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Law Startup Ideas

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A startup for lawyers and consumers that helps them rate and review legal services. The company has raised $3.5 million to date.


A startup that makes it easier for people to find a lawyer when they need one


A software company that helps government agencies track and report compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines.


a company that helps law firms with interviewing and writing cover letters


Helps small business owners find the right talent, like accountants, lawyers and consultants. Things like word-of-mouth, LinkedIn, past client referrals and referrals from the company’s own customers are used to get business owners to the right talent.


This startup lets a lawyer write a letter for a client that looks like it was written by the client, but all the essential details are still correct.


A startup that provides a service to help people with their immigration paperwork (basically lawyer) A startup that provides an alternative to Airbnb for people to rent out their homes (which they are not living in)


A startup that is building an alternative repository to Airbnb for people to find rentable resources This includes everything from homes to lawn mowers, from the startup’s own website


A startup that helps people who are going through a divorce get access to lawyers and other professionals who can help them get through the process


A platform for lawyers to offer legal advice to small businesses, and help them with various legal issues.


A platform for law enforcement to send crime alerts to the public


A peer-to-peer lending company that focuses on college students. The company says it’s in talks with a few large consumer finance companies and would like to see itself included in student loan refinancing programs. They’re based in Delaware.


A “fintech for the legal industry”. It wants to make legal contracts easier to understand and fill out, so they don’t need lawyers to review them.


A company that wants to make it easier to find the right lawyer for a legal issue.


A “robot lawyer” intended to help handle the 1 million product law claims the company receives per year.


A startup that creates a directory of lawyers who are willing to work on contingency


Collaborative legal system that connects lawyers and clients to serve as a mediation tool.


A legal e-discovery tool for lawyers that helps them determine what information is relevant to the case at hand.


A startup that helps lawyers make a living by using the power of data to find better ways to find clients.


A digital product that detects, tracks, and pays a user’s monthly rent payments. Due to rent laws, a tenant in many areas may not legally be able to sign for a check until it’s been deposited. By the time they can, the landlord has already moved on to the next tenant, which means the tenant may have to pay the holdback fee.


A digital onboarding platform for lawyers.


A tool to help law students study for exams and employers find top graduates. The startup provides a platform for employers to post jobs and students to apply.


A startup that’s building a marketplace for dispute resolution for startups and small businesses. It pairs companies with a lawyer who works in conjunction with a separate, neutral party.


A platform for paying people who do things like plow your driveway and mow your lawn.


A DC-based software company that wants to help members of Congress find more efficient ways of working. The company wants to help lawmakers streamline their day-to-day by helping them track and report their progress. It’s currently focused on the DC metro area.


A startup that helps law enforcement and other agencies use drones to gather surveillance data.


A software platform that helps lawyers manage their time more effectively and optimize their efficiency.


A startup that brings the “higher education experience” to students by connecting them with tutors. Notable alumni include Sarah Lawrence College, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.


A software company that helps companies with their legal process, from contract negotiation to hiring a lawyer for their legal needs.


As an online continuing education course for lawyers, this startup is hoping to enable higher education for lawyers without charging tuition.


A software company that wants to help the legal profession connect with attorneys across the country. The company’s founder says they’ve already signed up over 2,000 lawyers and are working on a nationwide expansion.


A startup building a tool to help the legal community find and share case law.


A startup that helps governments with the problem of how to enforce and monitor their immigration laws. Their goal is to let immigration enforcement agencies be more efficient and humane.


A law firm that helps startups avoid SEC issues.


A startup that’s building a “self-service digital environment” for legal firms and law students with a heavy focus on helping them find the right law firm for them.


A mobile app for finding a cheap lawyer if you end up in jail.


A startup that’s building a new type of product management and sales product for law firms. The startup wants to make legal firms’ product management and sales functions more efficient.


A startup that creates and tracks a network of professional networks for lawyers.


A cloud-based accounting system (and financial advisor) which works across all sorts of small businesses: doctors, dentists, plumbers, lawyers, etc.


This is a “B2B” resource marketplace for UK legal services. It allows you to find lawyers who can help you with legal needs.


Succinctly aims to be the "Yelp for lawyers"


A platform for helping law firms manage the legal details for their clients.


A tax tracking software that helps businesses track whether they’re compliant with tax laws.


A tool that helps lawyers find the best deal on software to try in the courtroom.


A platform that brings together a variety of different service providers, like lawyers, CPAs, and consultants, to provide a single interface for a company, improving their efficiencies.


A tool that helps legal firms hire top legal talent, connecting them with candidates in the top law schools.


A company that provides software that helps small businesses to operate better, faster, and more efficiently. It’s a cloud-based service that helps small businesses staff sales, accounting, and other functions. The startup has raised over $4.6 million in funding, and found itself in the news recently for an employee lawsuit.


A company that wants to disrupt the $100 billion legal industry, by helping lawyers and law firms bring their services to the web and compete on quality and cost.


A startup that creates a marketplace for household services. The company is building a platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect and create a marketplace for items like roofing, plumbing and electrical repairs, and lawn care.


A startup that helps small business owners track their expenses and make them more transparent and compliant with accounting laws.


A company that builds a platform for non-legal software contracts, allowing businesses to use a contract that’s more flexible and can be altered without getting a lawyer involved.


A company that manages your rent and allows you to pay it with a credit card. The company says they’ve had over $500,000 in monthly revenue, and they’ve also had clients like the Delaware Public School System.


A tool to help law firms manage their finances, allowing them to visualize their income and expenses.


 A tool to help people navigate the ins and outs of the law, similar to an attorney but more accessible for regular people.


A tool for small businesses to create and manage their own customer data (such as contact info and payment data) without having to purchase it from a data broker or risk running afoul of data licensing laws.


A platform that helps law firms and real estate agents sell homes that they didn’t actually list on the MLS.


A conflict management software for law firms and organizations.


A software company that creates a software platform to help law firms and other businesses merge and consolidate their legal contracts and agreements on the fly.


A tool for helping companies to ensure that the people they do business with are following the law.


A startup that helps entrepreneurs in the US get their home-based businesses into compliance with the tax code. It’s also a service that has helped 35 lawyers in the Bay Area file taxes in just over 3 hours, typically via telephone.


A company that helps employers navigate labor laws and regulations in a more effective manner, by providing a platform for real-time labor guidance.


A startup that helps people find and hire a lawyer to help them with their legal issues


A startup that provides a service where people who are in a dispute with their landlord can get a lawyer to help them


A startup that creates a directory of people who do odd jobs like fixing lawn mowers, cars, etc


Idea: An AI-powered platform that helps law firms with their equity promotions


Idea: A startup that helps people go into business together Say you have a friend that's a lawyer and another that's an engineer A collaboration tool could help them communicate, share files and bill clients more smoothly The company is currently bootstrapped, and has a 10-person team


Idea: Chat with a lawyer in under 5 minutes


Idea: A software company that’s building a tool that helps lawyers and other legal professionals manage their case load It does this by building predictive models that help lawyers understand how they’re spending time, who they should be billing, and how to allocate their time more efficiently It also helps process payments The startup has $0 in funding and was founded in 2017


Idea: A software company that’s building a tool to help law firms process payments


Idea: Polymath lets you create and sell your own securities on the blockchain It’s a securities token platform that lets people create their own tokens without the need for a lawyer


Idea: A Chatbot for Lawyers that uses natural language processing to understand human input and produce relevant answers


Idea: A mobile app for legal services, to help people manage the details of their legal affairs online, without the need to go to a lawyer’s office.


Idea: A B2B company that helps lawyers, financial advisors, and other financial service professionals market themselves via their social media pages.


Idea: This startup wants to make it easier for people to get matched up with local experts like doctors or lawyers. It currently has 2,200 experts signed up, and is charging $45/hr for up to five hours of work.


Idea: The startup is building a tool that automatically writes a person’s will and will updates, letting you track wills from multiple users in the same account. It’s built on top of a free service that lets you write a will once and store it with them. They’re aiming to replace legal representatives with their software, while still giving users the option to use a lawyer.


Idea: A startup that has built an interface for lawyers in the US to file patents. The software has been in beta for a few months and has 20 paying customers.


 A software company that provides a way for companies to monitor and manage their employees’ compliance with various laws and regulations.