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by @levelsio

Little Startup Ideas

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A startup that wants to help people manage their debt, using a predictive system that helps them know whether they’re spending too much or too little.


A video and virtual reality game where you play as a character from the universe of "My Little Pony" and create an avatar. The startup is looking for a partner to help fund its effort to create a game, which started in November.


The startup wants to build a smart little robot to help you get out of a chair.


A credit card for people who are underbanked. The company offers a line of credit that doesn’t require a credit check, allowing people to put down as little as $1.


This startup is looking to make organic food shopping for the Whole Foods shopper a little easier. They’re working with farmers to create an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy produce from their smartphones. They’re currently working with three farmers in the Midwest and hope to add more in the future.


A startup that wants to make hotels a little more like Facebook, where you can see what friends are staying at the same hotel.


A platform for managing the supply chain for e-commerce, aimed at companies with very little time to spare.


 A little like Twilio and Stripe, this API makes it easier to build new kinds of voice-controlled software.


A software platform that allows people to buy and sell shares in companies for free or with as little as $5. The company is looking to compete with both traditional brokerages and stock exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE.


A startup that wants to help people build websites faster, especially people with little-to-no experience in web development. It wants to help people build websites with WordPress, using AI and machine learning to analyze code and then rebuild the site.


The startup introduces a new way to think about the internet and data centers. It rethinks the internet as a global power grid, where countries have their own little data centers that sit atop each other.


A startup that lets companies build online stores with very little overhead.


A tool to make choosing a car insurance a little easier. Instead of filling out forms, traditional agents have a choice to make a few basic questions.


A startup that’s giving employers a way to document and monitor employee behavior, from performance issues to safety concerns. It’s a little like a human-resources app and a security camera in one.


A company that makes small, affordable homes from shipping containers. The company has built “a new kind of modular home that can be made in as little as one week, on site”. The first models are coming out in October.


A program that helps people trade in their old textbooks for credits to buy new ones. The startup is working with publishers to get its new textbooks a little cheaper than new ones.


A premium subscription service for people who want to track their finances, based on the idea that most people need a little help when it comes to money.


A platform for helping people find their dream homes. The founders say they’ve helped people find their dream house in as little as 10 days.


A decentralized search engine that allows users to search through other websites without having to link to them. The company wants to make the web a little less centralized.


This little wearable sensor makes it easier to find your phone when you lose it. The device is supposed to vibrate if it’s within a certain radius of your phone.


This startup makes a credit card without annual fees or a credit limit. Customers can pay as much or as little as they want each month and never be charged interest or fees.


The company says it’s building a platform that lets customers buy and sell goods “with very little friction and no fees”. They announced a $50 million Series B round in April 2015.


This startup provides a way for people to share and sell photos and video of their travels on Instagram. It’s a little like Facebook’s Marketplace, and it’s part of the reason Instagram users continue to post and like photos and videos.


This startup is building an app that allows users to build a homepage for their business and then upload content from their phone, giving them a little more control of their online presence.


Little Bean is a digital marketing agency that works with companies to sell their products on social media. The startup, which was founded in April, has built a platform that allows customers to create custom campaigns on social media to advertise their products or services, which are then tracked by Little Bean, who will help the client optimize the campaign to improve ROI.


Idea: A startup for people who want to build websites but have little to no coding experience


Idea: A new edition of the classic novel “The Little Prince”, translated into Arabic The publisher says that it’s sold $15,000 worth of ebooks already with a plan to get to $100


Idea: SaaS startup that helps hotels manage their rooms and guests, with a little bit of Netflix’s recommendation algorithms baked in. The idea is that hotels can use it as a booking engine to get more out of their rooms, and the company’s founders say they have a 75% conversion rate.


Idea: A startup that lets you create a link that “promotes” the creator of a link that you share. For example, if you share an article on Medium, you can give the author a little boost and help them get more views.