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Independent Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to help the elderly live as independently as possible by monitoring their habits and keeping track of how they feel.


A company that works with independent artists to help them turn their music videos into YouTube plays.


A video platform for independent artists to record online, edit videos together in real-time, and share with their fans.


A personal robot designed to help people with mobility impairments, with a goal to help them live more independently and improve daily living.


A startup for independent artists looking to sell their work, with an emphasis on original art.


An online marketplace for independent artists to sell their art online and generate income from commissions, and a portfolio of creators.


A platform that connects independent artists with buyers.


A self-serve platform that connects independent contractors and clients across North America. The startup says their platform helps to reduce the overhead of managing a workforce, while providing an easy way for employers to find talent.


A platform for independent contractors to build apps and have them approved by investors. The startup wants to help the more than 5 million independent contractors in the US get funding.


A self-service platform for independent auto service shops.


A startup that lets independent creators on Amazon sell their own products Amazon already offers this feature to big businesses, but this startup lets individual sellers sell their own stuff


A software platform that helps small businesses, freelancers, and independent contractors obtain loans and invoice financing. They have a $50,000 seed round with a 4x growth rate since their launch in May 2019.


A subscription-based music streaming service for independent musicians.


This startup wants to give independent artists a way to make money when their work is used in a commercial way.


A platform to make insurance more affordable and simple for independent agents


A financial-tech startup that is trying to provide small business owners and independent contractors with better ways to manage and pay their bills.


A La Carte is a service that connects companies with independent contractors, and allows them to earn extra income via their own websites. They say that in the past few years they’ve signed up over 500 businesses in the Greater Boston area, earning over $2 million in additional revenue, and have scaled their operations to 3,800 independent contractors.


A platform that connects people with people who want to take independent trips.


This company is building a platform for large retailers to run a giant global inventory system that can be used by partners and independent merchants.


The startup is looking to help independent restaurants compete with the larger chains. It’s currently in closed beta and is looking for a round of funding.


 A collective of independent, small-time, and non-profit startups.


Cloud storage and file sharing for independent artists.


A platform for independent content creators, allowing them to monetize videos and generate revenue through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and selling ads.


A travel booking service for customers who prefer to stay in a more local or independent hotel. The company wants to make the whole booking process faster and more intuitive.


A startup that wants to replace the traditional annual tax prep software with one that can be used to help employees and independent contractors file their taxes with ease.


A startup that is building a network of independent financial advisors who will work with people to get them the best insurance rates available.


A startup for independent contractors that helps them find gigs and charge.


A blockchain-based platform that helps independent software vendors monetize their software via a network of app stores.


A fix for the “gig economy”, offering a comprehensive insurance package for independent workers. Their product is designed for the future and will work for any independent worker, anywhere in the world.


A payment processing company that helps independent contractors simplify the process


The team is building a platform for independent contractors, freelancers and consultants to find clients. The company says it has already raised $5 million in funding.


This company is building a “truly independent” alternative to Google News. It looks at all the news sources on the web and aggregates them into a single stream, eliminating the need for users to manually visit all their sources.


A startup that aims to make it easier for independent contractors to build and manage their own online profiles, bringing a more personal, social and trusted experience to a traditionally impersonal service.


A company that helps independent contractors sell their services to large corporations. The startup is based in the US, but in the future wants to use artificial intelligence and relationship management to help businesses buy services directly from contractors.


A social network for the small, independent coffee shops that serve as anchors for a neighborhood. The startup wants to help coffee shops grow with a social network and start-up accelerator.


A tool for finding and hiring independent contractors, allowing companies to outsource tasks to independent contractors with a single click.


Business management for independent professionals, such as photographers, videographers, and event organizers. The startup provides tools for managing work obligations, expenses, and income, as well as coordinating and scheduling.


A free SaaS service to help build a brand. Independent artists can use the app to generate custom content to promote their work, and publishers can use it to sell books and merchandise. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive.


A platform for businesses to help their employees track hours and pay for independent contractors. The startup has already been used by companies like Hewlett Packard, CVS, and DMCI.


A company that’s building a framework for a fully decentralized digital banking network, a system that would be made up of a network of independent, local banks.


A startup that’s building a platform for independent contractors to receive and pay invoices.


Smart contracts for the energy industry. The startup wants to use smart contracts to allow energy producers and consumers to negotiate and transact energy independently of the power grid.


A startup that wants to connect freelance workers with jobs through an AI-powered marketplace. The startup is currently working with Capital One to help the bank recruit independent workers.


A calendar app that helps people schedule and control independent appointments within their own calendars.


 A startup for 1099 independent contractors to automatically file their taxes.


An online clothing warehouse delivering to local boutiques and independent stores in the U.S. A recent move into the UK has brought in $100,000 in sales in their first month, while they say they’ve already received interest from other retailers.


A platform for independent retailers and restaurants to sell and deliver items directly to customers


The Startup’s Desk is an online marketplace for companies looking to quickly hire independent contractors. To encourage quality, The Startup’s Desk offers a $1000 prize for the best freelance site.


A directory of independent developers, with a marketplace to match them with a client. The startup has a team of former Google employees and has raised $1.5 million from Y Combinator.


The startup has developed an app that helps people find independent contractors for tasks like writing, editing, or graphic design.


Helps mid-size companies find independent contractors, or independent contractors find work.


A platform to connect independent engineers with startups that need help building their products.


Idea: An online marketplace of products made by independent designers. Designers can keep 90% of sales, or have the option to partner with the startup for a 40% revenue share. The startup also aims to make the discovery process easier by curating the top items from each designer.