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Web-based software that helps farmers increase yields and reduce costs of farming


A b2b cloud-based platform for building and managing customer relationships, helping businesses to better interact with their customers and increase customer loyalty.


A New York-based startup that’s building a tool for health insurance companies to streamline claims processing and increase speed for submitting claims.


A software company that builds tools for eCommerce businesses to understand their customers better and increase conversion.


A platform that helps consumers manage their telecoms bills. Their goal is to cut their bills by 15% and increase their bill by 5%.


A startup that is building a platform to help musicians increase their social media following


A customer and supplier management software to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce costs and increase productivity.


A tool to help programmers manage their time, to increase productivity and reduce distractions.


An online marketplace for home health-care services to cut down on paperwork and increase efficiency.


A startup that helps small businesses gain trust with tools to increase security, privacy, and transparency


A company that develops a system that allows people to visualize and enhance their dreams to “increase focus and mental clarity”.


An AI-powered chatbot that will guide buyers through the home buying process, with an interface that is designed to make the experience very similar to that of a real agent. The startup believes that this will lead to a significant increase in home sales.


A tool to increase employee engagement without creating a company Slack channel.


A Facebook Messenger bot to order groceries from local stores and deliver them to your home. The company launched in 2017 as a way to increase delivery speeds, with the goal being to make deliveries within 30 minutes of the order being placed.


A way for companies to increase their B2B sales, the startup wants to use a combination of machine learning to identify inbound leads and then text them to see if they’re interested in a demo.


A tool to increase product adoption through better customer engagement.


A company that helps advertisers to maximize the reach of their marketing messages. The startup says it has helped some Fortune 100 companies increase their ad spend by 80%.


A Fintech startup that helps retailers like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus better manage inventory to help them slash their costs and increase sales.


“The company’s mission is to create a better way to communicate between employees and employers. They’ve built an app that allows companies to send out salary increases to employees in advance, which they say helps employees be more productive and be better at their jobs. They say their users have improved their productivity by 30% and received an average salary increase of 84%.”


A free employee referral program for companies with more than 100 employees, which they say allows companies to double their referrals and increases the number of employees they hire.


A way to increase the efficiency of office supply purchases. The company wants to use a rewards program for office supplies to encourage companies to spend more on the right things.


A company that provides a solution to help companies with developing markets increase sales and marketing efforts via a centralized marketplace.


A company that uses AI to increase the accuracy of customer service and sales


This SaaS platform helps hospitals reduce medical errors and increase patient satisfaction with their medical appointments. It’s already been implemented at three hospitals in the U.S. and is at 25 others now.


A platform that converts digital media into physical objects, like posters or t-shirts, to increase sales.


A smart phone app that makes it easier to find the cheapest airfare for travel on Facebook. The startup has already seen success with the app, and says they’ve seen a 150% increase in the number of people in India who use it on a daily basis.


A tech company focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs increase retention of new hires through a data-driven approach.


This startup is building a software platform that helps people find the right candidate for a job. The company is trying to help HR teams increase the number of hires by helping them manage their hiring pipelines.


A startup that builds software that helps automate physical inventory tracking at warehouses, helping companies lower costs and increase efficiency.


A tool for finding out how many people have downloaded your app, and how many have used it in the past week. The founders say that it’s been integrated into 75 different apps, and that they’ve seen a 20% increase in user retention and engagement once they started using it, with a 50% increase in revenue.


A startup that gives users an easy way to make a donation to a cause of their choice. The startup is looking to increase the number of causes a person can donate to by cutting down on the number of steps required to do so.


A product that helps brands increase their Instagram influence without paying for it.


The team behind the app GrowthBot is building out a toolset that helps companies examine where they’re losing money in their sales process. GrowthBot wants to help companies figure out where they’re losing money, and what they can do to optimize their sales processes to increase revenue.


 A company that sells software to help people increase the efficiency with which they commute. People have been searching for ways to get from one place to another faster for a long time. Relay is a startup that wants to make that easier.


The company is looking to help service providers know which jobs are the most important to perform, and which jobs can be outsourced, to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Its software, called


A startup that wants to bring the benefits of automation to the legal industry, helping legal firms reduce costs and increase efficiency.


This startup is building a platform for small businesses to create pricing structures and track their revenue, giving them a tool that will allow them to understand their revenue streams, cut costs, and increase revenues.


 A mobile app that helps real estate agents find and convert properties. The startup wants to help agents increase their sales.


A startup that wants to help farmers in the developing world sell their produce, and thus increase their income.


A startup that’s building a platform that helps retailers and manufacturers ship products directly to consumers. The company wants to offer a new model for connecting consumers with businesses that will bring down costs, and potentially lower shipping costs, and increase convenience.


A tool that helps brick-and-mortar stores stay on top of inventory and customer data, helping them reduce labor costs and increase profits.


A startup that helps companies understand their customers and increase sales. They’ve raised a $1.8M seed round.


A startup that helps small businesses increase their productivity by allowing them to schedule time off in advance. The startup is currently focused on the US.


A software company that wants to help hospitals and medical professionals collaborate, share information, and increase efficiency.


In 2015, a total of 9,615 seed-stage deals in the US were led by women with 108 companies, a 2% increase from 2014. A total of 1,906 companies from women-led startups raised a total of $1.1 billion in funding.


Building a blockchain that uses smart contracts to increase the accuracy of B2B transactions.


A platform for recruiting drivers. The startup claims to have reduced turnover and increased productivity by 30 percent.


A startup that wants to use AI to help you increase the value of your product photos. It wants to be a sort of digital gallery, with a tool to help you decide between multiple options for a given photo.


A UK-based startup that aims to increase the number of people who book and


A company that wants to be the Uber of travel agents. It wants to build a marketplace for travel agents, allowing them to travel more by helping them manage their time and increase their revenue.


An agency that provides advice on how to sell your house in order to increase the price.


A web hosting company that promises to increase website load times by as much as 1,000%.


A platform that helps banks manage their relationships with customers, allowing them to create lightweight versions of their own customer relationship management software to increase number of customers they can serve at once.


A technology that allows companies to drive better pricing for their customers, and thus increase their revenue.


Idea: A company that helps companies increase their sales by getting their software in front of more people


Idea: A startup that is building a SaaS product that enables self-storage facilities to access their data in a centralized dashboard to improve operations and increase revenue


A startup that provides targeted advertising opportunities for businesses through a large database of local businesses and customers’ social media profiles. The startup aims to reduce advertising costs and increase ROI for businesses.