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A startup that provides a service for helping people record their life story so that they can leave a historical account for their family


A startup that provides a service for companies to help them figure out which employees are likely to leave the company


A startup that produces a checklist for people who are going on vacation Gives them a list of things to do before they leave and things to do when they return


 This is an on-demand cleaning service. When you order, they send a cleaner that cleans your house and leaves it in its original state for you.


A SaaS platform that helps businesses manage HR processes: onboarding, payroll, leave, benefits, training, etc.


A startup that lets you monitor what the weather is doing at any time, including real-time forecasts for specific locations. They are building a tool that can give you a heads-up on what the weather will be like when you next leave the house.


A new way for companies to pay employees, using a rewards-based system with no cash transfers. The company instead creates a digital savings account for employees, allowing them to track their earnings and also cashing out the money when they leave.


A technology that helps retailers track customer activity from the moment a customer opens the door to the moment they leave.


A crowdsourced translation app that lets you leave a comment to help an Italian native translate an English text into Italian.


The idea of this startup is to fill the void that the daily news leaves out. By aggregating and creating content from the hundreds of sources they partner with, they aim to provide a complete picture of the news events happening around the world.


Plans to allow folks to leave their cars at home and get around on public transport in cities


A SaaS platform that helps B2B companies figure out when their employees are most productive and when they are most likely to leave. The startup says that their clients have saved a net of $20 million over the past two years.


A platform that helps companies manage HR, including compensation, benefits, onboarding, and leave management.


A $3 startup that builds a product that allows users to connect easily with their favorite brands without having to leave the app.


This startup wants to help employers provide paid maternity leave to their employees. They’re looking to partner with employers to offer paid leave.


A “social discovery and recommendation” app that enables people to discover new products and services from their other social media accounts, without them having to leave a platform.


A platform that allows teams to collaborate on their code without ever needing to leave Slack. The company has already raised $3 million in funding.


The startup is introducing a new mobile messaging platform that can track the location of your phone to let you know when you’ve left the perimeter of a business, so you don’t leave your phone unattended.


Expense sharing for travel is a growing trend, but Expense Buddy aims to do it better than others by creating a “predictive expense engine” that creates a bill for your trip before you leave, and serves it to you via email or SMS.


 A mobile app that lets you pay for groceries at the cash register using an Android phone, without having to leave the store or wait in line.


A mobile app that ensures you don’t leave home without your phone charger.


This startup is building an app that sends a smart message to your employer when you leave your desk. It’s designed to remind companies of their hiring rules, but it could also be useful for workers to avoid calling out sick.


A startup that helps people who don’t want to leave their house and travel to a remote server to control their home. For instance, they can open their front door, see if their dog is barking, and see how far away it is from their neighbor’s home.


 A smartphone app that allows you to leave a tip for your Uber driver at the end of a ride.


A company that creates and sells software to let people leave reviews for products they’ve purchased online. The startup’s first product is a Chrome browser extension.


A company that lets you find and book the right stylist for your next haircut, without having to leave your desk.


A startup that helps people who have been hospitalized find out about the nearest and best places for them to go when they leave the hospital