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Lower Startup Ideas

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The startup is rolling out a network of mobile clinics and Ubers for cheaper care in lower-income parts of the US that need it.


A tool for restaurants that allows them to sell their surplus food at lower prices to their customers.


A startup that helps credit unions expand their lending options by lowering the cost and time it takes to get a loan.


A startup that provides a service that allows you to send flowers to people who are sick


An online bank that focuses on serving lower and middle income customers.


A platform for influencers to receive feedback from their followers, so they can use it to become better at what they do.


A startup that helps people learn Chinese through video content that is designed to be slower paced, allowing for a more natural experience.


A platform that helps lower the barrier for students and schools to create and share their own content.


A platform designed to help car dealers make the most of their inventory, and lower inventory turnover.


A startup that helps small businesses get a loan at a traditional bank, at a lower rate.


A company that builds products that help people understand their finances and save money. It saves customers money in the form of lower interest rates and lower cost of credit, and it pays interest on all savings in a person’s bank account.


A tool for getting a lot of attention on social media, especially Twitter. It's basically a social media management app that helps you build a plan for driving lots of followers, likes, retweets, etc.


A startup that lets users upload, preview and purchase a pre-made selection of stock photos from thousands of professional photographers and stock photo agencies. Users can save money by purchasing images from photographers at lower than standard rates, and then have them professionally curated by the company.


Crowdvilla is a startup that lets you book room reservations online, for prices that are typically lower than a hotel's.


This “new era of vending machines” wants to help grocery stores sell beverages at a lower cost


A platform that helps recruiters lower the barriers to getting in front of candidates, even when candidates are only in the US and abroad with different time zones.


A startup that lets users order flowers on the go, then have them delivered from a local florist, all made possible via a phone number the user can text. The app is currently free, but a paid version is in the works.


This startup is building an application that connects credit unions with third parties like landlords, allowing them to provide credit to their members at a lower cost than in-person lenders.


A platform that helps brands get social media engagement from their customers. The company is developing a micro-blogging platform for brands, with a focus on its “Brand Advocates”, who are Instagrammers who are paid to share and promote the brands with their followers. The company is nearing $2 million in funding after raising $800,000 in seed capital.


This startup’s “intelligent” bot helps branded social media users come up with content ideas. It then recommends a topic for followers to post on the social media platform.


The startup is building an e-commerce platform that allows customers to buy flowers and plants online, with an emphasis on freshness. The plant and flower merchants use the platform to sell their wares, while the customer is incentivized with loyalty points and coupons.


A startup that uses cryptocurrency to help consumers buy products online with a lower transaction fee.


A startup focused on helping to lower the cost of the gig economy. They provide a platform for workers to outsource tasks as much as they need, and helps clients with tasks like hiring, HR, and payroll.


A startup that provides an automated way to order flowers that works with any florist


BookNow is a service for online ordering and payment for food, flowers, theater tickets, and more. The company claims it has sold over $10,000 worth of tickets in four months. They’re also getting some attention from investors.


A software platform that allows brokers to lower their fees by sending buyers and sellers a weekly report with a snapshot of their properties.


A startup that sends monthly boxes of goods and services to anyone in the US at a price that’s lower than Amazon’s Prime.


A content marketing startup that wants to make customers more aware of their own credit card data. The company’s strategy is to make the customer’s credit card data more transparent by showing customers a breakdown of their expenses and a way to lower them.


A startup that builds software that helps automate physical inventory tracking at warehouses, helping companies lower costs and increase efficiency.


A platform that allows retailers to sell their products online without buying wholesale, lowering costs and maximizing margins. They’re building a marketplace that connects retailers directly with manufacturers.


 A healthcare platform for middle-income families, providing a healthcare insurance plan with a copay that’s lower than what they normally pay.


A startup for selling used cars, selling cars wholesale and at a lower cost than dealerships. The startup has partnered with dealerships in the US already, and is adding an auto insurance product to help offset the cost of rental cars for customers.


The company’s pitch is that it is building a digital platform to help entrepreneurs raise capital at a much lower cost than traditional venture capital.


With this company’s “socially intelligent” inventory management system, manufacturers can better predict demand for their products in real time, and thus lower their costs. It integrates with factories’ inventory systems and takes orders and shipment predictions from social networks to figure out where to place a product’s next shipment.


A startup for flowers that lets customers customize bouquets. The company is trying to eliminate the need for in-store shopping.


This startup is looking to bring the power of location, social, and commerce to micro-businesses like restaurants and flower shops.


A tool that lets consumers make their own flowers and plants, with the spirit of a DIY flower kit.


A startup that sends flowers to a person's phone. The startup, which launched in May, has partnered with over 50 retailers and plans to expand into more.


This startup aims to make it easier to give away more of their own property in exchange for lower rent.


An on demand service that will ship you the best flower for your date, according to their personality type.


A platform that aims to make it easier to design and manage digital product and content experiences. An open-source platform that allows anyone to design a product and provide the necessary feedback to friends and followers. The startup is seeking to build on the work of other Open Platforms like Brave, or Pivotal, or Path.


A new kind of Airbnb for flower deliveries. The company hopes to have 10,000 commercial partners by the end of the year.


A product that aims to use machine learning to predict when things like a bag of chips or a soda will go bad and sell it to local grocers at a lower price to keep fresh foods on the shelves.


A blockchain-based invoice financing platform. The company wants to lower the cost of capital for the global invoice financing market. It’s using the blockchain to replace the middleman and make the process more transparent.


This company is building a social system for social media influencers to pitch products to their followers.


A content recommendation platform that partners with influencers to help them get more followers and more engagement. They say they’re already working with a number of celebrities.


A file storage service for people who need to store large amounts of data, including for human rights activists, journalists and whistleblowers.


A business lending platform for small businesses in the UK. The startup connects businesses with lenders at a rate of 5.5% to 8.5%, a much lower rate than banks charge.


A startup that helps you track and manage your expenses and also offer tips for lowering them.


A platform that helps people with small car loans get lower interest rates


A digital wallet for people who need to make international transfers. The startup, which has raised $7.5 million to date, says that customers can now use their accounts to transfer funds to other countries while paying lower fees.


A B2B platform for pharmaceutical manufacturers, letting them get products to market faster at lower cost.


This startup is trying to make web design a “safer” profession by lowering the drop out rate.


An API for credit unions to help them get up and running at lower cost.


A startup that’s building a platform that helps retailers and manufacturers ship products directly to consumers. The company wants to offer a new model for connecting consumers with businesses that will bring down costs, and potentially lower shipping costs, and increase convenience.


A food delivery platform for small businesses that is focused on reducing the financial burden of running a brick and mortar restaurant. It aims to lower the cost of running a restaurant by providing the owner with the tools to order their own food and have it delivered. The company has raised $10 million in funding.


In the past year, the startup has built an in-house production facility and is rolling out a new production line that will allow it to produce larger batches with less waste and lower costs.


A new way to sell and manage mortgage loans. The company wants to disrupt the industry by using artificial intelligence to manage home loans and lower cost by removing the middleman.


This startup is building a platform that allows anyone to post a video of their favorite place anywhere in the world, then share the link with their followers.


A platform for community leaders to recruit and hire community managers and engage their followers.


Cryptocurrency exchange where users can send funds to one of their own accounts and then exchange currencies at a lower price.


An AI-based delivery system with a robotic arm that delivers groceries, flowers, and other items.


Based on the startup’s founder’s work at Kiva, a nonprofit that helps people in poverty create micro loans, the startup wants to expand its service to provide people in the US loans at a lower cost. It currently serves small businesses in 30 US cities.


A company looking to build the ultimate medical-grade exam table. The startup has built a prototype that can raise and lower patients in ways that medical professionals often describe as “magical”.


A health startup that wants to be the Amazon of health insurance: a way for consumers to compare and buy plans to lower their premiums.


A tool to help companies raise money at lower costs. It’s a tool for venture capital firms to automate the process of investing in startups.


A new type of flower delivery company that aims to create a more personal experience for customers, with a focus on small businesses.


An online lending platform that lowers the costs of borrowing for micro-finance companies.


A technology that helps lower-income people from taking out loans to pay for college


The startup is looking to use its AI to help companies recruit better. It’s looking to meet the needs of the one-in-five companies that has to go out of business or needs to bring on a new hire. And it’s looking to do so at a lower cost than other recruiting services.


A company that helps doctors handle the immense volume of patient data to improve patient care and lower costs. It’s first product is a “data lake” that aggregates patient records and makes them searchable.


P2P insurance for small businesses, which claims to be able to get the same coverage at lower rates than insurance provided by large companies. The startup plans to provide coverage to half a million businesses in its first three years.


A supply chain startup that helps retailers buy in bulk and sell to consumers at a lower price


A startup with the aim of lowering the cost of delivering medical care to remote regions. The company wants to build a tele-health network where doctors can treat patients remotely.


The startup wants to connect influencers to brands, by way of influencer marketing. The startup combines data about their followers with the user’s interests to provide a ranking of influencers for brands.


A startup that allows small businesses to buy and sell agricultural products (including food, flowers, and wine) from other small businesses.


A way for people to live stream video to their followers, which can be edited and reposted.


A startup that provides a service for people to send a gift to a loved one, like a bouquet of flowers, balloons, etc on a random day


Idea: A social network that rewards users for their success in attracting followers


iewhut is building a marketplace for influencers. The startup connects brands with influencers, who vouch for products in native advertising format. So far they have over 1,000 influencers and their homepage has over 1,600,000 followers.