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Link Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps retailers “find the right kind of people to hire” for their stores. The startup is also building out a talent platform for retailers using job data from LinkedIn to help them find the right people to hire.


A platform for linking and managing your personal and professional social networks.


A SaaS platform for companies to manage their social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


A startup that lets you take a picture of a QR code, plug it in to the service of your choice, and automatically get an email with the link to a website that explains the code.


A company that helps recruiters find candidates by tracking their activity on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.


A startup that allows users to create and control their own online profiles, with the ability to customize their LinkedIn and email using a drag-and-drop interface.


A startup that helps women and men work together to grow their careers, by helping them find each others’ LinkedIn connections.


A startup that lets companies link their websites with their social properties and their email newsletters.


This startup is trying to be the LinkedIn for consulting.


Helps small business owners find the right talent, like accountants, lawyers and consultants. Things like word-of-mouth, LinkedIn, past client referrals and referrals from the company’s own customers are used to get business owners to the right talent.


Bizbuyers is a “social shopping platform” that links businesses with buyers. The company wants to be an “Amazon for small businesses”.


This startup aims to help employers and employees find each other on LinkedIn. It’s currently in closed beta.


A platform that helps companies find new recruits. It’s a version of LinkedIn for job seekers, with a focus on the needs of local companies.


A platform to help you track the media you consume by linking it to your social media accounts.


A Chrome extension that converts your clipboard to a URL, allowing you to share it as a link.


A platform that links global banks, payment networks and businesses.


This search engine is trying to build the next generation of search results, with a focus on both social media and deep links.


Builds a platform for businesses to share and compare information about their products, services, and employees. It has partnerships with companies like Linkedin, Mailchimp, and Stripe, allowing employees to upload their resumes, manage their accounts, and receive paychecks directly within the platform.


A company that wants to build a tool for automating retargeting campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Cone.io is a SaaS platform that allows companies to build their own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


The company’s first product is a way to manage your social media posts across multiple platforms like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.


A platform for job seekers to search for jobs using data from LinkedIn


A startup that builds software that helps businesses onboard their employees to talent management systems like Upwork or LinkedIn Talent.


This startup is a platform that allows shoppers to send gifts to any other shopper with a linked debit or credit card, or even a prepaid card.


A new networking application, like LinkedIn.


A tool that helps you figure out which of your friends are in financial trouble. It sends you a link to their profile and asks you a few questions to figure out if they’re in financial trouble.


A tool that helps sell your own product or service on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


A startup that makes it fun for anyone to submit a link to a site they’ve created, have it reviewed by real people, and feature on the site. They’re currently working with a few sites, like the website for an artsy bar in New York City.


A travel rewards app for frequent travelers that links to loyalty programs and airlines.


Startups pitched as “LinkedIn for marketers"


A tool for SEO that allows you to audit backlinks and find any that are unnatural or spammy.


A platform for businesses to manage their employee headshots, from the front-facing photos they’re used to seeing on LinkedIn to the full-on professional headshots.


A startup that’s building a way to better organize your LinkedIn profile


A company that provides a platform for people to book and track their visits to dentists and other medical providers. The startup aims to provide the missing link between people and their health care providers.


A tool that lets people “tag” posts so that they can find them later. “Tag” then sends people links to the posts they’ve tagged. Tag is currently focused on the UK but has plans to expand to the US.


A search engine for sales opportunities that pulls in data from the likes of LinkedIn and Eventbrite


A platform that helps recruiters find and schedule talent for in-person events. The startup wants to be the “LinkedIn for recruiters.”


A company that aims to help businesses get more attention from the people they want to hire, by finding them on the job sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


A mobile app that allows you to manage your credit and debit card numbers with just your phone’s camera and a voice response. Circle uses the camera to take a picture of the card and then calls the number on the card to confirm it’s valid before linking it to your phone.


A tool for creating quick and easy surveys on your phone. The startup is designed for survey creators, but anyone can use it. It offers a mobile-first platform that lets users create surveys and send them immediately to users, and then open the survey link in another app on their phone.


A company that wants to dig up on-demand and unpaid digital labor on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


"We are a group of experienced marketers and developers who believe in building companies that are powered by users and not investors. We want to move from a world of transactional businesses to ones that are built on relationships. Our mission is to build a platform that allows people to create and share their own content in the same way that they share links or photos on Facebook."


A lot of people use LinkedIn to get jobs and a lot of companies use LinkedIn to hire people. What if the two could be combined, to help people find good jobs.


A dating app that serves to connect people with the same interests through a private group. It is a spinoff of the successful PopSurvey, which was acquired by LinkedIn


A company that helps hot dog vendors in New York City sell their hot dogs by linking them to their Instagram accounts. It’s meant to make the process of selling hot dogs more efficient and profitable.


The social network for stylists offering them a place to collaborate, share ideas, and build relationships. It’s a network for stylists, but it’s not like a LinkedIn. It’s more like a Facebook for stylists.


A tool for recruiters to manage, organize, and communicate with candidates. The startup wants to help companies like LinkedIn and Zappos with their Hiring Processes.


A platform for sharing and monetizing content, modeled on LinkedIn’s professional network but focused on sharing and distributing content.


A way to merge your Facebook and LinkedIn friends. The startup is currently in a private beta.


A video sharing app for events and conferences. Following a seed round, it’s been acquired by Live Nation’s Blink.


A new type of business that helps workers set up team settings more easily. It helps people coordinate meetings, handle vacation schedules, and link up with other workers.


A solution for customers to take a photo of a receipt or invoice and have it automatically link to a transaction in QuickBooks.


Clink is a marketplace app designed to help people find a ride from destination to destination in a more efficient, inexpensive manner.


This startup offers a platform to help companies and organizations collaborate on content, from making public records to organizing conferences. Its founders describe it as a “LinkedIn for events”.


A platform that will let you export your LinkedIn contacts to Slack.


A device that can act as a second screen for your smartphone, beaming to your TV or a projector. The startup is focused on the touchscreen issue, as the screen is often the weak link in smartphone use.


A tool that helps people add a photo to their LinkedIn profile with a single click.


A free app that lets users create “Mystery Boxes” for their friends. The app helps you send your friends a message that includes a link to a product or experience you’ve never tried before. The recipient then has the option to try it out for free without having to buy it.


Activell is a browser-based service that helps companies track and report their social media efforts. The startup says it can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns across the globe.


Notion is a platform that aims to simplify the purchase process for small businesses. Rather than buying products online, you can link their local brick-and-mortar store to the website and have the products delivered to you.


The startup behind Jobster, which helps employers and job seekers find each other, has been acquired by LinkedIn for $90 million


A handy tool for tracking and managing your LinkedIn connections.


This app helps employers and candidates find each other in a process known as telecommuting. It uses the same technology that’s used to find talent at LinkedIn.


A startup developing a platform for employees to be notified of their schedule, get a link to the correct file, and set up auto-expiring files. The startup is mainly focused on the logistics of building out their system and should have a better idea of when they’ll launch by the end of the year.


A company selling custom t-shirts that can be printed with QR codes that then link to other apps on select platforms.


A platform that helps companies find and hire talent. The company wants to be the LinkedIn for the hiring process, allowing companies to do a search for their needs and then being able to find candidates who match the roles easily.


A startup that helps small businesses find and train new employees. It’s sort of like a LinkedIn for small businesses. In the past year they’ve hired over 300 people through the job board, and have a waiting list for others.


A SaaS platform for linking business data across the internet.


A music app that lets you share a playlist with other people in real time, rather than sending them a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive copy.


A software company that provides software for companies to calculate the cost of hiring new employees. The company says it’s already attracting customers like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Zendesk.


A platform that helps companies host events, with a large focus on live events. It has a marketplace through which businesses can advertise their events, custom event tickets, and sell tickets to the public. Three big clients include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Visa.


 A credit card linked to your bank account, like a debit card with your bank’s approval. The card can be used everywhere the bank accepts credit cards. The startup has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from a single investor, Andreessen Horowitz.


A platform that hooks up investors to teams of entrepreneurs. The startup is trying to build a way for investors and companies to make more financial sense by linking them up.


A simple tool that helps people create professional headshots and sell themselves on LinkedIn.


A platform that links manufacturers and the people who buy their products (consumers and businesses). The service helps retailers find the best suppliers and creates a better purchasing experience.


A LinkedIn-like tool for securing your network of contacts.


A platform that links together online marketplaces, shopping carts, and inventory management. The startup’s founders say it’s a better fit for small businesses than existing solutions.


A company that links employers with unemployed workers, helping the unemployed find jobs and employers get a reliable pool of workers.


A platform that allows users to build their own websites with an easy to use drag and drop interface. The site automates things like social sharing and other links.


A “SaaS-based accounting and finance tool for SMBs”. The company offers integrated accounting, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, bank account linking, invoice creation, and expense tracking through its cloud product.


A group of friends who are building a kind of alternative to LinkedIn, with more emphasis on connections and less emphasis on the algorithm.


This startup is building a platform that allows anyone to post a video of their favorite place anywhere in the world, then share the link with their followers.


A digital marketplace that links businesses with freelance talent.


LinkedIn for teachers, connecting teachers with schools, schools with parents, and parents with schools.


A startup that helps companies manage their credentials like LinkedIn and Twitter in one place.


A new service that connects freelancers with clients. The service integrates social with the usual freelancer tools — like LinkedIn and Google.


A job board for data scientists - one that looks like LinkedIn.


In 2015, when asked about the app, founder and CEO of Asana, Dustin Moskovitz, said, "...it's not like you would have to go through and check every single piece of content on Facebook. It's not that hard to check if it's a link to a website. ... But we can't be 100% sure that the link is safe. And you want a social network that's not going to take you down."


“A cross between LinkedIn and Twitter”, used by businesses to post job listings and engage with employees.


A decentralized search engine that allows users to search through other websites without having to link to them. The company wants to make the web a little less centralized.


A startup that allows you to type out a tweet, then share it with the world, letting it be picked up by any message platform, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


A platform that enables journalists to “do journalism by postcard” by sending a link to a story to a friend, who then comments on the story and sends a link to a friend, etc.


The startup is building a platform for users to share their “likes” and “favorites” across all social media channels. Nuzzel supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and offers a way to see what is trending across all three services on one page.


The company is developing a service that allows individuals to track the performance of their LinkedIn profile.


Idea: A startup that helps you to search for nearby events, and also provides a link to the ticketing page. It’s similar to Eventbrite, but focuses on local events.


This startup helps you create a custom, personalized social media account. Their first customers are people looking to save money on their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.


A platform that allows users to create personal profiles for their connections on LinkedIn, then use that information to suggest connections who may be a good fit for them.


A company that helps recruiters, called “instaCandidate,” compete with LinkedIn by posting candidates in a more fun and unique way. InstaCandidate has a branch in India, and is looking to expand to the United States.


A credit card-like card that uses biometric data (like fingerprints or palm prints) to authenticate users. It is a way to make mobile payments easier, as the card can be linked to the user’s mobile phone numbers.


Starts with a wish list on Amazon, then sends the link to the gift recipient who can then pick out items. The company wants to build a personalized gift registry service on Amazon that’s easy for shoppers to use.


A company based in San Francisco that helps companies like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook to attract and retain top talent.


Idea: A startup that wants to be like a “mini-LinkedIn” for Indian startups, with a focus on helping founders build their brands


Idea: A startup that helps people find music online based on their mood or taste. It’s free for users, and makes money through affiliate links.


Idea: A platform meant to link up advertisers with influencers in the cannabis industry.


Idea: A startup that helps businesses easily connect to and onboard employees from social media profiles (like Facebook and LinkedIn)


Idea: A startup that lets you create a link that “promotes” the creator of a link that you share. For example, if you share an article on Medium, you can give the author a little boost and help them get more views.