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Income Startup Ideas

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A web service for people to earn income by providing data for businesses.


The startup is rolling out a network of mobile clinics and Ubers for cheaper care in lower-income parts of the US that need it.


A digital education platform for low-income students, helping them understand their financial aid eligibility.


A credit card issuer that focuses on low-income consumers.


An online bank that focuses on serving lower and middle income customers.


An online marketplace for independent artists to sell their art online and generate income from commissions, and a portfolio of creators.


A health tech company that helps low-income families manage their health insurance.


A platform that connects homeless and low-income people to home-ownership programs


A platform that allows people to rent out spare bedrooms and/or spare bedrooms with other household members. It’s designed to help people earn additional income from their homes while also giving their families the chance to stay in their homes in times of need.


A company that offers a low-cost alternative to dental work for low-income people in the US.


A predictive model that recommends products based on the person’s age and income, and also if it’s a “special occasion”.


New startup that aims to take the pain out of student loan payments, using the debt to create scholarships for low-income students.


A San Francisco-based startup in the education marketplace space that wants to help lower-income students afford higher education. The startup tells me it’s had over $200,000 in investments, has more than 10,000 students, and has been used by more than 3,000 colleges and universities.


This is a financial platform for the “urban poor” that helps track their income, expenses, and savings. It connects people to financial services and also helps them understand how to make savings and investments.


The company's app is designed to help consumers monitor the health of their finances, including credit scores, debt and income. The application, which is in beta, is available for Android and Apple iOS smartphones.


A digital platform that helps young professionals find a way of earning extra income while also spending time with their families.


A tool to help people understand their finances, in the form of an app that takes a person’s income and expenses and tells them how much to spend each month. The startup is also building a tool to help people understand their credit scores, and is working with several credit scoring agencies.


A startup that aims to help financial advisors in the US give advice to clients who are buying fixed-income investments. The startup is backed by the venture arm of Goldman Sachs.


A software platform that enables the sharing of carpooling services based on income levels, creating a price that includes how much it costs to get to work, how much your coworkers are willing to pay, and how much you’re willing to pay.


A startup that helps people understand their finances by helping them compare their spending to income, spending history, and trends. The startup wants to make people more aware of their personal finances.


The team behind CardCounting is building a mobile app that helps improve the spending habits of low-income people, and provide a platform for financial services aimed at those people.


A company that wants to let people donate some of their income to charity through a digital wallet, and giving themselves a tax deduction to boot.


A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer platform allowing people to rent apartments and rooms in unused retail space to travelers in need as a means of earning extra income and paying for rent.


A tool to help people with disabilities stay on top of their disability income.


A micro-insurance company that is beginning to offer healthcare coverage to low-income individuals in the US. Their goal is to reach the uninsured and help them purchase insurance.


A startup that helps small businesses market to homebuyers. Their product is a “premier content marketing platform” that utilizes detailed data about a dozen variables, including income, credit score, and the type of property they’re looking for.


A La Carte is a service that connects companies with independent contractors, and allows them to earn extra income via their own websites. They say that in the past few years they’ve signed up over 500 businesses in the Greater Boston area, earning over $2 million in additional revenue, and have scaled their operations to 3,800 independent contractors.


This startup is building a mobile payment solution in India that’s optimized for lower-income users. It provides a way for merchants to accept the main payment methods in the country.


A mobility platform that connects businesses with the right tools to make it easier for drivers to earn income by delivering packages and other items. The startup’s co-founder, Alex Boussard, says they’ve already seen interest from a number of major companies and has even managed to raise a few million dollars in funding.


A digital storefront for low-income people to buy used items from other people across the country, with a focus on items that are hard to find in the country.


A company that is developing an app to help low-income families save money on their energy bills by taking advantage of the government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).


 A healthcare platform for middle-income families, providing a healthcare insurance plan with a copay that’s lower than what they normally pay.


A startup that wants to help farmers in the developing world sell their produce, and thus increase their income.


A tool for people to search for home insurance, with options for low-income renters and those who have no credit history.


A mobile app that generates income for the user - a college student who buys cheap phone cases from China and resells them at a profit.


A digital tax preparation software that automatically calculates federal and state taxes based on a person’s income, deductions and credits


A tool for filing income tax in India.


A software company that builds tools for online content creators to optimize their income by using tools like Google AdSense and YouTube Partner Program.


This startup is building a global network of local legal aid attorneys to help low income people in the US access legal aid, from free legal clinics to pro bono legal services.


Gives people the ability to “give back” in a way that’s easy, cost effective, and fun. It’s a platform that lets people donate a percentage of their income through a daily survey, which is then split between the nonprofit of their choice and the charity of their choice.


An online bank for consumers with low to moderate incomes.


This startup is building a platform that lets small businesses have a single point of entry into the finance system, with a dashboard that shows all their expenses and income.


A startup that is building a new type of credit card for low-income people by partnering with an NGO in Brazil to give these people access to credit for groceries, utilities, and gas.


Business management for independent professionals, such as photographers, videographers, and event organizers. The startup provides tools for managing work obligations, expenses, and income, as well as coordinating and scheduling.


This startup helps credit unions find and offer loan products for low-income borrowers.


A new electronic banking system for low-income consumers in Mexico.


A small business lending platform that takes a portion of the income of the borrower and invests it in loans to other small businesses.


A startup that wants to be the Airbnb of car rental with an app that matches drivers to riders with specific car requirements. The business gives drivers a way to earn extra income without having to own a car.


A web-based platform that allows people to setup peer-to-peer loans. The application is open to all ages and income levels.


A digital platform designed to help low-income families gain access to credit.


A more personal way to pay back student loans. The startup helps students manage their debt by putting on an income-based repayment plan. It’s a platform for students to create a customized plan and manage their debt.


A platform for workers to get paid residual income for their work, with investment options that pay out nearly immediately.


The founders have a vision of a world where everyone can pay rent or a mortgage, and have a constant stream of income without having to get a job.


A food delivery service for people with a limited income who can’t afford to leave the house


A technology that helps lower-income people from taking out loans to pay for college


Microcredit company. They are providing micro-loans to low-income earners in developing countries.


A company that wants to create a “new and improved” credit score that takes into account a person’s income and employment history.


A startup that wants to create an Uber for the enterprise, connecting businesses with drivers who want to make extra income on their own time.


A personal finance app that helps people track their spending and save money. Based on a survey of over 1,000 people, the company found that the top things most people wanted to track were their net worth, credit, and income.


Becoming a New York City taxi driver is a good way to make good money, but only if you have a clean record. The startup, which has a number of New York City employees, wants to make the process of getting a taxi license more efficient, and safer. They’ve gotten a lot of traction in New York City, and have promised a monthly income of $1,000.


A tool to help law firms manage their finances, allowing them to visualize their income and expenses.


A platform that aims to help marketers understand their customers better by tracking their data, including things like their age, income, education, and location.


A company that allows employees to earn extra income on the side by renting out their spare time.


A simple way to manage all of your income and spending transactions, with reports for balance, spending, and savings.


A startup that wants to help low-income families get discounts on everything from healthcare to higher education.


A nonprofit that has built a model for giving low-income communities in the US access to loans from local banks


A tool to help nonprofits offer more flexible and affordable services to low-income populations.


A micro-banking startup focused on helping the unbanked in low-income, remote areas of rural Kenya.


Idea: A way to track your spending against your income, which is kind of like a spending tracker but more sophisticated.


Idea: A non-profit in Brazil that provides free financial planning to low-income families. The startup works with banks to offer credit to qualifying customers, and works with the family to create a plan for them to pay it back. They already work with 8 banks and offer credit to 300 families.


Idea: A telemedicine startup for low-income patients in El Salvador. The startup works with doctors in the United States and Canada, who give patients in El Salvador a Skype consultation.