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Keeping Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to help the elderly live as independently as possible by monitoring their habits and keeping track of how they feel.


A productivity tool for managing your to-do list and keeping track of your tasks.


Idea: A startup for tracking and keeping tabs on the cost of a medical procedure. The idea is to allow patients to shop around for prices, and also to provide a level of transparency that many hospitals don’t have.


A mobile app that helps business reduce expenses by keeping track of how much they spend on things like office supplies, bank fees, and marketing.


A SaaS service that helps small businesses and churches manage their finances and bookkeeping and other accounting tasks.


A platform for keeping an eye on police in your neighborhood. The technology does not yet exist, but the startup is looking to build it and get it to market.


A platform that allows individuals or companies to post jobs and have them filled by people looking to move, with the goal of keeping unemployment rates low.


A startup that provides a platform where you can hire someone to help you with your small business (such as bookkeeping)


A B2B software platform for managing the bookkeeping and accounting of a company, which takes the place of a bookkeeper.


A free and anonymous account of all of your medical bills, keeping you from falling behind on payments and giving you peace of mind.


A startup that helps people find and hire people for jobs that are not traditional office jobs, like bartending, dog-walking, or light house-keeping.


A company that helps companies create software that allows them to sell more online while keeping their costs down.


A program to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with their bookkeeping.


A tool to help employees track, prioritize, and keep track of their progress at work, and track their performance with a visual dashboard. The startup aims to “help make the invisible visible” by keeping track of what employees are doing, who they are doing it for, and how they are doing it.


A startup that wants to build a “green” power plant designed to burn trash. They want to build sustainable power plants, using waste as fuel, and keeping energy costs low.


This startup is building a company to help local businesses in the UK with their bookkeeping and accounting needs.


A company that makes a system for keeping track of the things that need to be taken care of while you’re on vacation


A tool for keeping track of and improving the quality of speaker trainings and events.


A startup that helps businesses become more efficient by keeping track of what they spend money on in terms of time and labor.


A company that helps stores manage their supply chain, keeping them from wasting money and time on inventory.


A platform that helps people hire a cleaning and housekeeping service on Demand. The startup also plans to launch an app for people to list their housekeeping services.


A mobile app that lets people track their health and wellness, with the goal of keeping people engaged with health care.


A business model and platform that allows you to focus on what you want to do, rather than worry about some of the more tedious processes like accounting, HR, bookkeeping, and planning.


A bookkeeping startup in Argentina that helps small businesses and freelancers track their finances.


One of the most important parts of the mission is to create a platform that allows workers to generate a living wage while keeping them connected to their friends and family.


Home services for seniors, such as home cleaning, housekeeping and grocery shopping.


Build a tool for keeping track of real estate deals.


A digital platform for keeping track of the money people spend across their different accounts. Users can pull transactions from all their accounts into a single place and then segment spending by categories.


A B2B startup that helps freelancers with accounting to make sure they’re keeping track of their revenues and expenses.


A startup for keeping track of your credit cards and bank accounts, with the goal of making it “as easy as possible for millennials to deal with money”.


is a platform for selling used textbooks and keeping college students accountable for their books.


A full service accounting solution for small businesses, including invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting. It’s also a software as a service (SaaS) offering.


A company that enables online stores to have a “dashboard” for viewing deals and keeping track of their inventory.


A company that provides a way for people with small businesses to run bookkeeping software online.


A platform for small businesses to manage their bookkeeping, invoicing, accounting and payroll. The startup, which was founded in 2017, has a mobile app that lets users pay their bills, check their accounts and get invoices.


This startup wants to solve the problem of keeping track of customers’ payments for businesses and helps them with a phone app and a digital solution that they claim are more accurate and cheaper.


Idea: Removing the need for server administration while keeping


Idea: A webapp for keeping track of your fast-moving startup


Idea: A mobile app for keeping laundry and dry cleaning on schedule and paying bills


Idea: A startup that is building tools for small businesses to help them manage their entire operations, including keeping on top of all their vendors and sales


Idea: A business that helps with the management side of commercial cleaning services, helping people set up contracts and take care of bookkeeping Has just closed an $80,000 round


Idea: An automated platform that helps small businesses manage their finances and bookkeeping. The company is looking to help businesses reduce time spent on administrative tasks while automating a lot of the accounting side of things.


A startup that helps companies manage their books and finances, including keeping track of revenue, expenses, cash flow, and company financials.