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Interested Startup Ideas

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A startup that lists jobs for students interested in jobs during the summer


A startup that sends personalized emails to people based on their data, and the content of those emails is based on what the person is interested in.


A women’s networking app that connects women interested in entrepreneurship and investing to other like-minded women.


A startup that provides a service for people who are interested in learning how to do their own home repairs


A startup for those interested in buying and selling vintage items.


A startup that provides a service where people who are interested in buying a home can hire someone to walk through homes that are for sale to tell them if they’re a good fit


A system that helps connect people across the world who are interested in doing freelance work, such as writing, editing, and design. The startup was founded in March and is looking to raise seed funding.


An idea that would let anyone be a coder or designer for local versions of the web. Google is interested.


A startup that provides tools for people who are interested in starting their own business, but who are overwhelmed by the thought of it


The startup has developed a way to help employers manage their employee recruiting process and streamline subsequent onboarding. The platform allows organizations to put together a recruiter roster, create a template for their job description, and see who’s interested in the job.


A social network for people interested in mechanical engineering, allowing people to find jobs, learn about new developments, and get connected with engineers and designers.


The company is interested in building a new type of crowdfunding platform for businesses and non-profits.


A way for companies to increase their B2B sales, the startup wants to use a combination of machine learning to identify inbound leads and then text them to see if they’re interested in a demo.


A startup that sells a subscription service that sends someone to clean your house once a month. The startup is advertising the service on Facebook, reaching a lot of potential customers that have seen its ads and are interested in it.


A startup that helps people fill out job applications and offers more accurate insights about what they’re truly interested in.


A startup focused on getting more people onto their “right-sized” compact cars, with a focus on the East Coast. The startup is focused on targeting Millennials who are interested in driving small cars but don’t want to spend a lot of money.


Very interested to see what comes of this product - the idea is to give you a way to create a smart contract with a shipping company that automatically tracks your package from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered.


A startup that aims to make online payments seamless for millennials and other young people who are not interested in traditional banking It is now part of PayPal


The startup is a service that connects brands with people who are interested in working with them. The startup wants to create a digital marketplace for brands to find the talent to help them.


If interested, please send us an updated resume to [email protected]


This startup is building a new way to work that allows you to quickly create a virtual meeting room for your team (with audio, video, and other features) and then broadcast it to whoever is interested.


The summer school is for students interested in learning programming and fundamental knowledge in computer science, with the intent of helping them be successful in college.


A startup that aims to create a “digital neighborhood” for those interested in digital security


Predictive modeling technology that can help marketers understand where consumers are and what they’re interested in at any given time.


It’s a brand new concept in the world of advertising, using the “perks” of a travel-based credit card to show you ads you’d be interested in on a flight.


 A community of and for people who don’t like to login to the internet. A social networking site for users who are interested in meeting up offline.


The startup wants to make it easier for investors to invest in early stage companies. It wants to make it easier for angel investors to back startups and give them information about startups they’re interested in. The startup wants to put money into startups in a way that’s similar to how a hedge fund would, but also make it possible for retail investors to put money into startups like they would an IPO.


A platform that lets people make their own videos using their voice, and works with a library of stock images and sound effects. The app is for anyone interested in making their own video clips without knowing how to edit video.


A platform for homeowners looking to sell their homes, allowing them to easily list their properties for sale and hire a virtual agent to show the property to interested buyers.


A new kind of social network for people who are interested in sharing their cat videos or pictures on Instagram.


A social network that connects people based on an interest in getting involved in local community events. For instance, if you’re interested in helping to organize a neighborhood watch program, you can connect with people in your neighborhood who are interested in getting involved.


A network of women who are interested in trading services/products online for fun, personal, or professional use.


A startup that pays people to do research on topics they are interested in which is then written up into a paper and sold to students


Working to develop a new personal finance platform that helps users manage their money by providing ‘simple tools and features that save time and money.’ Beyond personal finance, the startup is also interested in the wellness and fitness markets, and wants to provide a platform for people to track their health and nutrition.


Idea: This is a social media app that helps users monetize their personal stories and connect with brands interested in learning more about their experiences


A startup that sells a toolbox for people who are interested in learning more about business planning


A startup that provides an app for finding people who are interested in being a part of a mastermind group


A startup that provides a service where people can find a real estate agent who is interested in the buying/selling of a home in a certain price range


A startup that provides a service where you can post your resume and will be contacted by recruiters who are interested in you


Idea: A startup for insurance companies to sell risk to interested buyers, like hedge funds The startup offers a way for insurers to get better at evaluating risk, and a way for hedge funds to get better at buying risk


Idea: A business that helps companies build and manage lists of users who are interested in a particular product The company has a subscription model, and its largest customer is in the pharmaceutical industry


A startup that connects people interested in buying or selling a home with people who want to buy or sell a home