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Kind Startup Ideas

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A company that helps people figure out what kind of insurance they need, and then helps them find the best and cheapest way to get it. The startup says they’ve already gotten good feedback from people who have used their site.


A startup that’s building a new kind of shopping cart that lets buyers seamlessly buy products at multiple sites without leaving the online store.


A tool that simplifies the process of turning a Kindle book into an audiobook.


The founders of this startup are trying to create a new kind of credit card that can be used across multiple merchants, instead of different cards for different merchants.


A startup that helps you learn to code by making you build a simple tool that you eventually turn into a real product. The startup’s co-founder saw a need for the same kind of bootcamps in the area, and created the site to fill it.


A startup that is creating a platform that allows companies to offer new employees a new kind of stock.


If you’re the kind of person who really doesn’t like to waste money, this startup is for you. The company is building a tool to keep track of your spending and show you where to use your money more wisely.


A startup that provides a gamified platform to help businesses understand and improve products and services to their customers. The startup sees itself as a kind of “Twilio for data”.


A startup that helps retailers “find the right kind of people to hire” for their stores. The startup is also building out a talent platform for retailers using job data from LinkedIn to help them find the right people to hire.


A new kind of pairing app that allows you to chat with potential partners and find out if they have mutual friends.


A company that wants to offer a “new kind of personal relationship” by getting people to know each other on a deeper level and then do things together.


Starting as a maker of carbonated drinks with the tagline “For those who don’t have air,” this startup is building a new kind of Citrus Cloud, which will use the sun as a source of carbon dioxide to allow plants to grow in areas without electricity.


An online marketplace for quirky, unique, and one-of-a-kind items.


 A “kind of Tinder for hiring”, matching people who want to work together and those who might not be a good fit with each other. Its goal is to help employers find and hire better talent, while helping job seekers find the perfect fit.


A startup building a custom-ordered, all-white, one-of-a-kind private jet.


A startup that helps the kinds of freelancers that build websites for clients, by getting them money upfront for their work.


A new kind of payment system that allows taxi owners to compete with Uber and Lyft. Instead of needing to call a dispatcher, riders can hail a cab in real-time and pay directly through the app.


HousingBridge is building a new kind of mortgage broker, which essentially performs mortgage origination services for large banks. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in Chicago and San Francisco.


A lightweight alternative to a Mac, PC, or laptop on which you can perform any kind of computational work


A way to track and pay for university teaching gigs in India. The company says they already have payment processing partnerships in place in India and are looking to expand to other countries. SENSEI is one of the only companies that offer this kind of service in India.


A new kind of search engine that lets users input questions in natural language.


This is a new kind of tool that lets people create and edit videos together, and helps them collaborate on what they’re doing.


A platform that allows people to create new kinds of jobs. Sift is building a “decentralized job market” with a system for workers and employers to set their own wages and terms.


A startup focused on making it easier for employers and HR professionals to manage the onboarding process. The company is building a process for hiring new employees that’s “one of the most frustrating parts of the process”. It would be used to help the company add new employees, fix the onboarding process, and help identify the right kind of jobs for the company.


A startup that is launching a new kind of retail store It allows customers to customize the fit of


A new kind of online marketplace that takes on the Amazon model, without the warehouses. Carousell is the type of site that sells things in person, like a swap meet.


"We are building a new kind of Facebook for professionals. We have a modern messaging app for professionals and a modern way for professionals to manage and share their professional content.”


This is a startup that’s building a personalized fitness plan for you based on your fitness goals, and your preferences like what music you like, which music to play, and what kind of food you like. It’s like an Uber for fitness.


A different kind of charging station for electric vehicles, focusing on the home. Rather than wirelessly charging vehicles, the startup's stations are stationary and have a separate charging port for plugging in phones and tablets.


A startup that is building a new kind of e-reader that uses a 3-D lens to let users see books as if they were 3-D movies.


MailChimp wants to build a new kind of email, one that feels like a conversation and is powered by AI.


A new kind of company that uses algorithms and machine learning to predict how well its customers will do in the future. Possible applications include helping companies set up 401k plans that are as good for their employees as they are for the company’s bottom line.


A new kind of “smart wallet” that aims to make it easier for people to use crypto. Their goal is to build a better, more secure, and more convenient wallet.


A platform for direct-to-consumer health care that allows users to share health data and receive treatment recommendations from a variety of doctors and hospitals. The company says it is the only platform of its kind and has raised $1.2 million to date.


A tool for building virtual reality experiences. The company’s tools allow you to build any kind of VR experience, from a simple 360-degree panoramic video to a full-blown VR experience.


The startup is a “first-of-its-kind” trading platform for trading the shares of small cap companies that don’t have a long history of trading.


This company, based in New York, is building a system that allows people to create and share all kinds of visual content, and then get paid for it.


 A new kind of startup that’s looking to help you find a good roommate through the internet.


 A little like Twilio and Stripe, this API makes it easier to build new kinds of voice-controlled software.


A new kind of “bank” for the unbanked, where people can create savings accounts, send and receive money, and borrow short-term from peers.


A platform for businesses to manage their HR — hiring, payroll, training, and more — from the cloud. The company’s pitch is that the platform can be used by all kinds of businesses, not just HR departments.


A new kind of payments solution that’s an alternative to a bank account.


A company that is building a new kind of search engine that helps you find the best vendors in a given local market. It’s part of the idea that government services should be made more efficient and easy to use.


A project management app for iOS. Per the startup, it’s a “new kind of project management app,” and they see it as a “platform for bringing order to the chaos of distributed teams.”


A new kind of recruiting site that’s much more personalized. It’s designed to be a social recruiting platform, but with a focus on “the right person for the right job”.


A startup that creates a new kind of smart home audio experience Their idea is to create a “high quality, yet affordable, audio experience”


A new kind of social network for content creators. The startup is building a way to help content creators share their work via messaging, voice and video, and wants to compete with platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.


This startup is building a new kind of network for startups, one that allows them to share their financial data, such as their expenses, with other investors. In the past six months, the startup has raised $3 million from investors.


They are building a website for buying and selling used cars in the US that allows users to create and manage a car listing. They also have an app for users to find cars for sale (which they claim would be the first app of its kind to gain Apple approval.)


A new kind of “under-the-radar” startup that creates and maintains “micro-cities” for renters, like Uber for apartment complexes.


A startup that’s trying to build a new kind of HR software that can help replace the old-school HR role. It is hiring in the US


A startup that builds a new kind of chair, with the goal of being the first chair in the world to help with back pain and to be completely customizable.


A tool to help users plan their day and manage their tasks. The startup wants to be a productivity tool that lets users do all kinds of things: get work done, learn new things, organize and schedule tasks, and create time blocks.


A startup that wants to help people get the right kind of insurance in the right kind of policy.


The startup wants to build a kind of digital scrapbook for co-pilots, allowing them to share photos and stories from their flights.


A startup that is creating a new kind of shirt to wear in the office.


The startup is trying to build a kind of big data database that can be used by the financial services industry to make better business and investment decisions.


A new kind of language machine for natural language processing.


A new kind of restaurant reservation platform that works across telephone, mobile, and web. The company says it’s building a “digital concierge” that can quickly answer questions on the fly and will be available in 6 languages.


A tool for creating collaborative music. The startup wants to provide a new kind of music making experience.


A new kind of search engine that uses AI to give answers to questions. It also works with an app on your phone to let you get answers without having to search for them.


A startup that helps companies that make physical products of any kind manage their manufacturing with a single platform.


This startup is building a “digital studio” that lets people build sites for “any kind of product or service”.


With this startup, you can get a custom, one-of-a-kind shirt, crewneck sweater, or a onesie with your favorite movie character’s face on it. They want to build a brand for fans of a particular movie or TV show to wear with pride.


A new kind of soy sauce, made from low-GMO soybeans, fermented with vinegar and sea salt.


A social network that will help you decide what kind of person you are.


A company that makes small, affordable homes from shipping containers. The company has built “a new kind of modular home that can be made in as little as one week, on site”. The first models are coming out in October.


A company that plans to create a new kind of payments system that is more secure, transparent, and consistent across the globe. It aims to be a way for the entire world to transact in cash.


A startup that enables customers to pre-order any kind of product and get it shipped to their house in just 3 days. It’s currently been used to pre-order 500 products.


A startup that helps people collect money and other in-kind donations in emergency situations


People who want to sell their old furniture can list it on the site, which acts as a kind of garage sale, then buy it for a dollar.


A mobile app that helps you navigate the different kinds of services and products a medical professional can provide.


A new kind of Airbnb for flower deliveries. The company hopes to have 10,000 commercial partners by the end of the year.


A company that is creating a new kind of wireless charger, which takes the form of a lamp with a cable that plugs into the wall and then into the charging device. The lamp can then charge multiple devices at the same time, and with the lights off the lamp can also act as a nightstand.


A new kind of machine learning service for businesses.


A new kind of digital wallet that helps people plan and track their finances, manage their spending, and get support from their bank. The startup wants to be a “one-stop shop for financial services” that includes a portfolio, banking, investing, and insurance.


A web app that helps teachers organize their lessons, then share them with colleagues. The startup’s founders are veterans of the education sector and the product is meant to serve as a kind of “Google Docs for teachers.”


A new kind of platform for recruiters and job-seekers. The company is aiming to automate much of the recruiting process, and is reaching out to companies to see if they can help them build out their product.


A startup that’s building a new kind of ad network for digital publishers. The startup aims to make publishers’ ad businesses more valuable by integrating their ad products with their own.


 A live-streaming app for the same kinds of things that Livestream does, except for video and the focus is on live events such as concerts and conferences.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to monitor your health and give you a counseling session with a live doctor over the phone. The goal is to make the call center a “one-stop-shop” for any kind of health issues.


 A new kind of e-banking system for Latin America, which is designed to improve the experience of active bank customers. The company plans to launch in Brazil in the next few months and expand thereafter.


Tribute functions as a shared custody platform for various family members, allowing them to track spending and keep track of things like medical records. The startup is currently only focused on family members, but is looking to expand to other kinds of multi-family sharing.


A tool to help businesses use AI to determine what kind of content to produce and to improve their marketing campaigns.


 The company with the combined vision of Google, Facebook, and Uber: A new kind of messaging platform that allows you to send and receive a message with a set of actions. An example: You can send a message to a friend and then order them a pizza, with the message automatically being routed through the app and then to the pizza chain.


A group of friends who are building a kind of alternative to LinkedIn, with more emphasis on connections and less emphasis on the algorithm.


A company that’s looking to change the hiring process for startups. The company says it’s the only one of its kind, and so far it has helped hire 100 startups, including Craftsy and Instacart.


A company focused on building a “universal” drone that can be built for any kind of use, from anything from agriculture to photography to filmmaking.


A company that helps brands communicate with their customers in a more personal way. The startup wants to make a “human social media network” that works in a more organic way, where you can reach people with specific interests without the need for any kind of targeting.


A startup that lets people ask Uber to have their drivers arrive at all kinds of remote locations, including airports, stadiums, and parks.


A startup that uses AI to help companies better understand how their employees are spending their time and what kinds of activities they want to do.


A new kind of social network for people who are interested in sharing their cat videos or pictures on Instagram.


A new kind of digital currency for the healthcare industry. It’s aimed at allowing treatment plans to be set up for a patient, which can be adjusted at a later date based on their progress.


A B2B company that helps companies create online training programs that are adaptive to different kinds of learners.


This company wants to develop a new kind of soft robotics. They’re building robotic arms that are more flexible, and move more naturally, than most robotic arms on the market.


A new way of paying artists, based on a kind of marketplace model. The major difference is that the company doesn’t take any commission from the artists. The startup instead takes a 30% cut as a fee for the use of the platform.


A new kind of grocery store that takes advantage of the fact that many people can’t shop alone. The concept is that it’s one person browsing the store while the other is cooking.


A tool for managing your business and your health. It’s a kind of personal doctor for your employees that can give access to medical records.


A platform that connects renters to landlords with filters for what kind of roommates they want.


An enterprise social network and HR software company in the Philippines. The startup hopes to help small and medium businesses get access to the kind of services large corporations have.


This startup wants to use the power of social media to help health care professionals treat depression. It’s a new kind of “social medicine”, using social media and technology to treat depression in a way that is more human and empathetic.


A new kind of credit card that people use to pay for things, rather than just for rewards. FollowMyMoney is a full-service card, which includes a payment platform. It’s not a Visa card, but it’s meant to offer the same type of flexibility and rewards.


A “new kind of community management” for restaurants.


This startup helps to deliver a new kind of photo book with a digital book that can be sold or shared online. It’s a premium service that costs $600 for a year.


A tool for those who are on the fence about leaving their job to go on the job market, with tools to help them prepare for interviews, work on their resume, and define the kind of job they’re looking for. They are approaching companies and are set to launch the beta version of the product in the summer.


The startup aims to build a new kind of “smart” light bulb that’s dimmable and can be controlled by voice.


A new company that wants to provide an API for integrations between all kinds of smart home devices.


A startup that lets you ship almost anything to almost anyone in under one day. It’s kind of like Postmates but it’s for people who are buying in bulk.


A new kind of bitcoin exchange, where people can buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, and ether with a bank account.


The idea is that this is a kind of online “buddy system” that helps people get out of the house and out into the real world. The startup has an event calendar and a forum for users to share what they’re up to.


A new kind of social network, partially on the blockchain, for people who want to earn crypto by posting, commenting, and linking to articles on forums, blogs, and other websites.


This is a startup that wants to make a “real-time” a marketplace for a new kind of “tattoo”. It’s a new kind of tattoo that is temporary and means you don’t have to get a tattoo artist’s permission to use it.


This startup is building a new generation of web browsers, called “containers”, that work like operating systems. Containers are like virtual machines (VM) in that they run programs inside them, but they’re a lot more flexible. You can build a container that can run a Ruby or a Python, for example, and you can run a container that runs a ton of different kinds of programs. Containers can also be used to run a group of VMs, and VMs can run each other, too. The tech is still in its early days, but it’s a promising tech that’s been used to run the Linux operating system.


A new kind of online marketplace for buying and selling used cars. Instead of going to a dealer, it's a platform where people can bid on cars and sellers can list them on the site.


A startup that wants to let you determine what kind of car you want without having to go to a dealer. Given a list of cars, you can split them up into different categories. You can then go to a dealer and pick the one that suits you best.


Idea: A new kind of smart home thermostat


Idea: A new kind of digital bank for the unbanked that doesn’t require a smartphone or a bank account


Idea: A business that provides an experience platform for making and organizing all kinds of lifestyle plans Co-founder Dan is the former head of product at Maker’s Market, the private label division at Walmart


Idea: A personalized shopping service that helps users find the perfect gifts for their friends and family. Users share the kinds of experiences and activities they like, and the company finds things they’ll like.


Idea: A tool for creating animated characters that can be used for chatbots and other kinds of interfaces, ranging from mobile apps to web apps.


Idea: A way to track your spending against your income, which is kind of like a spending tracker but more sophisticated.


Idea: A B2B startup making a new kind of AI for managing oil wells. They say their AI’s can help reduce costs, make oil wells more efficient, and reduce environmental impact.


Idea: Improving the quality of a person’s handwriting by training them to write on a special kind of paper. The startup says they can help 80% of all adults improve their handwriting.


Idea: A new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded. The company calls itself “a new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded.” Users can watch videos to hear the story behind the product, or if they want, can touch the screen and hear the video narrated by a voiceover.


A new kind of digital agency that uses a variety of tools to help startups build products.


A company that builds a new kind of anti-fraud technology, through the use of machine learning.


A startup that helps people find the right kind of therapy to help them overcome their problems A startup that helps people find the right kind of therapy to help them overcome their problems


A startup that creates and distributes a special kind of credit card that people can use to pay all of their bills online