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International Startup Ideas

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A startup that sells a personalized service for connecting international visitors with travel guides


A B2B company that helps international companies get bank account numbers and routing numbers for their offices in the US.


A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


A platform for sharing and selling reusable office supplies to businesses. The startup focuses on 8 great office supply items that are used a lot, but don’t get recycled as often as they should. They’re currently focusing on the US, but plan to expand internationally and into business software.


This startup wants to help the international diplomatic community solve some of the most pressing problems by building an online platform for them to share their expertise.


A startup that helps businesses in the UK get the cheapest rates on international shipping


Work-at-home tech support for small businesses. The startup is based in the Bay Area and recently raised $3 million to expand internationally.


A startup with a SaaS platform that helps retailers submit orders quickly and easily. The company is based in the UK but wants to grow internationally.


A startup building an app that helps companies manage their international workflows. The solution is aimed at companies that have multiple different offices around the world, be they full-time or digital nomads.


A startup for startups looking to grow internationally. It’s a more self-serve approach than other startups, but the founders believe that they can provide the best service for a given price.


A platform for businesses to use and manage their international trade finance more easily, helping them avoid the costs and delays of traditional financing.


A startup that wants to create a “Global Economic Graph” with a database that will track international trade.


A peer-to-peer money transfer service for friends, families, or businesses. The startup plans to fund the business via a $1.5 million seed round, and is building a mobile app to help its members send money internationally.


A venture for helping people find and book cheap flights on both domestic and international flights. The startup is a spin-off of co-founder and CEO Zachary Mider’s previous startup, which is also focused on domestic flights.


A platform for managing your international company’s global payroll


 A “Global Credit Network” where you can borrow money from anyone in the world — no credit checks and no collateral. The startup is building the infrastructure to make international microlending easy.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to help you build your own customized products, from custom business cards to custom furniture. The startup is building a catalog of products, and shipping internationally.


In the past year, the startup has grown to have over 500 media outlets and over 1,000 reporters and editors, covering everything from sports to politics, and local to international. They’re aiming to grow that to 10,000 members and double the number of journalists that cover the news.


A startup that helps international entrepreneurs network with each other in their city


A startup aiming to make it easier for people to do business internationally


Building a decentralized model to connect businesses across the world, with a focus on the $3 trillion international business-to-business market.


A startup that makes it easy for retailers to accept payments from third-party app integrations, with plans to expand internationally.


A cloud-based platform that aims to help users communicate in real-time. The company’s pitch is that it’s like Slack, but for international teams.


A platform to pay bills, make payments, and send money internationally. The company says it can save money for consumers and businesses by making it easier to pay bills, send money internationally and transfer funds overseas more easily.


A product meant to automate the process of selling and buying online, with an emphasis on the international market.


If a company has an international lease in place, it can often forget to update it when it moves to a different jurisdiction. This startup, which is based in San Francisco, aims to make that process easier.


This is a startup that makes hardware that makes it easier to pick up and carry your coffee without scalding yourself. The company is currently only selling to the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally, and have raised $1.3M in funding from DFJ.


The company is building a digital marketplace for people who want to buy and sell their used goods at wholesale. The company is focusing on the US but they plan to launch internationally.


An online marketplace for e-commerce merchants to sell their products and services in bulk. The startup is currently focused on the US, but has plans to expand internationally.


A hotel booking app for the Middle East, powered by a social network of travelers and a marketplace of local and international hotel partners.


A partnership between a French startup and a Chinese firm, with an eye on the international market. A company that wants to make marketing easy for small businesses.


A platform that allows landlords to manage their rental units, connecting them to homebuyers and letting agents. The pitch is that it gives landlords a new way to run their business, helping them collect rent and keep track of their properties. It’s available in the UK and Australia at the moment, although they’re looking to expand internationally.


A chatbot to help businesses grow their international footprint. The chatbot will serve as a way for businesses to quickly and easily find markets in other countries and sell there.


A cross-border remittance platform that allows people to pay for international payments in US dollars.


A startup for direct sales of international travel, with a focus on leisure travelers. The startup provides an easy way to book and pay for the flight with a credit card and splits the commission with the travel agent.


A platform for international students to find financial aid.


Fintech startup looking to capture the $1.7 trillion market for international currency exchange.


A startup that wants to take the pain out of international travel booking by creating a marketplace where travelers can find last-minute deals from local vendors.


A startup that’s trying to make it easier to manage audit and compliance processes, as well as keep up with sanctions and other international affairs.


A company that helps companies create, manage, and implement international human resource policies.


The company wants to become the Amazon of US foreign aid. It wants to help US citizens save money on international travel and give non-profits and governments more money to spend in the developing world.


The company wants to take the cost of sending parcels internationally to $0.


A payment solution for contractors and service providers. The company has a base of high-volume users in the US and is looking to expand internationally.


A bitcoin exchange for retailers and small businesses that want to accept the cryptocurrency. The startup is currently focusing on the US, with plans to expand internationally.


A digital wallet for people who need to make international transfers. The startup, which has raised $7.5 million to date, says that customers can now use their accounts to transfer funds to other countries while paying lower fees.


An online marketplace that connects companies with international vendors who want to export products to the US.


A platform that makes it easy for companies and employees to get reimbursed for food ordered online. It’s currently working with a few international companies and has a few other international partnerships in the works.


This startup is developing a $10,000 maintenance program for international trade businesses.


A French startup that wants to bring a more accessible way to access financial services to the unbanked in developing countries. The startup is building a mobile app that connects to the bank account of the unbanked, and then allows them to make international transfers and even cash out to a local currency.


Helping tech companies find the best international talent to fill tech jobs.


A platform for the $2.4 trillion international money transfer market.


A global payments company that wants to reduce the friction of international money transfers and make them easy and seamless for consumers. The startup’s product is a platform that uses “local currency bias” to make international transactions as easy as possible.


This company is looking to make booking flights easier, especially for people with frequent international travel. The startup is currently only available in the UK.


This startup is building a community for professionals in international business to meet and share best practices.


Patagonia has been in the YC program since 2010. The company sells backpacks and other outdoor gear through retail and wholesale channels in the US and internationally.


Idea: This startup is building an alternative to Paypal for international money transfers, with a focus on Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite country, India.


A mobile-first and global B2B marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in a bid to decrease the cost and time of international trade.


Idea: A startup that wants to help companies with international offices plan and coordinate business meetings


Idea: A platform for companies to manage their remote, international teams The startup’s main pitch is that its software serves as a better replacement for tools like Slack


Idea: A startup that helps people in the US save for international travel by converting their credit card rewards into cash. The startup is focusing on helping people who are about to travel abroad in the next three months.


Idea: A payment processing startup that offers a “one stop shop” for merchants to accept payments. They’re currently working with a few large online retailers and are looking to go international.


Idea: A startup that helps people who are new to a city find places to live. The startup is targeting international students, new workers and the like, and aims to partner with landlords to make a profit.