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Instantly Startup Ideas

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This startup aims to make communication between teams more efficient and fluid by allowing them to send messages, files, and other content between each other, instantly.


This is an application that lets you set up a credit card and apply for a bank loan instantly, within a few minutes of signing up.


The startup is building an app that lets people instantly pack and ship their food using their smartphone.


"The top 1,000 companies can now share insights from their books instantly, via a single view across all their systems."


A company that makes LED light bulbs that instantly turn on when they detect motion. It wants to make the bulb’s visibility an even more important feature.


A chat-based budgeting tool that lets users instantly customize their budgets in real-time


A startup that is building a way for people to use their GPU instantly and directly for cryptocurrency mining and trading


A startup that allows people to take a selfie and instantly find the nearest photofinisher to have it printed.


This startup is building a website that allows anyone to instantly and securely order a custom-made suit from a fabric designer.


This startup aims to make a hiring tool that is “instantly accessible and easy to use” that can “make every hire the right hire”. They have 1,000 happy customers and are profitable.


A 3D facial recognition tool that allows users to take selfies and instantly identify who they are and where they are. The idea is that it can help businesses reduce the risk of theft.


A startup that helps you to create a database of all your friends on WhatsApp so you can instantly message without them having to add you.


iaidigital is building a digital tool that helps cities better manage their streets and sidewalks. The startup’s software can take a photo of a pothole and instantly notify the city of the problem.


A delivery platform for restaurants that lets them track the progress of their orders and instantly communicate with customers.


A team of engineers are developing a product platform for software development and automation. Their first product is a small team of bots that let you instantly communicate with anyone on Slack, and they are also developing conversational AI tools to automate tasks.


A mobile payment app that allows you to pay for things like groceries, utilities, parking, etc. in real time, allowing you to settle your bill instantly through your phone.


This startup is building a platform for small businesses to instantly buy insurance online without the need for a broker.


A startup that helps you set up new accounts in seconds, and instantly transfers funds from your other accounts


A platform that lets people rent tools, repair their own things, and get their things fixed instantly through the app, which uses a subscription-based service to keep costs down.


A startup that lets people send money to each other instantly, without fees


This startup is building a product that allows users to quickly take a picture of their physical location and then instantly create a Google map of that location, allowing for quick and easy sharing of that location with others.


“A new way to get into the market,” according to the founders. It’s a mobile app that lets people instantly buy everything they need to get started selling on Amazon.


A tool for sending payments from a person’s bank account to a merchant’s bank account instantly.


A tool built on the team’s experience as a “data scientist” at a large online travel agency. The startup lets users enter a credit card number, and then the app instantly converts that into a coupon that can be applied to a hotel reservation.