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by @levelsio

Integrated Startup Ideas

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A company that offers an integrated service that helps businesses manage their HR, sales, and marketing in one place; they don’t say exactly how they do it.


A fintech startup that is building a platform that will let users import financial data from different platforms and create a financial dashboard that can be integrated with other platforms.


Groceries are a necessity for many people, but the process is often expensive and frustrating. The startup wants to simplify the process of ordering groceries and delivery by offering a concierge service and integrated ordering platform on their website.


A travel app that claims to be fully integrated with Airbnb. The startup’s founders say they’ve already been in talks with Airbnb about using their platform.


A startup that is developing an integrated software platform for the cannabis industry. This is a very large, very hot market.


These guys have a chatbot called “Alexa” that helps you track down a product you may have ordered. The company has integrated with major e-commerce companies to provide the service to their customers.


Integrated system for tracking and managing real estate transactions for companies. The company works directly with the actual seller, so it can offer tax advice and other services.


A startup that sells modular smart-home devices aimed at delivering better ‘integrated’ home technology.


This startup makes a workplace calendar that automatically syncs with a company's online calendar, and is integrated with Slack.


A tool for managing and organizing a team’s workload. It’s a “simple” tool for managing tasks that can be integrated with Slack and Trello.


A tool for managing retail inventory, with an API that allows developers to pull inventory data from a range of different sources. The startup says they’ve already integrated with over 250 retailers.


A B2B service that helps companies manage their cash, payments and accounts via a single integrated platform.


A tool for finding out how many people have downloaded your app, and how many have used it in the past week. The founders say that it’s been integrated into 75 different apps, and that they’ve seen a 20% increase in user retention and engagement once they started using it, with a 50% increase in revenue.


A company that’s building a way for organizations to manage their safety oversight. Their service is built on a system that helps organizations keep track of employees and their licenses, and it can be integrated with other safety technologies like cameras and sensors.


An AI-powered platform that helps travel companies and agents book seats and deals on the most popular airline websites. The startup's proprietary technology is a SaaS product that can be integrated with any travel site.


A team that says it’s building the “Netflix for video game streaming”. The startup is building a platform that allows game developers to sell their games through smart contracts that can be easily integrated into other platforms.


A video conferencing platform that’s powered by the cloud and designed to work on all devices. It’s already integrated with Slack, allowing customers to schedule meetings from anywhere and get notifications when they’re available.


A SaaS tool that makes it easy for businesses to manage their customer data, with an API and SDK that can be integrated into other apps.


A company that’s building a library catalog for libraries. It’s a “meta-library” that’s meant to help libraries keep track of collections and allow users to find books by library, author, or keyword. It’s a local library solution, though it can also be integrated with Amazon and other online libraries.


A platform that helps customers shop for and compare products, and integrates with their CRM, and has already integrated with 10 major CRM providers.


A digital health platform that allows users to access their medical records, including a doctor’s notes and lab results, with or without a doctor's signature. Users can manage all of their medications from a single integrated platform. The company has raised $12 million.


The startup, which is raised $2.5 million in seed funding, provides an integrated digital library that lets you keep track of your books, movies and music.


A “SaaS-based accounting and finance tool for SMBs”. The company offers integrated accounting, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, bank account linking, invoice creation, and expense tracking through its cloud product.


A messenger for businesses that allows them to communicate with customers, employees, and partners through integrated messaging tools.


A startup that provides an API for businesses to build custom apps that are integrated with their systems, which startups can then integrate into their own apps.


A payment platform that allows stores to take credit card payments directly from customers. The startup provides technology to stores to collect credit cards and data on customers. It also operates a cashier-less store with integrated technology.


A card for the visually impaired that is integrated into their bank card and ATM rewards, allowing them to save money and access other services.


Posh is a visual voicemail company that wants to make it easier for businesses to switch from standard phone voicemail to the sort of automated visual system that helps you manage your schedule. The company is building a platform that can be integrated into any number of systems.


Integrated business management suite for freelancers.


A tool that helps companies monitor their infrastructure, allowing them to “get a 360-degree view of their network”. The startup is building an integrated system that combines data from sensors, tools like Slack, and cloud systems.


This startup wants to make it easier for people to create their own videos, with the goal of helping them share their stories with the world. The platform can be integrated into other services or used standalone, and has a number of corporate customers including the likes of Airbnb.


A startup that lets you track the health of your business using a combination of data from health insurance providers and data from other sources all integrated into one dashboard.