keep track of their portfolio and see how much profit they’ve made


This startup is building a website that allows anyone to instantly and securely order a custom-made suit from a fabric designer.


The company was a Google product that made it easy to connect with people in nearby stores.


A no-code app which allows users to take a photo, upload it, and have it designed with a scratch-off code. The designs can be made by users for free or paid via subscription.


A digital marketplace for pre-made email newsletters. They say they’re building the email equivalent of Amazon’s marketplace.


A pair of heavy-equipment spare parts specialists in the Midwest. These guys help companies find used equipment, they’ve made over 200 sales to date.


This startup is a “personal budgeting solution” for freelancers. The idea is to make it easier to see how much money you’ve made and how much you’ve spent over the course of your career and to make it easier to plan spending.


A startup that lets users order flowers on the go, then have them delivered from a local florist, all made possible via a phone number the user can text. The app is currently free, but a paid version is in the works.


A company that is building a new kind of search engine that helps you find the best vendors in a given local market. It’s part of the idea that government services should be made more efficient and easy to use.


Designing new, custom-made furniture for the home. The startup is working with builders and architects to create bespoke furnishings for the home.


A digital incense burner that allows instant customized incense creations, with options to purchase pre-made incense packs.


A high-speed and cheap way to create custom-made, high-resolution 3D printed parts.


A company that makes earbuds made with medical-grade silicone with no wires for more sensitive ears and better sound quality.


This startup wants to create a unique way to pay for items online that goes beyond a checkout. It allows payment to be made with a phone’s fingerprint, and will allow merchants to accept payment in-app. They have released a beta app which has been downloaded by 2,000 users. It plans to release a full app in the fourth quarter of 2019.


A tool that helps people manage their rent payments, creating a digital ledger of when payments are made, and of any late fees or collection calls.


A startup that builds apps for the military to manage their supply chains. The military has developed a unique supply chain management process that needs to be made more accessible to civilians.


A startup trying to bring payments made through a physical credit card to cash-only establishments. The startup is pitching its service as a way to bring cash-only businesses into the digital age.


Ex-Google engineers are building a new living room device they call the “Echo” that’s essentially a giant voice-controlled speaker. The device is a stripped-down, Google-made version of the Google Home, and can be controlled by voice, music, and TV apps. It’s set to launch in November.


A platform for aggregating and selling data from consumer-facing apps. The startup has raised $20 million to date, and has partnerships with companies like Tastemade, Twitter, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


A Chicago company that makes medical device packaging that looks like it was made in the 1950s.


A startup that makes custom-made, 3D-printed female prosthetics that can be used to treat urinary incontinence in women.


A new kind of soy sauce, made from low-GMO soybeans, fermented with vinegar and sea salt.


A platform for serving meals to customers who walk into your restaurant. The startup wants to enable customers to order food from a menu, have it made when they arrive, and pay for it through a mobile app.


A company that makes small, affordable homes from shipping containers. The company has built “a new kind of modular home that can be made in as little as one week, on site”. The first models are coming out in October.


A startup for hiring talent. The company’s team was made up of former recruiters for established companies.


An online marketplace for making and selling custom-made products using 3D printing. The startup is building a one-stop shop for all 3D design, 3D printing, and 3D scanning needs.


A line of 4-foot tall furniture made of wood that uses a patented process to create a wooden frame that is filled with foam and then wrapped in fabric. The product is meant to be customizable and customizable.


A company that sells custom-made T-shirts for its customers, and has partnered with a number of companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Tapatalk to offer exclusive designs.


A mobile money platform for emerging markets, where the company says it has already made $1 billion in loans to over 20 million customers.


A web-based platform that allows users to create and manage custom-made credit cards to make online payments. They also offer an API for customers to build their own solutions on top of.


The startup will deliver custom-made soundtracks to the home, so you can listen to it in your own car, or at work.


A new modern camera made with 3D printing.


A platform for users to search, share, and rate content made by media companies (think Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).


A salesforce.com-style product that helps companies automate their sales process. The company currently has over 50 customers on the platform, and says it has made more than $1 million in sales.


A platform for preparing and serving meals at home, which allows users to order food from a menu and have it made when they arrive.


A “digital-first investment firm” that aims to make using the site easy and painless. They’re in the early stages of beta, and have just made their first investment.


Companies can use Made.io to upload and store their files in the cloud, so that they can easily be accessed when needed. The company then provides its own hosting and security, and then takes a small cut of the revenue.


Of course, that’s just a sampling. And some of these companies are still in the idea stage, so they might not turn into actual businesses. But this list shows that there’s a lot of revenue to be made building new tools for the online world. Now it’s up to entrepreneurs to decide what sorts of products to build.


Amazon Web Services is popular for its cloud computing capabilities, but its AI-powered e-commerce system has not made it to market. Their SaaS product, Amazon Machine Learning, is intended to help companies use AI to improve their own products.


A credit card that offers financial products to its users for purchases made on the card.


A company that’s building a framework for a fully decentralized digital banking network, a system that would be made up of a network of independent, local banks.


A B2B business that lists items for sale on the web, allowing users to take advantage of the millions of people who are selling on Amazon. The startup has already made a $100,000 sale.


The idea is to offer a place where you can order custom-made clothing, and have someone else choose your colors, fabrics, and patterns.


The book was published on July 17, 2011, and made the New York Times Best Seller list on July 22, 2011, and remained on the list for two weeks.


A software company that provides a platform to help companies sell their products and services to governments, nonprofits, and businesses. The platform allows for both quotes and payments to be made.


Made for use by beauty brands, ByNu is a $10 per month subscription service that breaks down your email marketing and social media data into a visual dashboard that shows you which of your social media posts perform the best.


A company that helps businesses track employees and their movements. Founded in 2009, the startup claims to have raised $9.1 million in venture capital and made it to the finals of Y Combinator's winter 2017 batch.


An anonymous messenger for LGBT teens, aimed at the Mormon community. The startup’s founder says the startup’s customer base is made up of LGBT Mormons who feel the need for a safe place to talk about their sexuality.


This is a cloud-based tool for selling products that lets you track sales across merchants and get notifications when sales are made. It was built for e-commerce businesses, but the company says it can be adapted for other sectors.


The team made a video about how to use Slack, and the video has been shared over 100,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. As of the end of July, Slack has over 3 million daily active users.


This startup lets retailers build a custom app for their business. The idea is to let retailers build a store-specific app that gives them the tools to keep track of inventory, take reservations, and handle loyalty programs. It’s like a storefront made for the store.


The idea is that a user builds a profile of pre-made designs for their logo that they can then sell or share with other users who can purchase them. The startup is focused on the design industry, and allows you to buy and sell your own designs.


Startups that made the list last year but haven't expanded to the US yet


A cloud computing company that wants to build a more intelligent “intelligent” computer that is made up of modular components that can be swapped out for different functions at any time.


A “cash back” app that lets users earn cash back on purchases made in-store.


Customized content creation and curation for brands, with a focus on video and on-demand content. Its tools include a library of pre-made videos, on-demand content library, and a set of tools to create and share your own custom videos.


A world map for VR/AR, which is made up of 3D scans of cities and landmarks.


A startup that provides a service where people can pay $100 and get a hand-crafted thank you card from someone who made it


Idea: Tastemade is building a platform for brands and media to upload, organize, and distribute videos The startup has two offices right now — one in New York and one in LA, with a few employees in each


Idea: E-Commerce for High-Quality, Handmade Goods


Idea: A B2B company that helps banks and insurance companies clean up their data The startup launched in March 2019 and has already made $2,500 in recurring revenue


Idea: A-Frame, like React, is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences Unlike React, it’s made specifically for VR


Idea: A startup that helps small businesses pay for employees’ healthcare. The startup says it’s made $100,000 in profit in the first 5 months, and has $200,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


Idea: A home goods store that sells products that are made in the US. Their goal is to make it easier for users to find and buy products made in the US.


Idea: A startup that helps nonprofits raise money from their supporters. The startup charges a 20% fee of all donations made through its platform, and says it’s using a $500k grant from the Knight Foundation to grow the company.


Idea: A marketing platform for beauty brands to sell directly to their customers. The startup is built on a freemium model and has made $2,820 in sales.


Idea: A startup for hand-made products. The startup is looking to disrupt the marketplace business by focusing on a niche of handmade goods. The startup claims it can make handmade goods more profitable for producers and more affordable for consumers.


Idea: An online marketplace of products made by independent designers. Designers can keep 90% of sales, or have the option to partner with the startup for a 40% revenue share. The startup also aims to make the discovery process easier by curating the top items from each designer.


A startup that sells toilet paper made out of recycled paper