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Interface Startup Ideas

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This startup is building an AI that can automate the process of composing music (in the vein of the “brain-computer” interface).


The company provides a single, unified interface for customers to access their data and resources, plus a suite of APIs that allow third-party developers to integrate their services into


A software developer that helps users build apps using a drag-and-drop interface.


A company that allows people to streamline financial transactions by providing a simple interface to pay bills.


A tool for creating custom front-end web applications with a drag-and-drop interface


A startup that allows users to create and control their own online profiles, with the ability to customize their LinkedIn and email using a drag-and-drop interface.


A cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on private investors. It uses a system of “certified wallets” with a touchscreen interface to allow investors to manage their holdings.


A visual interface for online shopping that helps users filter products by color, price, and brand.


Slack is a chat system for teams that uses a chatbot-like interface. The startup’s bot is called “Dalai,” whose goal is to make the process of building a Slack team a smooth experience.


A software company that provides an interface between manufacturers and distributors, helping them consolidate their sales and order fulfillment processes.


A startup that lets you take a selfie and choose where you want it to appear – like Facebook’s ‘Camera Effects’ – in an Instagram-like interface that’s meant to show you how you look, not what you look like. The company has raised $2 million in seed funding.


 This app helps you manage your Twitter presence by allowing you to post Tweets in bulk with an interface that helps you organize and schedule your posts.


A tool to help people navigate the world of legal marijuana through a simple, easy to use interface.


A text message-based calendar that lets you schedule events and reminders, with a calendar interface. The app is available for iOS and Android


This is a solution to help small businesses manage their tax and financial obligations. Their platform is built on Slack, helping you bill, collect, and send payments to your customers, which can be done through a simple, intuitive interface.


Building a chat interface that relays data over a secure encrypted channel, so that people can chat and share files securely, and also build a platform for developers to build their own encrypted messaging apps.


This startup is building tools to enable communication between teams and individuals across companies, using a unified interface.


The platform is building a toolkit for designers to build custom user interfaces for their mobile apps.


A startup that allows travelers to easily access and compare the prices of flights from all major airlines in a single interface.


A digital payments app for merchants in India. It aims to connect merchants with their customers via a mobile-first and friction-free interface.


A startup that lets you send money to your friends at scale, through a simple mobile interface. The startup wants to use data from users to build a better product, and it’s currently only available for iOS.


A company that claims to have created a system to automate the process of order fulfillment on web stores. The idea is to get a handle on a tangle of order-tracking tools and automate them into a single interface.


An AI-powered chatbot that will guide buyers through the home buying process, with an interface that is designed to make the experience very similar to that of a real agent. The startup believes that this will lead to a significant increase in home sales.


A "small business marketplace" that helps small businesses sell to consumers through a web and app interface.


Amazon Alexa has invaded every household in the US. The company wants to make the device even more useful, by adding a voice-controlled interface for apps.


A startup that integrates with Slack to create a team chat and calendar like interface that helps people stay on track with their goals.


 A messaging app for API providers that lets developers create a messaging interface for their apps without having to write a full chat bot.


A startup that helps people find the best deals on flights. Inspired by Tinder’s “swipe left” interface, buyer’s hunt for the best fares and sellers compete to get the most attention.


A tool that helps people manage their investments and savings, using an app and online interface.


Making customer data more actionable through simple, tangible interfaces.


A way for people to send each other money, for a fee. You can transfer $50 of money to someone without them having to come to a bank. There’s a mobile app that allows people to receive and send money, and an online interface for people to see all their transactions.


A platform that connects employees to employers and allows them to connect directly through a chat interface.


A tool that provides an interface to connect to third-party data sources, like credit cards, loyalty programs, and other apps, to produce a complete customer profile.


This startup is working on a way to help users create a chat bot in minutes through a simple, drag-and-drop interface.


A startup that lets users select a theme for their home. It’s a web-based app that lets users customize their home’s look and layout via a user-controlled interface.


A visual interface for the management of insurance policies.


A SaaS platform that allows users to manage their billing and invoices in a single interface.


A startup that helps companies build mobile bots, or programs that interface with chat apps like Slack.


A startup that helps companies control their own brand and messaging through a single interface


A new startup from Google Ventures, this is their answer to the question, “How can we build a more customer-centric experience for the customer”. They want to be the company that builds out the digital interface for the customer, and bring it to billions of customers.


This startup wants to help people manage their finances through a simple, smart, and mobile-friendly interface. It has raised $1.3 million to date.


This startup is working on a way to make it easier for people to run their own mobile apps, by allowing them to build them using a drag-and-drop interface.


An OS that uses Windows-style metaphors and a desktop-style interface to make it work like OSX, but with Windows-style applications.


A tool to help teams collaborate and create visual prototypes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


This startup is building a tool that anyone can use to build a mobile app without coding. The tool is a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to create a mobile app from scratch.


A tool to help people create easily sharable images, using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Because of the way the attention economy works, every one of your images is worth more to someone else than to you.


A Chinese startup that’s building a global marketplace for movies. The startup wants to make it easier for people to buy and sell movies, with an interface that will integrate with sites like Vimeo and YouTube.


A tool built for building mobile apps and websites that integrates with the Wordpress dashboard, allowing users to build content and manage the site from within the Wordpress interface.


A tool with a very simple interface that can help designers create landing pages, sales pages, or purchase pages. The company says they’ve already seen 40,000 clicks on their landing pages.


A software platform that allows businesses to create sales pipelines with a simple drag-and-drop interface.


A web app that brings a person’s social media accounts together into a single interface, for use with Slack or email.


The company wants to make negotiating harder than it already is by providing a simple, searchable interface for employees to search the market for best deals on everything from Amazon Prime subscriptions to a new suit.


A software company that simplifies the process of creating digital marketing campaigns for small businesses by using a drag and drop interface and AI.


A chatbot that can answer questions about social security benefits. The startup is building a chatbot that is programmed to answer questions about social security benefits, creating a conversational interface between government and citizens.


A company that helps people book appointments and make travel plans through a single interface, with an iOS app, a native app for Android, and a web-based app.


A digital library for art and music that’s built using blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized system, built on top of the Ethereum network, that tracks and stores art pieces, but also allows for them to be accessed via a web interface.


The startup is working to create an interface for the entire world’s supply chains, creating a single, centralized map that can be used to track and manage everything from production to delivery.


An API for the U.K.’s government’s Open Data platform, which is released under a Creative Commons license. It allows users to interface with the data in a variety of ways, including filtering by utility.


An AI-enabled accounting platform for the travel and hospitality industries. This startup is taking a hybrid approach, using AI to make the process more efficient, and also manually coding the interface so it’s more intuitive.


The company aims to build a digital platform for self-driving vehicles that will allow users to manage their vehicles through a mobile app using a dashboard-like interface.


A tool for selling digital products with a drag-and-drop interface, focused on ebooks and video games.


A platform to help businesses communicate with their customers through a visual interface


A new version of the popular private messaging app for Android, to be released in early 2018. It will have new features and a re-designed interface, and will allow people to purchase and download stickers and other content from the company’s partners.


This startup is building a way to build business plans with a visual interface.


A startup that will help salespeople pitch more effectively using a “Playbook”-like interface with a combination of slides, infographics, and video.


A tool that helps companies and organizations get their customer interactions and payments into a single interface. The startup wants to make it easier for companies to get paid for their customers’ transactions.


a free front-end application for Gmail that allows users to download and share their email directly to other messaging apps. The company’s aim is to provide a simpler, more intuitive interface for users to manage their email.


A platform that allows users to build their own websites with an easy to use drag and drop interface. The site automates things like social sharing and other links.


A restaurant that allows customers to order food on their phones. The app is meant to be a more human interface to the kitchen and to reduce wait times at the restaurant.


A platform providing an interface for companies to manage and monitor their products, along with building a marketplace for reselling and supporting them. They’ve raised $2.3 million.


This is a platform for building apps that can interface with your fitness tracker.


A web-based platform for organizing your life, sharing with friends and family, and managing your daily activities. Notable for its “paperless” interface, which lets you create to-do lists and share them with others.


A startup that helps companies manage retail contracts in a simple, easy-to-use interface. The startup says it’s already working with over 300 clients.


A startup that lets people buy tickets to events with a text or a web interface.


A company that provides remote workers with a way to manage time-tracking via a chat interface. The startup, which has raised $12 million to date, has raised $13 million since launching in March.


A startup that’s building a platform to let people easily build websites and web apps, using a drag and drop interface.


A platform that brings together a variety of different service providers, like lawyers, CPAs, and consultants, to provide a single interface for a company, improving their efficiencies.


A remote brain-computer interface startup, which claims to be cheaper, faster, and more accurate than existing solutions.


A modular website building platform allowing users to build their own websites quickly, in HTML or with a drag and drop interface.


This startup is building a more accessible interface for data scientists to get more out of the data they have.


Idea is an interface to create and edit content for any electronic device that is powered by iOS or Android.


A way to manage a person’s rent payments and other living expense in a single, easy to use interface.


A front-end real-time interface for log management


A software company that helps companies build a “digital warehouse” that lets them organize and access their entire warehouse from a single interface.


A chatbot that taps into the Facebook Graph API to build a more human-like conversational interface. The startup can tap into the billions of data points the Graph API has on you to provide more personal insights to its customers.


 A tool for building and editing webpages with a drag-and-drop interface. Think of it like Medium, except for building sites.


A chatbot that allows bank tellers to handle customer issues with a simple chat interface.


The company’s aim is to use the cloud to let users manage their finances, with a very intuitive interface.


A company that helps companies automate their sales process with a “human machine interface” where salespeople can interact with the sales process via chatbots.


They’re building a new app that integrates with the company’s existing software to allow users to place orders and track shipments through a unified interface. The company says they’ve already built the app and are in the process of getting it out to customers.


Food preparation with an interactive interface.


A community building platform that allows communities to create events and provide a calendar interface for their users. It’s similar to events.io in that it helps communities organize events rather than building them from scratch.


A productivity tool that helps you organize the ever-growing amount of content you create. The startup builds a “knowledge base” of all your content in an easy-to-use interface.


A company that allows users to manage their finances from a single interface, by securely storing all of their bank, credit card, and loan accounts.


A tool for businesses to create and share content using a drag-and-drop interface. It’s currently in beta for enterprise clients, and is also available as a mobile app.


The startup is building a visual interface to help people understand which businesses they’ve interacted with via email. It aims to make the process of collaborating with businesses easy and engaging.


Idea: Google Sheets interface for Google BigQuery


Idea: A smart-home security system, combining video monitoring with an interactive voice-activated interface The startup raised $150,000 in a seed round led by Innovation Endeavors in September 2018


Idea: This startup wants to build a “non-technical” interface for setting up web servers It’s building a platform that allows anyone to create a web-based service, and it’s been used to launch a website about the alt-right, among other things


Idea: Startup that has built a toolkit for turning any website into a chatbot The startup wants to take the friction out of building bots by providing a visual interface and developer tools


Idea: An open source CSS framework for building accessible, high-performance interfaces


Idea: A platform for authenticating users via the Slack application programming interface (API)


Idea: A software company that’s building a consumer-facing interface for the up-and-coming world of automated vehicles The company is meant to help people understand how to interact with driverless cars


Idea: A voice-activated “interface for the real world”, like a “JARVIS for the physical world”. The founders say it currently “works with every major cloud provider”, and that they’re looking to partner with companies that need the technology to build in-house platforms.


Idea: A startup that helps companies who sell to other companies (B2B) to create proposals, with a very simple interface that reminds you of Salesforce’s.


Idea: A music education startup that wants to provide teachers for music students in a Snapchat-like interface.


Idea: A B2B company that helps pull financial data from multiple sources and makes it available inside a CRM-style interface. The founders say they’ve already worked with a few dozen companies.


Idea: A tool for creating animated characters that can be used for chatbots and other kinds of interfaces, ranging from mobile apps to web apps.


Idea: An AI-powered email platform that integrates with Gmail, with a focus on the “personal touch”. The startup’s founder says there’s a generation of people who grew up on AOL’s chat interface and have since forgotten how to write emails (because they’ve been using chat).


Idea: A startup that has built an interface for lawyers in the US to file patents. The software has been in beta for a few months and has 20 paying customers.


A startup that allows you to transfer funds from a card (like a credit card or bank card) to a bank account using an API (application programming interface) instead of a physical card