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Knowledge Startup Ideas

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A startup that wants to build a “machine learning tool for creating music”. The startup wants to build a tool that will allow anyone to create music from scratch, without any of the engineering knowledge required.


A startup that helps people explore the world around them by allowing them to connect with those who live near them and share their local knowledge


A startup that helps software developers to build mobile apps with a mobile SDK without requiring native code knowledge.


A startup for managing knowledge management tasks for local government, such as data governance, mission management and knowledge management.


A platform that allows drivers to earn money by sharing their knowledge of different cities.


The summer school is for students interested in learning programming and fundamental knowledge in computer science, with the intent of helping them be successful in college.


A workplace for remote teams that includes a Slack-like messaging system and a shared knowledge base


A data science tool that automatically turns data into “actionable, knowledge-rich insights” about any given user, looking for insights like “which users are most likely to convert to customers, or which users spend the most money”.


A smartphone app that helps people take better notes and organize their knowledge about their favorite movies, TV shows, books, and more.


A new startup that wants to create a platform for the sharing of knowledge, data, and expertise in the global marketplace. The startup is also planning a crowdfunding campaign to help build out their platform.


A platform that provides a way for designers to build HTML5 websites with no coding knowledge.


Creates software for small businesses to create and manage their own online store. The company is offering a cloud-based platform that gives businesses a set of tools to create an e-commerce store without any coding knowledge.


A platform for sharing knowledge, with a particular focus on the medical profession. The startup wants to cut the time doctors spend on paperwork, allowing them to have more time for patient care.


A startup building a tool to help customers track and gain knowledge from all the different machines they use for food processing.


A mobile application that helps companies create new products. The app helps companies create new products without any coding knowledge.


A platform for sharing knowledge and expertise. The founders say they have a database of 500,000 consultants in 1,000 categories.


A platform for sharing knowledge and experience in a small company.


A company that combines data and knowledge to give people a better understanding of their personal data and what they do with it. The startup helps consumers better understand the data collection and usage involved with services like Amazon and Facebook.


Idea: A remote work and freelancing platform for knowledge workers. The company says it’s growing at a rate of more than 3,000 new teams joining monthly, with over 5,000 new companies joining quarterly.


A new way to organize and share knowledge across the world, connecting people who have similar interests and experiences.


A productivity tool that helps you organize the ever-growing amount of content you create. The startup builds a “knowledge base” of all your content in an easy-to-use interface.


The concept is a “dynamic price guide” that helps consumers decide on the best price for a product. It’s a knowledge base of price comparison numbers and historical data to help users decide which store has the best price.


Idea: A company building zero-knowledge privacy VPN/proxy for web browsing Everyone from individuals to companies can use it to access the Internet privately and securely


Idea: A startup for corporate knowledge. The startup wants to help companies brand and market their internal expertise.


A software company that provides a tool for creating a knowledge base for customer service, with an AI chatbot that helps you solve customer problems.