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Label Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a digital labeling system for wine bottles.


A white-label SaaS for managing real estate, which includes a CRM to help companies manage their tenants and clients. The startup has raised $1.5 million in funding.


A startup that creates white label services for tech giants that want to offer cloud-based services to SMBs


 A tool for artists, record labels, and venues to find out how to better monetize their content, whether it’s a song, a TV show, or an event.


Future of Food is building an API that will allow food manufacturers to build custom labels for their products, allowing buyers to scan a QR code along with their smartphone and get product details and pricing.


A music-sharing platform that wants to take the middle man out of the music industry. The startup wants to make it easy for artists and labels to sell their music direct to fans, and also want to create a brand new revenue stream for artists in the process.


This startup is building a white-label version of the popular dating app Hinge.


 A private-label membership-based platform that lets users pay to upgrade their access to health-related content.


A digital platform for private label products. The startup helps small businesses sell private label products via their own e-commerce websites.


A platform that allows small businesses to quickly and easily sell their products to customers via a white label platform, replacing the need for expensive e-commerce platforms.


A white-label company that sells customer data to insurance companies, but the startup says the data it offers is less than what a company buying data from a broker would pay for. Instead of buying a person’s data from a broker, Vitality starts with a person’s data from 3rd party sources and helps them create a profile.


This startup is building an “app store for white-label content marketing” for companies. It’s called “branded content” and has a lot of the same features as Pinterest’s official app store.


This startup is building a drag-and-drop tool that allows users to create workflows from different platforms (like Slack or Trello) and then send them to one central place. The company is also building a white-label product for other companies to offer such workflows.


A tool for managing the data on a small to medium sized business. It’s a white label product that is available to be customized by either a third party or a business owner.


This company allows companies to build their own private-labeled credit cards.


An audio platform for artists and labels to sell and distribute music and audio-visual content to customers.


A white-labeled tool for restaurants to manage their online ordering. The startup wants to help restaurants build an online ordering feature that integrates with their existing website. The product is built for restaurants, but the company imagines that it will be able to be used by other companies as well.


A connected home solution that is a white label version of the Eufy smart light bulbs. The startup is building an IoT developer platform for other brands to create connected devices. It has a very early version of the app and is looking to raise funding to continue development.


A white-label content marketing platform for brands and retailers.


A company that helps small businesses save more of their revenue by selling services like insurance, maintenance, and customer support through a white label platform.


This company builds software for online stores, helping them keep track of the different labels they sell.


A platform that provides a white label 'platform for mobile apps' which can be built up by businesses and customized for their needs.


Focusing on the production side of the cannabis industry, Vite helps growers track their crop through harvest, packaging, labeling, shipping, and aging. Co-founder Pravin Patel says they built the software for half a million dollars in seed funding, and are working with other cannabis companies to deliver their software.


An online platform that helps photographers create content for their clients. The startup offers clients a white label platform that allows for content curation, social media management and other services and helps photographers and their clients work together.


A company that helps manufacturers print their own labels that include QR codes.


A white-label version of the Facebook ad platform that the company says is ideal for B2B marketing.


A startup working to take a big chunk of the market for private-label products – a market worth about $3 billion a year – and offer it to brands. The startup has a direct-to-consumer arm that’s been offering private-label products from the likes of Verizon to Target.


A platform designed to help independent musicians, record labels, and music supervisors build digital distribution platforms. It hosts collectives, which are essentially websites for independent bands, allowing artists to share their music, playlists, and receive royalties.


A startup that helps people find and order moving supplies (like boxes, tape, paper, labels, etc)


Idea: A White Labeling Solution for Mobile Apps


Idea: A business that provides an experience platform for making and organizing all kinds of lifestyle plans Co-founder Dan is the former head of product at Maker’s Market, the private label division at Walmart


Idea: A startup for private label goods. The founder wants to make it easy for people to create their own private label brands, and is pitching it as a marketplace for startups to create their own version of a “Brands You Love But Can’t Find In Stores” store.


Idea: A white-labeled version of the video scheduling tools used by companies like Google and Facebook. It also helps companies manage their video ads — and is profitable now by helping companies make native videos.