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by @levelsio

Iot Startup Ideas

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A protocol for sending commands to IoT devices that are out of reach or don’t have Wi-Fi.


An IoT service that helps hospitals track and monitor patient care across different departments.


A platform that allows people to monitor and control their home environment. Their central product is an IoT hub that collects data from things like lights, thermostat, and leak detectors, then sends it to a smartphone app.


An IoT startup that uses sensors and algorithms to predict when a vehicle is getting a flat tire, and then alerts the driver.


A sustainability project that uses IoT sensors to monitor the environment. There are over 1 billion sensors in use today, but they’re not being used to their full potential.


A SaaS platform that helps IT teams automatically create a repeatable, secure, and reliable infrastructure for IoT/edge devices.


A system for monitoring and controlling IoT devices.


A startup that uses an IoT platform to automatically manage the delivery of goods in the same way that Amazon and Uber do. Founded in early 2019, they’re currently in talks with logistics companies in the US, Canada and Mexico.


A startup focusing on the hardware side of the IoT ecosystem, building a “smart battery” for things like refrigerators and air conditioners.


Caringo is a startup that is building a new category of Internet of Things (IoT) device – a SaaS platform that lets you create a device of your own with a few simple clicks, and then deploy it into the world as a service.


A software company that helps IoT devices connect to the internet. The company initially grew out of a maker of the exact same products with a smaller market, and it wants to grow into the larger IoT market.


A software/hardware company that builds AI-powered IoT devices like TVs and speakers.


A startup that is building a software-defined radio for IoT, allowing devices to connect directly to the internet. It’s a layer of software that sits between the radio chip manufacturer and the end user.


One of the leaders in the IoT market, Flow creates a large range of connected devices for homes and businesses that automate things like lighting and security.


A distributed blockchain that can accommodate the 100,000 transactions per second that will be needed for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


A tool that helps people learn to code using IoT data and cloud computing.


A tool for medical product development, aimed at pharma companies and biotech startups.


A startup helping developers build apps that integrate with physical devices via a new way of connecting to IoT sensors via a smartphone.


Builds on the Chariot ride-hailing app for major cities in North America. The company says it’s adding more and more supply every day.


The company’s founders speak of a future where the internet of things (IoT) and the internet of everything (IoE) converge, allowing users to control the devices in their homes directly from their phones.


A workplace collaboration tool that seems to be built to compete with Slack, while building on the instant-messaging functionality of Riot.


A “smart” speaker that works like a smart home appliance, but which can also control your smart home appliances (like your lights and thermostat). It can work with a variety of IoT devices, and the founders say it will be in the market in the next 12 months.


Idea: A web-based Hub for all your IoT devices


Idea: Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management