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Investing Startup Ideas

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A women’s networking app that connects women interested in entrepreneurship and investing to other like-minded women.


A startup to help people manage their finances, including budgeting, investing, and insurance.


A startup that provides tools, courses, and certifications to help people get into real estate investing


A business that will help people sell their junk cars, investing in the process. The company takes a cut of the sale, and will also buy back the car from the owner so they can donate it to a charity.


Provides an SaaS platform for financing and investing. The company is currently targeting small business owners in the US.


Part of a $100 million venture fund that’s investing in food technology startups, including a company that’s building a delivery service for food, and another that’s building a delivery network for food.


A platform for sharing and learning on cryptocurrencies. The company want to educate people in “the basics” of blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, and investing.


We have been taught that investing is for the financially sophisticated. But SICAV’s goal is to make it simpler, more transparent and more accessible to people everywhere.


In the summer of 2016, Y Combinator opened a office in London to focus on Europe. The office is headed by Laura Simpson, who previously worked at eBay, and has joined the Y Combinator London team. Y Combinator London is focused on advising and investing in European startups and is led by Stephen O’Grady, who previously worked at Twitter, Google, and Yahoo.


A team of PhD students and professors are building a system to allow “mostly science-based” investors to bet on the stock market with a goal of making it accessible to those who are currently excluded from investing.


The startup stems from the idea that a lot of people who have billions of dollars in reserve don’t invest it, and Aorta wants to be a place where anyone can start investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks seamlessly.


A “social” investing platform that connects pro-investors with the best opportunities for them to put their money to work.


A startup that is building out a system to help people invest in both the stock market and their own homes, with a goal of making investing affordable for everyone.


A startup that combines real estate investment with hotel management, with the goal of investing in hotels that aren’t doing well.


A startup that used to be about doing silly things and now is about investing.


A new kind of digital wallet that helps people plan and track their finances, manage their spending, and get support from their bank. The startup wants to be a “one-stop shop for financial services” that includes a portfolio, banking, investing, and insurance.


An AI-driven investing app that uses algorithms to invest across stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.


This startup has two co-founders, and they describe themselves as “…the first and only platform that helps [you] create and learn from inspiring and engaging content about personal finance, investing, and life.”


Seed funding for a free online course on investing in Chinese stock markets and investing in Chinese businesses.


A start-up focused on making it easier for individuals to invest in real estate. It wants to take away the complexity of investing in real estate and building an investment portfolio.


A startup that wants to help you manage your money by automating your investing and investing in index funds.


A way for anyone who wants to get into real estate investing to get started. In order to get started, you get a monthly subscription of $1,000 worth of Real Estate Investing services from a network of experts.


One of the largest investment firms in the US, Union Square Ventures, has been investing in a number of consumer tech startups. They’re focused on building services that make it easier to sell and manage products through the internet, and they’re actively looking for seed stage opportunities.


A VC-investing platform that focuses on using AI and machine-learning to identify companies with potential.


A digital app that helps people plan their finances for retirement, with features like automatic savings and investing.


A company that helps people get on the path to financial independence by saving money, cutting costs, and investing. It plans to disrupt the current financial planning industry by offering services at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial planning.


A tool to help companies raise money at lower costs. It’s a tool for venture capital firms to automate the process of investing in startups.


This startup is building a way of getting more people involved in investing. Think about it as putting a more accessible and polite version of robo-advisors front and center.


A company founded to help people save money on their electric bills by investing in solar panels.


This startup wants to make online real estate investing more accessible to millennials, with a platform that helps investors manage investments and track performance.


Idea: A new way to look at micro-investing


A digital platform for professionals who want to build their own investment portfolios. The idea is to make investing easier for the average person, and the company is working to make investing more accessible across Brazil.


Idea: Micro-investing mobile app to invest spare change


Idea: A startup for tokenizing and investing in startup equity


Idea: A startup that is building a real estate investing marketplace where individual investors can connect with each other and do deals together. The company charges a fee on each transaction, and says it is profitable.