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Individual Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides financial planning for high net worth individuals and families, and which has worked with the likes of Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Fidelity.


Inventor Dr. Ramesh Kale has been working on a low-cost, disposable "smart" pacemaker for under $1,500. The device is implanted in a pocket-sized battery pack that an individual wears around their waist. The pacemaker is connected to the battery pack via a small wire. When the device senses irregular heartbeats, it sends a signal to the battery pack, which then notifies the individual's doctor. The battery pack is replaceable, and is expected to last up to a year.


A community for individuals who want to learn the basics of machine learning and data science.


A company that helps companies and individuals find the best local plumbers for renovations and repairs.


A startup that helps small businesses and individuals who are planning to start a business find resources


A platform designed for individuals and small businesses that helps them manage their finances.


A system that lets small businesses and individuals buy and sell their used goods securely.


A digital insurance company that enables companies to offer health plans. It’s currently working with both employers and individuals.


A startup that is helping companies and individuals get debit cards for free when they have banked with their bank for the last 3 years.


A student health-care startup that offers a free student health-insurance plan to individual students, that covers co-pays and deductibles but doesn’t cover in-network hospital visits.


A platform that allows individuals or companies to post jobs and have them filled by people looking to move, with the goal of keeping unemployment rates low.


This startup is building a tool to allow individuals to take back their personal data from Facebook.


Deliveroo is a food delivery service that allows restaurants to use their app to take orders for their customers, with the option to customize the meal or package it for individual delivery. It already has 2.4 million users within the UK and a service that is growing more than 100% year-over-year.


A crowdsourced platform for companies and individuals to network and find leads.


 A tool for self-employed agents to track their work and expenses, helping individuals, from photographers to coaches to dog walkers, keep track of their business.


ShopStyle is a subscription-based visual merchandising platform that allows retailers to create branded shopping experiences. ShopStyle gives retailers a way to create different streaming layouts, video ads, and product displays that are tailored to each individual customer.


This startup is building tools to enable communication between teams and individuals across companies, using a unified interface.


A platform for finding home cleaners that an individual can use to set up recurring cleaning appointments.


A company that claims to have “saved” over $2 billion for businesses and individuals.


The India-based company wants to remove the middleman from B2B commerce by allowing businesses to create individual shopping carts and price all their goods without an agency setting charges.


A startup that lets independent creators on Amazon sell their own products Amazon already offers this feature to big businesses, but this startup lets individual sellers sell their own stuff


A mobile-first banking app, with a focus on individuals in emerging markets. The startup wants to empower the unbanked in emerging markets.


Plans to help businesses and individuals, both in the US and abroad, to pay for their healthcare with Bitcoin.


A startup for large companies to control the traffic of individual employees.


A platform for creating individualized content in bulk. It helps small businesses create advertising campaigns through its machine learning based technology


A platform that helps companies transfer money to individual employees in different locations. It’s a way for companies to have more control over the money they spend and track where it goes.


A startup that helps companies track and manage their energy usage through a holistic approach, rather than through a series of individual utilities.


A platform for companies to hire, manage, and engage their freelancers. They are looking to introduce a marketplace of sorts that allows companies to post and search for the service of a specific individual. They are also looking to launch a marketplace-style app for freelancers and clients to find each other.


A Chinese-focused ecommerce platform that was built on the idea that China's economy is less of a free market and more of a controlled economic system. The company is working on a solution to let individuals buy goods without a bank account and without a traditional credit card.


A startup that offers an experience for individuals to create an article that could be shared on the internet. The startup hopes to use these articles to inform people about how they can protect themselves from the flu.


A company that helps connect individuals and families to caregivers, offering them a premium subscription service.


A platform that allows companies to give employees a single, centralized dashboard to monitor their company-wide productivity as well as individual productivity.


A mobile-only bank account for Brazil. A tiered account that allows individuals to pay bills and receive transfers.


A startup that helps people track their workouts and plan healthy meals. The startup is focused on helping people who are healthy and want to keep it that way, and the company says that because the company’s algorithms are based on historical exercise data, it’s able to identify trends that are more accurate than what a person might individually determine for themselves.


The startup is creating a platform for individuals to buy and sell digital goods.


In the past, a person could get insurance through a company and then write off the cost of that insurance. With the advent of the individual market, many companies are no longer offering insurance because the rate they would have to charge is too low.


A startup that aims to make it easy for high-net-worth individuals to have their own “pension” accounts


A startup that simplifies the process of selling online, allowing anyone to list items on multiple shopping sites. The idea is that doing so is more cost-efficient than having to curate items individually on each.


 A tool that builds a single, unified business profile for an employee. It allows companies to track the employee’s business performance, conduct employee reviews, and pay them for their time, without the need to manage each business individually.


A digital concierge that helps individuals connect with and plan services for their pets.


A software company that helps financial advisers and insurance carriers streamline the process of dealing with individual clients.


A micro-insurance company that is beginning to offer healthcare coverage to low-income individuals in the US. Their goal is to reach the uninsured and help them purchase insurance.


A “one-stop shop for all-in-one accounting and tax management”, with a web app and mobile app for self-employed individuals and small businesses.


A startup that helps individuals and companies manage their credit card debt in a more timely and efficient way.


A startup that lends out the tools necessary to set up a basic office at home, whether it’s for a small team, an individual freelancer, or even a single room. The startup has a platform for users to manage and share their work books, collaborate with other team members, and track team progress.


A startup that provides a platform for individuals to learn Chinese online, in an app, and receive individually tailored lessons.


A startup that helps individuals sell their online shopping and other services, and get paid via their credit card.


A platform for managing the career of a single individual. The company’s goal is to give a platform to employers to manage the career of a single individual. The platform is particularly interesting because it would allow a company to manage the career of a single individual.


A secure messaging app that lets individuals and businesses send secure one-time messages


A payment API for individuals and businesses to manage their payment types and preferences. The startup is looking to make it easier for people to get paid and make payments.


An ecommerce platform for individuals looking to buy and sell items on the eBay auction website


An e-commerce company that simplifies the process of buying and selling physical products between individual users.


A startup using AI to help companies and individuals find the best price for everything from auto insurance to life insurance.


A startup for companies, brands, or individuals to sell products online.


Provides a way to identify, and then communicate with, identified individuals who are in the process of going through a government program. The startup is currently in the process of raising funding.


This company is building a platform that helps people manage and grow their wealth for retirement. It’s a robo-advisor that works with both individual investors and large investment funds.


A company that’s building an app that can manage the list of expenses of a household or individual.


A solution for connecting customers with the right products and services for them, based on their individual needs. The product is a platform that connects products users want with the services they need.


A music service that lets individuals create and share their own playlists, with access to curated lists of songs and playlists.


A way to help companies and individuals rent cars, with deals from AAA and Hertz.


A real estate tech company that focuses on digital marketing for individual agents.


A startup that helps individuals quickly compare their credit score with other credit scores


A platform for social good data. The startup is looking to connect NGOs, businesses, and individuals into a real-time social impact community.


A platform that helps emerging market companies and individuals get capital via blockchain.


A platform for individuals to sell their unused equipment.


A financial services startup that helps individuals invest in their own retirement accounts.


A long-form podcasting app that allows users to record their thoughts and to be able to edit and create a podcast without having to upload each individual episode.


A start-up focused on making it easier for individuals to invest in real estate. It wants to take away the complexity of investing in real estate and building an investment portfolio.


This startup is building a service for individuals to control the music they listen to and set their own personalized playlists.


The startup is building an insurance product for travelers that helps them avoid the pitfalls of the expensive individual insurance market.


A video conference system that’s “a complete, unified communication and collaboration platform that allows companies to securely connect, share and present video, even if an individual is miles away”.


The company aims to build a platform for individuals to find and pay for mentors, and for mentors to find and pay for mentees.


A data visualization tool that offers individualized reports for each user, combining data from multiple sources and presenting them to an end user in a way that is easy to digest. The company’s first product, released in 2019, is for healthcare and financial services.


A company that wants to help companies and individuals save money by giving them a way to get better prices for a range of products, from auto insurance to cable TV.


A tool that lets you buy “shop” at potteries and other retailers. The startup is working with individual retailers to integrate the app into their e-commerce experience.


A platform that brings together all the health data of a single individual into one place, to help them better understand their health.


A mobile app that helps individual teachers track and manage their students. The company is headquartered in New York and has over $5 million in funding.


A startup that provides personalized stock investment advice to individuals


The company is developing a service that allows individuals to track the performance of their LinkedIn profile.


A startup that allows people to manage their own data while still using the cloud. It aims to help individuals manage their own data, while still using the cloud to store it.


A tool for self-employed individuals to organize their taxes and financial accounts.


A platform that helps small businesses get better ROI on their marketing, allowing them to see how individual marketing campaigns are impacting their bottom line.


A company that uses a personalized approach to help a person change a habit by writing a custom program to help an individual cut down on a certain behavior.


A digital marketing platform that helps B2B companies reach out to individual clients


A company that provides a platform for individuals to create their own apps. The company has developed a framework to create a new app within a day.


A platform to help operations teams run their organizations. It aims to “help the individual technician become more efficient and productive”.


A startup that helps companies and individuals track and track taxes and taxes and taxes


A startup that provides the ability to create and manage "living wills" for individuals to draft their own final wishes, with the goal of giving people peace of mind.


This is a crowdsourced platform for finding freelance labor or labor-for-hire, connecting companies needing work done with individuals who are looking for work.


The startup’s goal is “to create a product that helps individuals to achieve their goals and achieve personal success”


In a blog post, the company announced a new product called “Individual Plans”, which allow you to customize your coverage and how much risk you’re willing to take.


Provides a way for landlords to rent properties from a portfolio of available properties without having to call each individual landlord.


A product that helps companies and individuals track and control mobile phone and tablet usage through location and mobile network data, with a focus on consumer safety using data from apps and websites.


Idea: A company building zero-knowledge privacy VPN/proxy for web browsing Everyone from individuals to companies can use it to access the Internet privately and securely


Idea: A startup that is building a real estate investing marketplace where individual investors can connect with each other and do deals together. The company charges a fee on each transaction, and says it is profitable.


Idea: A startup for individuals to manage their money, which is built on top of a bank account


Idea: A new way to order a steak. Instead of receiving an entire side of beef, customers can order individual cuts to their specifications.