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Long Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps small businesses manage their expenses. The company helps businesses track their expenses, and it promises that it can save businesses thousands of dollars in the long run.


A company that builds a visualization tool for doctors to track long-term health data.


In January 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, an app designed to let people watch longer videos.


A startup that provides a service where you can hire a professional to watch your pets so you don’t have to worry about them when you are on vacation or at work for long stretches of time


A replacement for traditional backpacks that allows people to carry their belongings along with them when they move.


A way to make your phone’s battery last longer. The startup uses a sensor that tells the phone when it is being charged and when the battery is running low. It then adjusts the phone’s power management settings.


An AI-powered dating site for people looking for long-term relationships.


A startup that sells the homes of people who are traveling abroad for long periods of time and stay


 A platform for connecting ridesharing services along with their drivers. The startup is targeting the US market, but has already expanded into Europe.


A solution for people who want to sell their belongings but can't because of landlord restrictions.


A platform for people to sell their old belongings on Craigslist. The startup wants to take the pain out of selling your things while also guaranteeing that they’ll show up at your doorstep.


A tool to help people quit smoking. The startup’s product, Patch, is designed to help people quit smoking through animations and imagery that help them break their habit. It’s designed to be used alongside other cessation products.


A startup that wants to add interactive games to a TV broadcast of a big game, and bring sports fans to the game and keep them engaged for longer than the halftime show.


"We believe that the world’s 2.5 billion farmers deserve access to information they can trust. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve their lives. We believe that, in the long run, this is good for the planet."


This startup is building a tool for HR managers to give employees feedback that they can follow along with in real time.


The startup is building a way to turn any website into a real-time, web-based video viewer that can send viewers the ability to follow along with a video in real time.


An AI-powered robot that can answer questions and track trends for business owners. The robot can capture data and use it to make decisions, and can work alongside human employees.


A company that helps people live longer, healthier lives by providing health tech to doctors. The startup’s founders say they’ve already raised $7.5 million, with plans to launch in early 2018.


A remote-work solution for business partners and freelancers, letting them work from anywhere. It’s a sort of “Uber for freelancers”, and is based on the idea that most clients don’t want to hire someone for a long-term gig, but instead need someone to tackle a project for a few days or a week at a time.


Future of Food is building an API that will allow food manufacturers to build custom labels for their products, allowing buyers to scan a QR code along with their smartphone and get product details and pricing.


A startup that aims to help people who travel by air and face long delays. It’s a platform for travelers to stay connected and informed during delays.


The startup is a “first-of-its-kind” trading platform for trading the shares of small cap companies that don’t have a long history of trading.


An iPhone-based app for tracking your health and habits, along with the data from your FitBit. The app averages out your personal data and presents a picture of how healthy you are overall.


A startup to help workers make better business decisions, with a focus on helping them make the right strategic decisions in the long term. It’s currently part of the Techstars accelerator program.


A way to stay in touch with a company long after they’ve been acquired.


In the past, a person could get insurance through a company and then write off the cost of that insurance. With the advent of the individual market, many companies are no longer offering insurance because the rate they would have to charge is too low.


A year-long class for the unemployed, teaching them how to get jobs through the new economy.


A long-haul trucking company that aims to make the process of shipping goods more efficient.


This startup is building a premium, shared-bikes-for-hire platform in Los Angeles that aims to be an Uber for urban transport. Their bikes will be electric and can be reserved online, on-call 24/7, for one hour or longer.


A startup for consumers with a long-distance relationship.


The startup is building a platform for genomics data that is both more accessible, and more useful in the long run than other existing options. They are digitizing research from thousands of articles to make their platform the definitive source for scientific information.


A platform that helps people “find and share the best deals” for everything from gym memberships to long-distance driving.


A blockchain-based payment platform for digital content. The startup wants to replace the current system of content being bought and sold with a new one that’s decentralized, with long-term protection for the content and payment for publishers.


A startup that collects data on your phone and then turns it into a map of crowdsourced traffic conditions along major roads and highways.


A bug detector that scans for malware, like a virus, and blocks it out before it affects a computer. The company says it is meant to be used alongside antivirus tools to “protect your digital space” and is efficient because it operates at the lowest levels of the operating system.


A tool that helps people find the best travel deals, picking up on the long tail of unadvertised fares. The startup is pitching itself as a sort of early booking agent, where customers can search for flights and then call in to a travel agent.


The startup is creating a way for marketers to track their digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels and learn a lot about their customers along the way.


A startup that helps people with very complicated or long-term projects find a virtual assistant


A platform that lets you see the “live” traffic on a website, so you can see how long a user is on your site before buying and/or cancelling a subscription.


The app helps people track the health of their food, from when it was planted to how it was stored to how long it was kept and how it was cooked.


A startup that offers companies and employees a remote access to their company’s data from any device, as long as it's connected to the internet.


Company is building a platform to help people find and get along with friends, and help people find people with similar interests.


A company that wants to help people find a way to use a home like a hotel. People can rent out their home for a day, two weeks, or longer, with Airbnb-like booking options.


A tool to help users learn English, enabling them to follow along on a video while a native speaker reads the text.


This startup is building a platform for the fintech industry that aims to help banks manage their lending, investments, and risk. The platform was built to sit alongside the CapitalOne API.


A tool for managing a company’s fleet of self-driving cars. The startup is building a system for letting a driver take control of a car during a traffic jam, or for when a driver wants to take a longer break.


This startup is building a platform to help journalists write better. It’s best for longer writing, and it lets you know which writing styles and topics are best for you.


The following startups are no longer in YC but will be returning for the 11th batch in June:


 A company that sells software to help people increase the efficiency with which they commute. People have been searching for ways to get from one place to another faster for a long time. Relay is a startup that wants to make that easier.


The startup is a service that helps you find out who your neighbors are, and helps you get in touch with them. You can use the service to find out where they live, what they do for a living, and how well they get along with their people.


A company that helps managers and employees to communicate effectively. It’s a private messaging app with a long list of partners that is easy to use and lets people stay in touch with coworkers.


Mentioned in the "2017 YC Demo Day" video, where they discuss the concept of a "mobile printing program" for small businesses. They are now calling their service "Quick Print," and the company is no longer in YC.


A tool that helps you manage your courses and courses of study, along with the borrowing and loan information for each. It’s currently available on the web, but will be coming to iOS and Android.


A startup that helps long-distance runners “train like an athlete.”


A platform for connecting electric vehicle owners to people who can take them on longer trips.


Shoppers are no longer satisfied with the bulky, slow, and expensive payment options available today. Shift wants to provide the option of paying with cash at local stores.


A platform for people to sell their personal belongings with an eye toward a future that involves not owning any physical possessions.


Building an ecosystem of companies that help people make money on their unused belongings.


 This startup is building an app that will help people find cheap flights for a flight that’s longer than three hours.


The startup is trying to solve the problem of the lack of consumer choice in the longtail economy by introducing a service to help consumers find the best products at the best price.


DesiChat is a messaging app for long-distance friends in India and Pakistan. After setting up a user account, users can message one another via a phone number, email address, or a Facebook account.


A travel booking app for the US market that’s focused on building long-term relationships, rather than creating new reservations every time. It features a single price which is then split between their members.


A startup developing a new type of LED lamp that uses less power, lasts longer and has a smaller carbon footprint.


A simple way to put email and messaging in one inbox, and a way to make calls from one platform. Each app is meant to be used alongside the other, and can be combined with other services like Slack and Google Voice.


The "Y Combinator Blog" is a blog that provides updates about YC companies along with news about YC itself and the startup community.


A tool that lets neighborhoods around the world participate in a mobile barter system, where a group of neighbors can trade items like furniture they no longer use or tools they no longer use. The startup has raised $8 million in funding to date.


A platform providing an interface for companies to manage and monitor their products, along with building a marketplace for reselling and supporting them. They’ve raised $2.3 million.


Reviewing B2B contracts is often a long and expensive process. With a cloud-based solution, companies can employ an army of contract reviewers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


A new way for startups to launch, with a “pay-as-you-go” model for founders and employees. It allows companies to grow without having to engage in the long, expensive process of raising a round.


A startup for long-term rentals, allowing renters to find a home and a landlord to find the right tenant. Both sides can be verified by credit checks and the landlord can maintain control over the rental.


This is a tool that helps people and companies see how long it takes to get things done in different cities


A startup that aims to solve the problem of long-distance relationships between people who are both working in the tech industry. The app takes advantage of voice and video chat to help people remain connected to one another.


A long-form podcasting app that allows users to record their thoughts and to be able to edit and create a podcast without having to upload each individual episode.


A app that helps you read and watch long-form content without it taking over your day.


A digital assistant for the home, bringing together control of lighting, audio, and security into one platform, along with a series of smart gadgets.


A way to allow people to make money off their old clothes or other items they no longer use. They take these items to local companies that refurbish them.


A new company that wants to make wireless charging more convenient, and aims to make the charging cord no longer necessary.


A fitness app that helps users see how long they can stay active in their workouts.


A social network for people who work from home, allowing them to meet other people who have the same arrangement, and find a community for a sense of belonging.


A $15,000 tool to help people purchase and sell their cars, alongside their current vehicles, and get the most money for both. The founders of this startup say that people are willing to spend up to $80,000 to get a new car, but are not willing to spend the same amount on their current ones.


A startup that helps people navigate the legal process of divorce using a tool that makes it easier to write all the paperwork that comes along with it.


A platform that allows people to rent out their own belongings on a short-term basis


Philadelphia has a long history of technological innovation in the medical and engineering fields.


A startup that helps people learn how to work with their finances, both in one-on-one sessions, and through a “follow-along” plan. They’re launching their beta in mid-May.


The company’s mission is to help the elderly maintain their independence, and wants to provide a “one-stop shop” for emergency and long-term living needs. They’re also bringing an e-commerce product to market for seniors to find and shop for the products they need.


A platform for creating travel packages, with a focus on weeklong trips


A company that wants to help companies take “long-form” questions, like “What should I do next” and “How do I get started”, and turn them into short, digestible answers.


A way to create a directory of Middle Eastern food for travelers, along with ratings and reviews.


A platform company that specializes in predictive maintenance and predictive servicing. They’ll tell you how long your car will last, based on the data and condition of your car.


A dating app for those who want to find a long-term relationship. The app is for people who are looking for a serious relationship, rather than a hookup.


For better or worse, a startup that sells “smart furniture”. The startup is building furniture that works alongside existing home automation technology and also lets you control it with your smart phone.


 A product that uses AI to help you plan your day; for example, it can tell you if your morning commute is too long or too short. The startup wants to build out the AI to make the planning process more seamless and to make the product more attractive to consumers.


For companies that have been around for a long time, a digital strategy is often easier said than done. But a new startup called Dacora is looking to make sure these companies can maintain their digital presence for as long as their business does.


A startup that uses facial recognition to track the location of a lost phone or personal belongings. The startup is currently working on integrating with Facebook's new photo service.


A platform that helps people sell things they no longer want, like old computers.


This is a carpooling service for drivers looking to save money on gas and time. It’s also a way for drivers to find fares for ride-share services like Uber and Lyft, as long as they’re willing to take a longer drive.


Filmmakers want to keep track of their own costs while they’re making a movie. They wanted a way to track what they’re spending on equipment and how long things take. They also wanted to be able to follow their work in real time. They’re both very common problems, and the startup helps solve them.


This company is working on a “P2P” trading platform for the long-tail of penny stocks. What sets it apart from other trading platforms is that it’s built on a distributed ledger rather than a traditional database, meaning that it can respond to market fluctuations in real time.


App that builds on the long-established tradition of the “goodbye” note. The startup wants to help you say goodbye to people over email or text message with a personalized note.


A startup that provides a service for people to create a video of them explaining who they are and what they are looking for in a long-term relationship


A startup that sells a tool that allows people to create a sort of virtual scrapbook of their life and to share with loved ones who are no longer around


A startup that provides a website where people can list items they no longer need and sell them to other people


A startup that is a matchmaking service for people re-entering the job market after being unemployed for a long time


Idea: A startup for storing, organizing, and sharing documents and files, along with secure chat


Idea: A coaching platform that helps software engineers achieve their long-term career goals


Idea: A platform for video collaboration, for example to make a video call with a bunch of people at the same time, along with a tool for editing the video together.


Idea: A company that helps brands manage their “influencers”, a new media channel that has emerged alongside more traditional ones like print, TV, and radio. There aren’t many tools for brands to use to manage this new channel, and the team wants to solve that problem.


Idea: A startup that helps companies offer employees an easy way to invest their savings into a long-term retirement fund.


Idea: A startup for finding designers/developers/analysts/etc for long term projects. It’s meant to be similar to Upwork, but less saturated and more curated.


Idea: A startup building a mobile app that helps people make year-long commitments to a goal. It’s a self-hosted tool that’s currently free, but looks to monetize with premium features.


Idea: A startup that helps small businesses build websites that look like they were built by a big company. Envision helps businesses upload a logo and other elements that look like they belong on a big-name site.