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by @levelsio

Lyft Startup Ideas

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A startup that trains drivers for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.


A new kind of payment system that allows taxi owners to compete with Uber and Lyft. Instead of needing to call a dispatcher, riders can hail a cab in real-time and pay directly through the app.


A company that wants to streamline the hiring process for employers, letting them post jobs and give applicants a chance to respond. It’s been used by companies like Lyft and Warby Parker.


A B2B startup that helps companies like Uber and Lyft figure out how to best use their driver fleets.


In the middle of April, Lyft announced it was making $1.25 billion in revenue per quarter, with over $1 billion in cash. In the middle of May, Uber announced that it had $7.4 billion in cash.


A start-up that allows you to pay for your Lyft or Uber ride using the credit you get back from your credit card company’s rewards program.


 The startup aims to be a single source of research on all of the different ride-sharing apps from Uber to Lyft.


A digital “wallet” for rideshare drivers (that’s UberX, Lyft, etc.) to pay expenses like deductibles, gas and maintenance. The digital wallet eventually will allow drivers to take rides anywhere and pay their expenses without having to have cash on hand.


A platform for carpooling driven by carpool apps like Lyft.


An AI that helps people find a good Uber or Lyft driver.


A platform for companies to build their own custom versions of Uber, Lyft, or GrubHub.


A startup that makes it possible to buy, sell, and collectively organize ridesharing services, much like Uber or Lyft but for cars


 “A personal assistant for the last mile: an AI-powered tool that serves the last mile of travel needs of both humans and machines.” The startup, which was founded in May, seeks to take on the likes of Uber and Lyft with a new platform designed for last-mile travel.


A blockchain-based platform for driving and sharing autonomous vehicles, akin to Uber and Lyft but for cars.


A company that helps geospatial companies like Uber and Lyft better understand the best routes and pricing to reach customers by using data from their phone to track their location.


A startup for scheduling Uber and Lyft rides


A “customer care” app that integrates with Uber and Lyft.


A platform that helps customers pay for services from companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash through a single checkout page.


Combining the ease with which inter-city carpooling apps like UberPool and Lyft Line can be found with a new approach to making the rides more affordable, by adding a personal concierge to the ride to help with navigation, scheduling and other tasks.


This startup offers a gamified service for calling Uber or Lyft, which works through the app.


As of 2018, YC has graduated over 2,000 companies, including some of the most well-known startups in the world, including Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, Reddit, and Lyft.


A platform for booking a ride-share with Uber or Lyft. It is a competitor to UberRush, a company founded by former Uber and Lyft employees that allows ridesharing users to book a ride from a driver without a credit card.


A digital agency that helps brands like Lyft, fast-food chains, and other companies scale their marketing software and services.


A company that helps companies like Uber and Lyft to gain access to a large number of drivers for


A startup that helps consumers use Lyft in lieu of owning a car in order to save money.


A chatbot for booking rides on Uber and Lyft


A company that helps you find a ride on Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing services.


The startup's founders have been driving customer growth for companies like Lyft, Instacart, and Delivery Hero. After the US, they're going global and they're looking to build a customer service app called Enter, which they say can help companies grow faster by building and managing customer relationships.


 The startup aims to disrupt the Ubers and Lyfts of the world by creating an app that allows rideshare drivers to make money by making their own deliveries.


A Milwaukee startup that’s building a platform to help firms like Lyft and Uber make sense of the data they’re collecting on their customers. It’s a tool for taking real-time information and turning it into data models and visualizations.


This is a carpooling service for drivers looking to save money on gas and time. It’s also a way for drivers to find fares for ride-share services like Uber and Lyft, as long as they’re willing to take a longer drive.


Idea: A directory of jobs in the gig economy, from Uber and Lyft to dog walkers and freelance writers