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by @levelsio

Instagram Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps brands find and connect with influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and other social networks


A startup that connects brands with influencers It’s a marketplace for influencer marketing, and it’s currently focused on influencers that have large Instagram followings


A “social network for entrepreneurs”, not unlike Instagram, but built for professional networking.


A chatbot that gives real-time insight into what users are doing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and helps them avoid the most toxic content.


A SaaS platform for companies to manage their social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


In January 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, an app designed to let people watch longer videos.


Builds a retail website for selling products via Instagram. The startup’s founder says that the website is “the world’s first” to use the social platform to sell physical products online.


A startup that lets you take a selfie and choose where you want it to appear – like Facebook’s ‘Camera Effects’ – in an Instagram-like interface that’s meant to show you how you look, not what you look like. The company has raised $2 million in seed funding.


A San Francisco-based company that wants to make it easy for people to take photos and videos of their food. The startup is focused on helping people create the perfect Instagram photos to show off what they’re cooking, eating, or buying.


A startup that helps brands manage their social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


A startup that wants to provide a platform to help social networks like Instagram and Twitter track their users’ whereabouts. It has a list of “verified” users to help set it apart.


A platform that allows users to create and manage event pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Cone.io is a SaaS platform that allows companies to build their own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


This startup is selling a product that makes it easier to show off your pets on Instagram by allowing people to take photos of their pets with their phones. Users can then share those photos on Instagram.


A startup that helps people make social media accounts that do not violate Instagram’s policies with a tool to create a fake IG profile.


A tool that helps sell your own product or service on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


A “web of trust” for Instagram users, with an algorithm that helps users find the right person to follow


A company that wants to make it easier for people to track their purchases and sales by integrating with apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


A tool to help companies with marketing on Instagram and Facebook


A company that wants to build a tool for automating retargeting campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


A company that wants to help people generate revenue from their Instagram accounts, by selling their content to advertisers. It has a built-in sales system to help clients monetize their Instagram growth.


A subscription-based social media platform that integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share posts and access content.


A startup that makes it possible for anyone to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a customer service call center without having to re-enter their information. The company has already secured funding from Y Combinator, AngelList, and Techstars.


A company that wants to use artificial intelligence to help people grow their Instagram presence.


A platform for photography that lets users sell photos against their copyright. The startup’s co-founder, Jake Sion, says it started as an homage to the Instagram addiction many have to sharing their photos.


A software solution that empowers people to make, share, and sell things on Instagram. The startup is building a marketplace where users can post products for sale, and buyers can buy products.


Quickly rolls out new features and apps across all Facebook properties, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.


A platform for creating and publishing video content with multiple channels. The startup, which was founded in August, is building on the video-sharing platform LIV. It lets users create and publish video content via a combination of Instagram and Facebook.


Software that helps users extract additional value from images like Instagram’s new “Stories” format.


A platform that helps brands get social media engagement from their customers. The company is developing a micro-blogging platform for brands, with a focus on its “Brand Advocates”, who are Instagrammers who are paid to share and promote the brands with their followers. The company is nearing $2 million in funding after raising $800,000 in seed capital.


This startup’s idea is a combination of a travel guide with an Instagram feed where you can find unique places to eat and stay. The company is working on bringing in new geographies and businesses to get more exposure.


A new kind of social network for content creators. The startup is building a way to help content creators share their work via messaging, voice and video, and wants to compete with platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.


A platform that lets businesses share their data with their customers, enabling customers to do things like recommending items to each other or sharing pictures like Instagram.


A startup that helps with matchmaking, the startup says it sifts through users’ Instagram photos, looking for common themes. It then uses machine learning to analyze what it’s seen and suggest new friends.


A company that helps hot dog vendors in New York City sell their hot dogs by linking them to their Instagram accounts. It’s meant to make the process of selling hot dogs more efficient and profitable.


This startup is building out a news aggregation platform for journalists and bloggers to gather content from sources like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


A tool that makes it easy for brands to manage their sponsored content on Instagram


The company helps companies automate their social media marketing efforts by providing analysis of their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. A company can then run these analytics across all their accounts and get a report which shows which content is performing best and which posts are most engaging.


Social network for content creators that wants to be the next Instagram. It’s already active in France, Spain, and Germany with plans to expand to the U.S. and Asia.


A platform for advertisers to bid on videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


A “hustle” for artists to get their work seen on platforms like Instagram.


A tool that allows brands to sell their products through Instagram-like promotions.


A platform that allows brands to have their own private Instagram account, allowing them to advertise and interact on a brand’s feed without having to pay to do so.


A startup for businesses to do online marketing and advertising for themselves, including things like advertising on Instagram.


A product that helps brands increase their Instagram influence without paying for it.


A startup that helps users organize their pictures and videos through a mobile app. The startup has partnered with Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox.


A startup that helps Facebook pages and Instagram profiles monetize with advertising.


A tool that helps people find and engage with influencers on Instagram with different metrics to measure campaign performance.


Activell is a browser-based service that helps companies track and report their social media efforts. The startup says it can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns across the globe.


A startup that builds a homegrown alternative to the likes of Instagram, PicsArt, and Snapchat


A social media platform that aims to be a a more transparent version of Instagram. It’s a service that allows users to tag each other in posts, and then share posts that they’ve tagged.


A company that uses social media to track the performance of restaurants and other eateries. It’s created a system that automatically posts photos of food and service to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


A way for mobile users to get notifications from different sources, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


A startup that helps grow Instagram influencers by giving them access to a community of other social media influencers and brands.


A tool for checking the quality of content on Instagram. The startup is often used to check the quality of organic tagging on the platform.


A path for customers to connect with the right brands on Instagram, based on what they’re looking for.


A personal assistant that helps people figure out which of their friends is most likely to be on Twitter and Instagram.


A startup that wants to make a way for brands to quickly and cheaply build an Instagram-like social media account directly on Facebook. Great for influencers who don’t want to deal with complicated Instagram accounts.


A new app that aggregates everything from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to allow you to find a specific song or video, plus the biggest trending songs and videos.


The startup is building a platform that allows users to share their favorite stories in a space that’s similar to Instagram but for the automotive industry.


Blackbox is trying to tackle the problem of consumer credit scores, which are used to help determine creditworthiness, but are not very accurate. The startup is building a credit scoring tool that uses data from places like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to determine creditworthiness.


A software company that powers the world’s largest video sharing platform. The startup helps users watch videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others. It has over 2 billion daily active users.


This August, TechCrunch reported that Instagram was in talks with Facebook to acquire the company for as much as $1 billion. Instagram, which was founded in 2010, is based in San Francisco, and is a popular photography app that has more than 300 million users around the world. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012, and Facebook has since used Instagram to promote its other products, including Instagram Stories, and advertisements. Instagram has been a big investment for Facebook, and many think it has been one of the company's most successful acquisitions. However, Instagram's popularity has led to a lot of negative press coverage about the user data that Facebook has access to.


A startup that helps agents build their own website that looks like Instagram


A data-driven platform that helps brands find new customers on Instagram. Each week, it finds tens of thousands of new customers that are likely to buy based on data such as recent activity and location.


A startup that wants to make it easier for big brands to take photos for Instagram. They’re building a new way for brands to create Instagram content without having to go through the process of taking a photo.


A new kind of social network for people who are interested in sharing their cat videos or pictures on Instagram.


It’s similar to an Instagram filter app, but instead of changing your appearance, it changes the tone of your photos.


A tool for creating ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It allows you to create an ad from scratch and customize it.


A platform that automates the process of doing social media advertising. It uses AI to match ads to consumers based on their interests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


A platform that helps marketers see how their marketing spending is working. Think of it as a way to make sense of Instagram data.


A company that helps companies sell ads on other sites, like Facebook, Google AdSense, Fiverr, and Instagram.


A startup that helps content creators like YouTubers and Instagrammers manage their brand, and offer guidance to consumers on how to use their content.


A platform that helps people make videos about themselves, which they can then share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.


A startup that allows you to type out a tweet, then share it with the world, letting it be picked up by any message platform, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


A company that just launched in August, is building a service that enables brands to sell their products on Instagram.


 A platform for people to make money by taking pictures of what they’re eating. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to use than Instagram.


A tool that helps people promote local businesses on Instagram


A company looking to make it easier for people to share their photos and videos on platforms like Instagram.


This startup provides a way for people to share and sell photos and video of their travels on Instagram. It’s a little like Facebook’s Marketplace, and it’s part of the reason Instagram users continue to post and like photos and videos.


A company that uses an algorithm to identify the most popular pieces of content on Instagram, YouTube and Reddit, and connects advertisers to those users.


A marketing tool that helps doctors and other healthcare workers efficiently schedule social media posts and ads, including on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


A community for people to create and share images and videos like Instagram, but for images and videos created for and about your organization and work.


A startup that makes it easy to share photos of your food on social networks, so your dinner party is more Instagram-worthy.


A way to store your photos from Facebook and Instagram, with a social network of sorts to foster more sharing.


A startup that wants to allow companies to target marketing programs to specific visits on websites. The startup, which was founded in December, has already signed up over 200 customers including Pinterest, Dailymotion, and Instagram.


A software company building a web platform for small businesses to use for marketing and sales, with many of its customers already using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The company claims it’s already had over 1,000 customers sign up to use its platform, and has raised $1.2 million.


A digital platform that gives brands the ability to curate, share, and promote content across multiple channels. It’s like Facebook’s “Explore” but for Instagram. The founders say they’ve built a team of over 100 people and are looking to raise $15 million.


A way to make posting and commenting on Instagram faster and easier.


A tool for creating and executing ads for Instagram and Facebook.


A tool for users to create and manage unique, customizable, animated GIFs by picking from a set of templates. The GIFs are then published to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


A startup that pays customers for sharing content with their friends, starting with Facebook and Instagram.


Pays users to browse Instagram and actively engage with posts.


A tool to help you manage multiple social media profiles, with a section for managing your Instagram account.


Idea: A startup for helping companies sell stuff through Facebook and Instagram


Idea: A photo company for the new Instagram generation


Idea: The startup has developed a way for people to share live video with each other while also seeing what others are seeing in real-time. It’s an app where viewers can see what’s happening, but the creator of the video is in control of what they see. It’s modeled a bit like Instagram Stories, but the app wants to become a hub for live video streaming.


Idea: A software-as-a-service that helps publishers manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Idea: A live-streaming service for Facebook and Instagram. The startup wants to make it easier for people to livestream events and add social features like polls and Q&As.


Idea: A startup that helps brands and agencies plan out their Instagram marketing strategies. The founder is a former head of marketing at Instagram (who worked on its mobile app) and says that brands still have a hard time figuring out how to adapt their advertising to the platform.


A startup that connects people with digital marketing experts, so small businesses can get help building their Facebook and Instagram pages, etc.