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Interesting Startup Ideas

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A tool that helps people find specific flights, using data from travel agent websites. It’s a fairly simple concept but it will be interesting to see how they implement it as they try to become the Yelp for flights.


A startup that curates the most interesting content from around the internet for a daily digest.


A social media site for bloggers, with the goal of helping people find the most interesting content and share it with their friends.


A startup that sells a service that helps people who are visiting a new city find interesting things to do


There are also a handful of open source startups doing interesting things:


This startup is using the goodness of Twitter to build up a public database of “interesting” places to eat, with a focus on those that are “off the beaten path”.


A startup for digital games, where players can earn money for playing games. Currently in beta. What’s interesting is that they’re trying to make it legal to use virtual currencies, which is a relatively new idea.


"Idea" is a series of articles that provide a comprehensive overview of the startup scene in a given area. The goal is to highlight the most interesting and unique startups in a given city.


Ideabook is a blog that highlights the interesting startups, interesting ideas, and interesting people at Y Combinator.


A platform for managing the career of a single individual. The company’s goal is to give a platform to employers to manage the career of a single individual. The platform is particularly interesting because it would allow a company to manage the career of a single individual.


A tool that uses AI to help you find interesting stories by looking for keywords and phrases.


A tool that helps brands and agencies create social media content that’s “faster, better, and more interesting”.


A health insurance app which allows users to submit their medical claims and payment information with a couple of taps on their phone. The startup is a bit of an interesting case study for the healthcare sector. They launched in March and have over 1,000 customers already. They're profitable for the first time.


 A company that’s building a new type of social media experience. People can send videos to their friends and have friends vote on which ones they like or dislike, for AI to curate more interesting content.


A startup that posts interesting things to read in a certain category, or a tough topic like “How to be a good parent” with articles like “How to get your kid to go to bed.”


The idea is to use an app to automatically coordinate payroll across different companies. Employees get notifications when their salaries are ready, and the company takes a cut of their paycheck. It’s an interesting model that could help companies restructure their payroll.


While this is a new company, the founders’ past experience and work on other startups and products and their location in São Paulo, Brazil, makes it an interesting choice.


A video platform for TV and film that wants to help people find and learn new and interesting content and build a community around the content.


A design and development studio that says it’s “a team of designers, engineers and startups” that helps “build and manage large scale web apps”. It’s interesting to see a startup that’s taking on the very same tasks that larger companies have historically outsourced to larger consulting firms like Accenture or PwC.


A startup that makes it easier for people to discover and share interesting content by bringing together all of the different sources of content in one place.


A social network for drivers. It’s meant to help drivers find new and interesting drivers to carpool with.


The business of helping people find interesting things to buy online.


A tool that allows users to create custom animations on video to make their videos more interesting and engaging.


Idea: A startup that aims to help people learn to code through a combination of chatbots and online courses The company’s founders say they’re currently working on an AI-powered chatbot that can make coding exercises more interesting