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Letting Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s helping power outages by letting people share their homes’ energy usage with others and get compensated for it.


Idea: A tool for helping people improve their sleep. The startup provides a mattress with embedded sensors that can track movement and sound, letting users track data about their sleep.


A company that wants to be the “Uber of home security”, letting people pay for home security devices with their credit cards and then let the company handle the rest. The company has raised $10 million in a Series A.


A startup that helps people get around their cities by providing to-do lists, and letting them chat with others to help them get around.


A startup that wants to give people more control over their data by letting them store it on their own USB drives


A platform for letting people work remotely from anywhere. Currently working with three companies, including one in New York City.


A company that wants to streamline the hiring process for employers, letting them post jobs and give applicants a chance to respond. It’s been used by companies like Lyft and Warby Parker.


A platform for sharing home services and letting customers compare costs and quality.


A startup that helps freelancers connect to other freelancers by letting them post their work and find others who need tasks.


A company that helps with home repairs and renovations, letting customers research and book local contractors


A startup that is refining the way financial advisors do their work, letting them adjust to the needs of their clients.


Workers at companies like Google and Apple can get paid to do their job. The startup, which was founded in April, wants to make work day-to-day easier by integrating those jobs into payroll and HR, letting people switch jobs and be paid for the work they’re doing.


A startup solving the student loan default crisis by letting borrowers streamline the repayment process.


A remote-work solution for business partners and freelancers, letting them work from anywhere. It’s a sort of “Uber for freelancers”, and is based on the idea that most clients don’t want to hire someone for a long-term gig, but instead need someone to tackle a project for a few days or a week at a time.


A digital solution that helps companies build their own “mobile internet” in cities where there are no roads, by letting companies connect to nearby beacons.


Spots on the map that help you find the closest ride to your destination. The startup wants to make it easier for drivers to find the best ride deal by letting them mark where they want to be picked up and dropping off.


 A company that brings in-person networking to the Internet, letting job seekers and recruiters connect in real life.


A company that wants to help businesses save money and time by letting customers pay for their services in cryptocurrency.


A startup that helps students with their college funding by letting them save for it in a way that’s much easier than applying for a loan.


A startup that wants to help people donate to charity by letting them gift their travel miles to charity.


A platform that connects employers and job seekers, letting both sides build a profile of the other, and then matching candidates with the right employer.


a technology service to make people’s lives easier by letting them manage their health records from a single source. The startup has a partnership with WellPoint to bring its service to hospitals and doctors.


A startup that makes it easier for people to get loans from a bank by letting them use their savings accounts to finance their loan.


A tool for designers to get more out of their creative process, by letting them “mix, match, and remix” colors and patterns in their Photoshop library in order to create new looks.


Help large companies save money on marketing campaigns by letting them create their own micro-websites on the Shopify platform, with custom-designed pages and a store location.


A tool for managing a company’s fleet of self-driving cars. The startup is building a system for letting a driver take control of a car during a traffic jam, or for when a driver wants to take a longer break.


A real estate technology platform that is a hybrid of Homejoy and Airbnb, letting landlords rent out their properties on the platform.


A platform that helps users create and buy custom stories for their businesses, letting them build custom landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, and e-books.


A startup that wants to help banks scale payments using the cloud by letting them use APIs to let others tap into their systems.


A web-based service that aggregates and provides access to public data about real estate, letting people search for information and data about everything from price and listing inventory, to property tax rates and construction information.


A mobile shopping app that hopes to make managing your online shopping easily accessible by letting you order products from within the app.


A company that plans to bring the benefits of cloud computing to the workforce by letting companies hire freelancers who are computers.


A startup that wants to use a similar process to build a marketplace for music rights, letting creators sell their rights to their songs to the highest bidder.


A startup that wants to help people save the cost of a cell phone plan by letting them bring their own phone, and set it up to work on their carrier’s network.


A platform to connect business development teams with software engineers, with the goal of improving software quality by letting teams work more closely together with a smoother onboarding process.


A platform that allows landlords to manage their rental units, connecting them to homebuyers and letting agents. The pitch is that it gives landlords a new way to run their business, helping them collect rent and keep track of their properties. It’s available in the UK and Australia at the moment, although they’re looking to expand internationally.


A startup that helps small businesses create a more productive work environment by letting them track employee productivity and workflows.


A company that helps employers save on employee benefits by letting employees access their retirement benefits online.


A B2B platform for pharmaceutical manufacturers, letting them get products to market faster at lower cost.


A startup that helps companies with a single API to connect to their existing CRMs, Salesforce, and Marketo, letting them complete their sales pipeline from one place.


A startup that sends a text message to your wife, letting you know when you’re out of the house.


Idea: A mobile app for first aid responders, allowing them to better coordinate in the field. The app has a fast search capability, letting responders easily find supplies and guides.


Idea: The startup is building a tool that automatically writes a person’s will and will updates, letting you track wills from multiple users in the same account. It’s built on top of a free service that lets you write a will once and store it with them. They’re aiming to replace legal representatives with their software, while still giving users the option to use a lawyer.


Idea: A new consumer-focused mobile payments app to replace credit cards The company aims to reduce friction by letting users buy things with their phone instead of having to pull out their wallet They want to replace everyone’s credit card information The startup has processed over $1MM in payments