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Important Startup Ideas

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A platform for helping the developing world manage the increasingly important issue of climate change.


A company that makes LED light bulbs that instantly turn on when they detect motion. It wants to make the bulb’s visibility an even more important feature.


A platform that provides data about how your phone is being used. The startup aims to tackle a problem that is increasingly important as the world becomes more connected: How exactly is my phone being used


A startup that built software to automate the process of getting a company’s most important data off of Slack and into Salesforce


Apple’s iOS operating system lacks a centralized directory to find and open files. Filefactory has built a solution that will let you “find files and get notifications for files that are important to you—in any app”.


A product that helps educate people on the dangers of fentanyl, opioids, and other drugs. The startup believes it’s important to educate users and help them make informed decisions.


A solution to help people remember important dates and meetings. The startup is looking to help people automate reminders for the most important events in their lives.


In the UK, an increasingly important part of the economy isn’t bricks and mortar stores but phone apps. And one startup wants to replace the app store with a custom-built version. The idea is that you buy an app once and then get the updates for free. The company is giving away its first product for free, called The App Store, in order to gain feedback.


“Ask.fm for the Enterprise” is a chat app for enterprises that lets employees be more productive, and more importantly, more social. The company has raised $150,000 in seed funding and aims to launch in April.


A tool that helps new employees become productive quickly. The startup is building out an employee onboarding process, which they say is an important piece of the puzzle for companies to become more efficient and productive.


A startup that aims to host livestreamed public discussions about important issues.


A technology that helps to monitor the health of workers, including health risk factors and physical activity levels. The startup believes that the technology will be important for companies who want to make sure their employees are healthy.


A platform for schools to track attendance and other important student data.


A startup that helps people focus on the most important part of a project: the design.


A startup that helps employees stay protected with a phone app that sends alerts to their phone whenever there’s an important message from their employer.


One of the most important parts of the mission is to create a platform that allows workers to generate a living wage while keeping them connected to their friends and family.


A company that provides a micro-insurance product for students to cover important expenses.


The company is looking to help service providers know which jobs are the most important to perform, and which jobs can be outsourced, to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Its software, called


This SaaS company is creating a platform that lets mobile developers build apps natively for two of the most important devices people have, their phones and their TVs.


An AI-based service that helps people learn to identify the most important books in their library.


 A platform that helps companies manage multiple databases on a single platform, with a goal of making it easier to manage the most important pieces of core business software.


A startup that helps users remember and visualize things like their childhood, their favorite foods, and the time of day. The app is like a visual scrapbook and helps users keep track of important memories and events.


A company that makes 3D printing filament for 3D printers. According to the company, “no one else makes what we make”, which is particularly important for companies that are new to 3D printing.


Idea: This startup is building a product that helps people find the best time of the day to do some of their most important tasks