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Larger Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps companies find and pay contractors and service providers across the world. The company will use the P2Pool tech popularized by bitcoin to help larger companies find and pay out thousands of contractors more efficiently.


A startup building an online marketplace for used trucks. The company is currently operating out of a warehouse and wants to build a larger, more permanent headquarters.


A mini-storage startup that rents out small lockers, intended to be a more affordable alternative to larger storage units.


 Startup building software for farmers to help them understand weather patterns and predict crop yields. It also plans to create a bank for farmers, and expand into a larger platform for farmers to exchange information.


CEO and co-founder, Josh, is a self-proclaimed "Serial Entrepreneur." He's built startups in the past five years, including a few that were acquired by larger tech companies.


A software company that helps IoT devices connect to the internet. The company initially grew out of a maker of the exact same products with a smaller market, and it wants to grow into the larger IoT market.


The startup is looking to help independent restaurants compete with the larger chains. It’s currently in closed beta and is looking for a round of funding.


Firms can collect data on their customers and then have that data sent to the cloud and analyzed for insights. The company currently has the same set-up as a consulting firm before being purchased by a larger firm.


A tool for VPs to book travel for their teams. The founders say it’s best suited to larger companies like CPGs and banks, but the idea could have broader applicability.


A customer support tool that helps companies make customer calls and unlock customer data with a single API. The startup is currently aiming to partner with larger companies to develop a customer support tool that scales for multiple products.


A social network that allows users to share their resume on-demand. It began as a service for startups that was later applied to the larger job market.


 The coworking space is part of a larger effort to help women get into technology, either by connecting them to mentors or allowing them to work at an office without the need for a co-founder.


A B2B SaaS company that helps employees communicate with one another and receive pay, benefits and bonuses. It’s built for larger companies with at least 1,000 employees and requires a proprietary API for payment and payroll integration.


A startup that enables companies to easily manage their AWS accounts, with a managed dashboard that automates a ton of tasks including groups, billing, and monitoring. The company is starting to roll out to larger customers.


A startup that lets you connect with the people you’re hiring. It’s available for companies to use themselves or as an add-on to larger recruiting platforms.


A startup that helps people to easily invest in cryptocurrency, with a focus on the Indian market. It’s part of a larger trend of startups that want to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.


In the past year, the startup has built an in-house production facility and is rolling out a new production line that will allow it to produce larger batches with less waste and lower costs.


A company that wants to make it easier to test code. They’re building an online IDE for developers, with an integrated test runner, and are in talks with larger companies.


In the past year, the startup has signed up over one million users and is now working on an enterprise version for larger companies.


A startup for buying and selling used cars, part of a larger company that also offers car-sharing services. Their customers can use the company’s vehicle for their work, then turn it back in when they’re done.


A platform to help small businesses with accounting. They’re focused on helping small businesses with accounting, but they say they can be useful for larger businesses.


A startup that helps store managers coordinate store store maintenance tasks for larger chains.


A tool that helps entrepreneurs find customers by promising to help them find people who want to buy their products. The startup is currently in the process of being acquired by a larger consumer-facing company.


A design and development studio that says it’s “a team of designers, engineers and startups” that helps “build and manage large scale web apps”. It’s interesting to see a startup that’s taking on the very same tasks that larger companies have historically outsourced to larger consulting firms like Accenture or PwC.


Idea: A drone startup that's been working with Amazon for the last two years, and is now moving into a larger market It’s currently piloting its service in Peru


Idea: A startup that helps students and recent grads find and apply for jobs The target market is students who are pretty much guaranteed to get a job, but the startup’s ambitions are much larger


The event was held on a larger scale than any previous TechCrunch event. It had a venue capacity of 2,500 people, and received 2,200 applications to attend.


Idea: A platform to help SMBs sell their goods to larger buyers (like large companies) online.