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by @levelsio

Internal Startup Ideas

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An internal platform to help manage and scale a business’s operations.


A startup that helps create and manage internal databases (“databases that used to be siloed”)


A group of employees at a company that make up a “workcommittee” that can be used to solve internal conflicts.


An internal startup within Forte to create a series of products for the company. They wanted a brand that was fun and modern, but not too distracting for customers. The new app was designed to be a reward for people who were servicing Forte’s customers.


An internal audit tool which helps companies audit data from multiple sources, and produce an audit report for each source.


A platform where a user can change the price of a product based on their own internal metrics.


A group of engineers is building a Cloud-based service that wants to help companies with internal and external security. It’s designed for companies to manage their security operations and provide a single place for customers to get in touch with their security teams.


An internal social network for employees at small businesses. They have 12 employees and a $40k monthly recurring revenue.


This startup is building a service for businesses to organize and grade their internal performance reviews.


A company that’s building a platform for group communication. It’s building a way to easily voice chat and share information with groups. It’s a product for big companies that want to communicate with internal teams, but it could also be used by small startups to communicate with teams.


A tool for companies building in-house tools for managing their internal networks.


A video-chat-like app for internal meetings, which allows for video and chats but also an internal forum where employees can write notes and comments.


A startup for companies that want to run their own video and audio conferencing system for internal meetings


A secure messaging platform for enterprises. It looks a lot like Slack, but only allows internal employees to join a company chatroom.


An affordable, internal IT service for small businesses. The startup aims to be a technology partner for small businesses, offering a package of IT services to keep employees productive and the business running.


This company is building a platform to help companies build internal tools that foster collaboration and the sharing of information.


A platform that helps companies manage warranty claims. It’s an internal tool for companies, but they’re looking to add third-party vendors to use the platform as well.


A B2B product-development platform that allows companies to utilize the capabilities of their own internal developers.


A tool for small businesses to set up their own internal and external Payoneer accounts, and use the platform to make payments, invoicing, and other tasks.


This startup aims to help companies build custom-designed tools for internal use with a simple, visual UI.


An internal recruiting software and communication solution for companies.


A startup that helps companies use their database as part of their marketing with a service that allows companies to send internal mail with customer data via a marketing platform.


A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing customer service. The startup will be using an algorithm to monitor customer service conversations, and help internal teams prioritize which issues require follow up.


A tool that helps make sharing a central focus of a workplace environment. It’s essentially an internal messaging system for companies that use Slack.


The startup is building a full-stack platform to help companies manage their own internal customer service, essentially taking the customer service team out of the sales cycle.


A tool to help guide and monitor a company’s sustainability efforts. It hooks into a company’s internal systems to track the amount of water and energy used.


A company that wants to use CRM data to build a better customer experience. So far it’s built a pilot program that serves as an internal CRM for a few hundred employees at a 100k company.


A company that helps allow companies to share data internally, while still going through a third party. It’s a bit like a P2P version of a company that helps share information between employees internally, but without the need for a third party.


Idea: A self-service toolkit that helps companies organize their internal product development process so they can more efficiently build new features and fix bugs


Idea: A software company that helps enterprises retain their most valuable employees, by providing a third-party system that handles internal communications across teams


Idea: A startup for corporate knowledge. The startup wants to help companies brand and market their internal expertise.


Idea: A software company that helps other companies build internal websites. They’re building a plug-and-play platform that they hope will become the “Salesforce for internal websites”.


Idea: A tool for helping companies and employees build their own internal chatrooms. The founder says that the product has been used by YC for the past few years, and is now being offered to other companies as well.


Idea: A startup that offers large companies access to an internal concierge to help with things like travel, food, and entertainment.


Idea: The startup is building a tool to help companies integrate their internal processes into a single workflow. The SaaS business is targeting other business software providers with a workflow platform for those who are building out B2B solutions.