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by @levelsio

Kitchen Startup Ideas

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 A startup that turns unused kitchen appliances into bitcoin mining rigs


The startup is building an ecosystem of connected devices that’s meant to make the kitchen smarter. It’s a modular system, with sensors such as a thermometer and a oven that work together to track food and cook times.


A SaaS-based solution meant to help restaurants manage their “digital kitchen”.


A hardware company building a connected kitchen to help manage and measure food preparation.


Bringing good food to your kitchen and your home.


Food delivery for restaurant kitchens — the company provides a central platform for kitchens to manage orders, and payment is handled via a proprietary service that only the restaurants can use


A company that sells cool kitchen tops and pours that promote healthy eating habits


A kitchen system called the “KitchenPod” that’s meant to let you cook, then take the result home for later. The kitchen has a base unit, and a separate pod that connects to a smartphone. The fridge is connected to the base unit via Bluetooth, so it can track things like what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating. When the pod is connected to the base unit, it can track the fridge’s temperature, as well as how much food it’s holding.


A business that will help people make the most out of their kitchen’s free-form surfaces, like cutting boards and cutting boards with built-in shelves.


This app for restaurant managers lets them manage their restaurant’s food costs. The app is designed for restaurants with a large number of employees and several kitchens, and helps them track costs and improve efficiency.


A startup that wants to help small businesses make use of the time they spend in the kitchen. It’s a way of connecting people with other people who cook at the same level as them, and a way to help them learn from each other.


A way to help fast food restaurants manage the waste they produce in their kitchens and on their premises. For every burger they’re able to cut, the startup is able to feed a human in need.


A startup that offers data-driven insights into the performance of a restaurant’s kitchen team.


A way for people who need to move into a new apartment to take a photo of their living room or kitchen and quickly see a comprehensive price list of what it would cost to remodel it. The startup says it’s profitable and has a $150,000 monthly revenue run rate.


A company that builds and maintains a digital kitchen and dining guide (think a Yelp-style app for food).


A startup that wants to build a digital kitchen, with a programmable fridge, a robot, and a system for collecting and processing your data.


A company that sells kitchen equipment and supplies with a mobile app.


A startup that provides on-demand access to a local barista. The concept is similar to Uber Eats, except these “district kitchens” are meant to be in neighborhoods that don’t have their own cafes. The service is currently only available in one city, but plans to expand to others in the near future.


A tiny kitchen appliance that can make up to 50 different types of foods.


A restaurant that allows customers to order food on their phones. The app is meant to be a more human interface to the kitchen and to reduce wait times at the restaurant.


A web and mobile app for restaurants, allowing them to manage their kitchen operations from anywhere in the world. The startup also works with the restaurant delivery companies Postmates and DoorDash.


A startup that helps people get the most out of the 1.5 million items they have stored in their kitchen and pantry with a web-based software that allows them to create shopping lists, organize items, and track purchases. They’re also developing a separate mobile app.


A digital platform for automated room service ordering in hotels. Users can order from a menu of the hotel’s dishes, and the order is sent to the kitchen directly. The startup is working with a dozen hotels in India.


 This is a tool that helps restaurants make better use of their kitchen space. The startup’s product is a kitchen hand-held scanner that helps chefs size up customers to decide what to cook based on their food orders.


A company building a $10,000 smart kitchen device that can track and measure food production, helping people get to know the nutritional value of their food, and making it easier to cook healthier food.


Idea: Put a camera in the kitchen and tell the world about what you make


A product that combines a “digital kitchen scale” with a connected kitchen appliance. The goal is to make cooking more precise; for instance, you can measure the exact amount of rice you’re using.


A startup that helps companies provide food delivery to their employees. The startup is working with companies such as California Pizza Kitchen, Denny's, and Pei Wei to bring in revenue. The startup screens customers for a monthly membership fee of around $10 and works on a monthly basis. The startup says they have over 5,000 active customers, with over $2 million in monthly revenue.


A platform for meal-kit delivery designed to eliminate the “kitchen limbo” where people lose track of how much is left in the fridge and need to go buy more. It streamlines the process of sending the meal components to the client, then doing the cooking for the client and keeping track of when it needs to be delivered.


This startup asks the question: “What if you could make your kitchen more efficient” If you want to save money on electricity, the company says, you could make your kitchen more efficient, cut down on your food waste, save time, and eat healthier.


A startup that lets you run a kitchen and bar business on the side or full time, or just help out in a friend’s kitchen for a night.


The startup makes a product called "The Chef's Helper," which it says is a "lean efficiency platform" for kitchen operations.


Idea: A simple way for people to pre-order food online from local restaurants, picking up their food without waiting in a line or ordering into a kitchen. Customers place an order on the website, and then the startup calls the restaurant to confirm. The startup says it’s grown 10% week-over-week for the last year.


Idea: A startup that helps restaurants in India optimize their kitchen workflow, and take advantage of technology like smart fridges and credit card processing.


Idea: A startup that makes smart home devices. One of its products, a WiFi-connected laser for the kitchen called Clipi, automatically adds a plant-based seasoning to food as it cooks.


Idea: A maker of a line of smart kitchen products which includes a smart juicer, a smart steamer, and a smart knife sharpener.