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by @levelsio

Iphone Startup Ideas

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A new company, made possible with the launch of the new iPhone X, is developing a smartphone that looks like a watch and can be used to take selfies.


Makes your iPhone photos look better. The startup takes a lot of photos and fixes them up, including helping with color.


A startup that lets you scan a barcode and get a quote for repairs on your iPhone or watch in the UK.


A way to ‘hack’ the iPhone to allow custom functions. The startup tells us it sells to one customer, a company that makes custom apps for the iPhone.


 A company building a weather app for iPhone that tells you what’s coming up next in your area.


A social network for the deaf, modeled after its popular iPhone app. The company has expanded its offerings to include audio versions of the app for the deaf and hard of hearing.


An iPhone app that helps people find and reserve concert tickets


A company that wants to sell you a phone case that not only protects your iPhone, but also allows you to charge it.


A platform that will allow you to make adjustments to your iPhone or iPad without having to open it up. The startup is focused on making it easier for people to tweak their iOS devices.


A iOS app that uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to help you figure out how far you have to walk to complete a given task.


A platform that enables users to buy and sell their unused iPhone parts.


The startup’s app, which is currently in beta, allows people to buy and sell used electronics by clicking between old iPhones and iPads. People can even keep track of the item’s age and condition which allows them to make smart purchases.


A startup that’s building an online platform for people who want to build and sell their own custom iPhone cases. The startup’s founders say that about 1% of the cases sold in the US are custom-made, and a handful of startups have tried to build their own platform for selling such cases, without much success.


In this article, Rob writes about the startup’s plan to make a video service that lets you edit and share video from an iPhone through a web browser. A few months later, the startup pivots to focus on video editing and distribution.


A new company that wants to help people in need, particularly those who can't afford to buy an iPhone. The founders say that for a typical customer, "you'd have to work about 30 years to pay off a plan that costs $350."


An iPhone-based app for tracking your health and habits, along with the data from your FitBit. The app averages out your personal data and presents a picture of how healthy you are overall.


A weather app that shows the color-coded forecast for the next 2, 3, or 4 days for your city, added to your iPhone’s weather app. This startup is in the space currently, but differs in that it recently launched as a standalone iOS app.


An iPhone app that makes it easier to share data between devices.


A startup that lets you sync your Microsoft Outlook calendar to your iPhone.


A startup for digital goods, taking a page out of the Apple model of selling new iPhone apps on the day of release. The startup is selling digital goods like digital photographs and videos that have already been processed.


A startup building a platform that allows developers to build apps that work on a variety of different devices, such as an iPhone, a Samsung, or a Motorola.


The idea is to build a service that enables you to trade your Apple Watch and iPhone data with other people. The company wants to build a directory of sellers and buyers of Apple Watch and iPhone data.


A startup trying to help iPhone users make in-store purchases without waiting in line


A tool to automatically and accurately edit videos from your iPhone, so that you don’t have to use the stock iOS app


A platform for building apps for the iPhone that doesn’t require any coding experience.


A startup that can help you set up multiplayer games with friends for the iPhone.


A mobile loyalty program on the city’s streetcars. Citymapper has a small but active mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that is a map of the subway and bus system in London. The company is also building a loyalty program that rewards users for using it.


This startup is building a service that turns your iPhone into a platform for helping you find a doctor or emergency room. You’ll be able to call any medical professional or hospital directly from your iPhone, and they’ll provide you with directions and a diagnosis.


LogMeIn is an online business continuity and disaster recovery tool used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. Users can access their computers and data in times of trouble, and moreover, take advantage of its free iPhone/Android apps for remote access and file sharing.


An augmented reality platform that allows users to create and share 3D scenes and experiences, including through the iPhone’s camera.


An iPhone app that helps users minimize personal data collection on Facebook.


A company that helps people keep track of their health, fitness, and medical records by offering a scheduling and appointment system within the iPhone app. It’s been available since March but has only recently started gaining traction.


A startup that aggregates and delivers news and information to users on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company is also building a “beacon” for iOS users to receive notification of deals at nearby retailers, using a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to track users’ location and then send notifications for deals on nearby merchants. The startup is also in the process of building a deal site for Android users.


A platform that helps people manage their money across investments. It’s a way for people to track their investments with an iPhone app that syncs with a web dashboard.


A digital representation of a physical card game for the internet, replacing the physical card deck with a virtual one. The startup’s founder says they’re close to the top 500 in the iPhone app store. They have a few hundred users.


A company that helps developers build apps for the iPhone. The startup already has 7 clients, including the Obama campaign, and plans to go public in the first quarter of 2020.


An API for unlocking and using Google Fit on iPhone.


A spin-off from the team behind The Daily, a news app for the iPhone and iPad


A startup that wants to move from the “iPhone to the iPhone”. Instead of building apps for the iPhone itself, they’re building specialized apps for all of the things you can do with an iPhone. For example, they recently launched an app that lets you control your Nest thermostat with your iPhone and use it as a webcam.


A startup that builds 3D printers that can build custom iPhone cases.


A startup that allows users to make drawings on their iPhone that are automatically converted into a 3D model.


A startup that sells iPhone cases that are super protective (IE has a military grade case and is tested to withstand drops of 6 feet)