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Legal Startup Ideas

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An AI that aims to help people with legal issues find the best way to resolve them.


A startup for lawyers and consumers that helps them rate and review legal services. The company has raised $3.5 million to date.


A cloud-based application that helps companies manage compliance and legal standards.


A startup that’s building an AI-enabled chatbot for legal services. The company has $1 million in seed funding.


A startup that has built a tool to help legal professionals create an agreement and execute it without ever leaving the browser.


A startup that connects people to top-notch attorney and legal services


A way to make on-demand legal services more efficient and more affordable.


a company that helps people get legal help with immigration, asylum, and other legal issues.


A tool to help people navigate the world of legal marijuana through a simple, easy to use interface.


A news aggregator for the legal industry, using a combination of legal news, blogs, and a Wikipedia-like reference library to stay on top of legal news.


A startup that crowdsources legal advice by using “smart contracts”.


A way to legally buy and sell land in the US.


A platform for lawyers to offer legal advice to small businesses, and help them with various legal issues.


A B2B software platform (for the legal industry) for small businesses that helps them manage contracts and warranties, manage their legal teams, and access multiple legal systems.


 A tool for handling legal and regulatory filings in the cannabis industry.


A legally binding contract between a party and a group of people that has a set of terms to comply with the contract. The company plans to build the first “legal” app in the US.


A “fintech for the legal industry”. It wants to make legal contracts easier to understand and fill out, so they don’t need lawyers to review them.


A company that wants to make it easier to find the right lawyer for a legal issue.


A tool for the legal cannabis industry to help dispensaries track and manage their inventory. The startup is also developing a web application for dispensaries to manage patient data.


A startup that aims to be a “one-stop shop” for HR, payroll, benefits and legal.


A digital wallet that’s designed to serve the needs of women in China. Currently, the platform does not offer features that are common in the US, such as peer-to-peer payments, a feature that is required in China for transactions to be legal.


A legal e-discovery tool for lawyers that helps them determine what information is relevant to the case at hand.


Measuring the legal and ethical impact of social media.


Collaborative legal system that connects lawyers and clients to serve as a mediation tool.


A digital product that detects, tracks, and pays a user’s monthly rent payments. Due to rent laws, a tenant in many areas may not legally be able to sign for a check until it’s been deposited. By the time they can, the landlord has already moved on to the next tenant, which means the tenant may have to pay the holdback fee.


A company that lets the corporate legal department take direct control of hiring, firing, and training new employees.


A startup that launched in May, Empowered Launchpad is a marketplace for a variety of services including legal, accounting, and engineering, with the goal of making it easier for startups to get off the ground. They’re already working with 100 companies around the world.


A startup for digital games, where players can earn money for playing games. Currently in beta. What’s interesting is that they’re trying to make it legal to use virtual currencies, which is a relatively new idea.


A startup that helps legal professionals draft and negotiate business contracts and deals.


A software company that helps companies with legal needs to manage everything from legal agreements to legal research.


A company that aims to be a “Netflix of weed”, providing a platform for legal cannabis deliveries.


A startup that makes a mobile app that helps you understand the legal troubles of your friends. The company hopes to teach people how to manage their legal problems via a mobile app.


A software company that helps attorneys build efficient, legal websites


A software company that helps companies with their legal process, from contract negotiation to hiring a lawyer for their legal needs.


The company aims to be a one-stop shop for financial and legal advice.


A software company that wants to help the legal profession connect with attorneys across the country. The company’s founder says they’ve already signed up over 2,000 lawyers and are working on a nationwide expansion.


A tool to help with contract and legal paperwork.


This is a B2B company that helps companies manage their legal agreements, especially in the area of intellectual property.


A startup building a tool to help the legal community find and share case law.


A way for people to crowdsource their legal advice, getting online help from a group of attorneys.


Only 1% of all workers in the US have their overtime legally included in their paychecks. This startup wants to be the alternative. They’re building a mobile app that tracks time and automatically computes overtime pay.


A startup that wants to bring the benefits of automation to the legal industry, helping legal firms reduce costs and increase efficiency.


A Facebook-style messaging platform for sharing photos, videos, and live streams. The startup is only looking at the US for now, as they want to avoid the potential regulatory and legal issues in other markets.


A startup to help you manage your data and stay up to date on what’s legally allowed access to your data


A startup that’s building a “self-service digital environment” for legal firms and law students with a heavy focus on helping them find the right law firm for them.


A software stack for claims processing. The company, founded by a former legal executive, aims to reduce the cost of claims processing by 10-20%. It has raised $5.1 million in funding.


This startup is building an enterprise-grade CRM for the legal industry.


A startup that’s building a new type of product management and sales product for law firms. The startup wants to make legal firms’ product management and sales functions more efficient.


This is a “B2B” resource marketplace for UK legal services. It allows you to find lawyers who can help you with legal needs.


The other factor is the service-based nature of B2B companies. B2B companies typically spend on services, such as accounting or legal services. The most common B2B service businesses include accounting, banking, and legal services. B2B marketing startups are therefore more likely to be targeting B2


This startup is building a global network of local legal aid attorneys to help low income people in the US access legal aid, from free legal clinics to pro bono legal services.


A platform for the sharing economy. The startup’s idea is to “unlock” the sharing economy by making the legal process simple for drivers and allowing them to charge hourly for their services.


A platform that helps businesses like accounting, legal, and human resources departments manage the paperwork, invoicing, and payments for companies all in one place.


A platform for helping law firms manage the legal details for their clients.


A startup that helps raise money by providing a range of services (e.g. legal, accounting, marketing, PR, etc.) to help startups and other businesses raise money.


A network for mobile phone users that connects them to legal services and legal professionals. The startup was founded in 2015 and is based in the UK.


An in-house legal team that provides advice to companies on a wide variety of issues.


A chatbot that helps people get answers to their legal questions. Already live in one state and one county in the US.


A tool for helping legal professionals keep track of their clients’ finances and deal with more of the administrative work.


A “decision engine” that helps businesses make sense of regulatory and compliance challenges. The company aims to make legal processes easier, cheaper, and more transparent.


This startup is looking to create a digital tool that allows people to make and manage their own legal agreements, aiming to improve efficiency, and making the legal process faster and more accessible.


A startup that helps users navigate the legal process when dealing with the government. The startup has been working with regulators in Malaysia to implement a compliance platform for businesses.


A hardware company that makes it easier for people to possess and grow their own cannabis. They’re supplying this solution to dispensaries in Colorado, where Gov. John Hickenlooper has shown support for legal weed in the past. The company is already in business in Canada, and is looking at expansions into other states.


A way to streamline the legal process for selling patent rights.


A French startup that makes it easier for people to get their hands on medical marijuana. The startup wants to make it easier for people to get quality medical marijuana, even if they don’t live in a state where it’s legal.


Has launched in the past year in the US, in areas in which cannabis has been legalized in the past year in states like Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, and California. The company’s founders say they can apply their technology to any state/state-regulated cannabis industry, and are already in business in the US.


A tool that helps legal firms hire top legal talent, connecting them with candidates in the top law schools.


A visual tool for legal professionals to keep track of their cases.


A company that builds a platform for non-legal software contracts, allowing businesses to use a contract that’s more flexible and can be altered without getting a lawyer involved.


A community platform for attorneys that gives them a place to share legal information and research.


A platform for online courses, such as Udemy and Coursera, to operate in a legal grey area. The company wants to help them get more funding and reduce risk of litigation.


A startup that helps businesses sell on Amazon. Instead of having to set up an Amazon seller’s account, the startup takes care of the legal, accounting, and shipping details.


A company that wants to disrupt the $100 billion legal industry, by helping lawyers and law firms bring their services to the web and compete on quality and cost.


A startup that helps people find and hire a lawyer to help them with their legal issues


Idea: A startup for helping businesses discover, connect and pay for relevant services they need (such as marketing, consulting, legal, etc)


Idea: A software company that’s building a tool that helps lawyers and other legal professionals manage their case load It does this by building predictive models that help lawyers understand how they’re spending time, who they should be billing, and how to allocate their time more efficiently It also helps process payments The startup has $0 in funding and was founded in 2017


Idea: Aims to make it easier to do business in the developing world by removing the human element from contract management The company takes care of the legwork and legal formalities so that companies can do business with foreign suppliers without having to learn the ins and outs of local business processes


Idea: A startup that helps companies manage their unpaid internship programs, which can be a legal headache


Idea: A company that provides a tool for startups to manage the onboarding of new employees, including collecting employee data, administering legal agreements, and more


A way to bring the wisdom of crowds to legal services


Idea: A mobile app for legal services, to help people manage the details of their legal affairs online, without the need to go to a lawyer’s office.


Idea: A B2B company that provides software to help freelancers and contractors in the US legally collect funds from employers.


Idea: A startup for small businesses looking to work with contractors. The startup helps make sure there’s a legal structure that’s sound and protects both parties.


Idea: The startup is building a tool that automatically writes a person’s will and will updates, letting you track wills from multiple users in the same account. It’s built on top of a free service that lets you write a will once and store it with them. They’re aiming to replace legal representatives with their software, while still giving users the option to use a lawyer.


Idea: A startup that aims to provide a single platform for companies to manage all of their legal needs, from contracts to HR to accounting.


 A startup that provides high quality, low cost legal services