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Library Startup Ideas

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A free library of “crowd sourced” electronics repair instructions, with a database of more than 100,000 step-by-step guides for common problems with over a million unique parts.


This startup is building a digital library for musicians that helps them discover new music and share more about themselves. The company has already signed a couple thousand artists.


This is a startup that uses a mobile app and a camera to find street-level recycled products and sell them to the public. They started with old library books and DVDs, but are now selling all sorts of things.


A library of over 1,700 video lectures for developers on the entire set of AWS services.


A digital lending library for small business owners.


A startup that provides a service where they go through a library and choose books that they think you would enjoy


Idea: Make a Digital Library of Hard-to-Find Books


A chat app for book lovers and library users. The startup wants to make it easier for library users to talk about books.


A news aggregator for the legal industry, using a combination of legal news, blogs, and a Wikipedia-like reference library to stay on top of legal news.


It’s a lifestyle music service, where you can access your library from any device and listen to the music in whatever order you want. You can also pay for a subscription to get access to a wider library.


A tool for creating and editing charts from Python or MATLAB. Charts is a Python library for creating and editing charts, with an API for creating and editing charts in MATLAB. Charts is available on the Python Package Index and on GitHub.


This startup is building a digital library of sorts for the music industry. It hopes to replace the print-only distribution models with a digital distribution platform that allows users to sell music with minimal friction and low overhead.


A streaming TV app for college students that manages a library of TV shows.


A JavaScript library that makes it easier to use React Native in the browser.


A platform that helps users build their own online courses, with the startup already building a library of courses for Udemy.


A digital library that combines the cataloging and searching of books with the ability to buy and donate books.


A company that’s building a platform for scheduling livestreams, similar to Twitch but focused on short-form content. They have a library of over 10,000 videos on their platform.


A company that wants to provide a library of useful software for developers. They recently raised $500,000.


A company that wants to provide a library of standard web pages for organizations to replace their custom websites with.


A startup that’s building a C++ library that allows hardware designs to be shared on GitHub. The company’s CEO says that the concept is similar to the Arduino open source hardware platform.


A tool for designers to get more out of their creative process, by letting them “mix, match, and remix” colors and patterns in their Photoshop library in order to create new looks.


A digital library for insurance claims denials that allows users to search by claims date, policy number, and treatment. The app also provides a log of all denials by date and saves a copy of the denial letter for each policy.


A New Zealand-based app that creates a virtualized version of a person’s photo library,


A library of video games and other media that you can stream online


A digital library for art and music that’s built using blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized system, built on top of the Ethereum network, that tracks and stores art pieces, but also allows for them to be accessed via a web interface.


A code library that makes it easier to build React Native apps, as opposed to the traditional NativeScript process that requires developers to learn a new framework.


A startup that provides a digital library of medical information for health professionals, the healthcare system, and patients.


A platform that lets people make their own videos using their voice, and works with a library of stock images and sound effects. The app is for anyone interested in making their own video clips without knowing how to edit video.


A startup that partners with local retailers to curate a handful of in-store activities for users to enjoy. These “experiences” are curated by the user’s location and can be anything from a free cup of coffee to a free library book.


A “personalized, shared library” for users.


A company that’s building a library catalog for libraries. It’s a “meta-library” that’s meant to help libraries keep track of collections and allow users to find books by library, author, or keyword. It’s a local library solution, though it can also be integrated with Amazon and other online libraries.


A way to track every action you take on your phone — from every app, to every game, to every message you send — and turn it into a data-driven game engine that lets you play games without the need for a giant library of content.


a software company with a system for connecting your music library with other devices and services.


A web app that allows people to watch movies and TV when and where they want, using a library of content from various sources.


The startup is building a library for designers and developers to share designs, and is looking to sell the designs for businesses to use.


The startup, which is raised $2.5 million in seed funding, provides an integrated digital library that lets you keep track of your books, movies and music.


A company that helps small businesses get off the ground, with a library of tools that help companies with marketing, accounting, and sales. Company founders started it after seeing that many small businesses are launching on Facebook and taking on extra expenses to grow.


A digital library of books, videos, and data that allows users to search and view digital content.


An AI-based service that helps people learn to identify the most important books in their library.


A digital library for videos, books, and other media that are available to students at any time.


The startup is building an open-source library of all the design patterns, languages, and paradigms that make up the internet. This will serve as a foundation for the internet of things.


An online platform that allows its users to “recover” digital media, including photos, music, and videos. The company aims to build a digital library that it will eventually license to other companies to allow them to use the recovered content.


A library of community and networking events for professionals in the creative and technology industries, including conference and meetup planning, networking and events


 A collaborative online photo library with a curated search and social features.


A product that allows developers to easily build and launch a custom app from a single library, with a focus on scaling those apps across multiple platforms.


Customized content creation and curation for brands, with a focus on video and on-demand content. Its tools include a library of pre-made videos, on-demand content library, and a set of tools to create and share your own custom videos.


Idea: A hardware startup looking to build a “developer’s dream”, a library of easy-to-use and open source hardware tools for electronics prototyping.