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Impact Startup Ideas

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A technology company that offers remote support for small businesses. It has the potential to impact millions of small businesses.


a tool to help people measure and reduce the impact of their social media use on their personal and professional lives. It’s been downloaded over 1 million times.


The 2017 batch was selected based on their work in the field, their potential to drive positive social impact, and their fit with Y Combinator’s mission. The following companies were selected:


An AI-based platform for helping companies measure and understand the impact of their employees’ spending and behavior.


A startup that uses AI to identify what companies will be impacted by the city’s transportation-tech initiatives, so they can be more strategic in their expansion plans.


A visual design platform for brands & agencies that allows designers to see the visual impact of their designs before they hit production.


Measuring the legal and ethical impact of social media.


A platform for measuring the impact of ads on your website


A tool for understanding the human impact of a new product


A data visualization startup that combines data visualizations with haptic feedback to maximize the impact of its product.


A web-based platform for managing and distributing digital content, with a focus on social impact journalism.


Designed to help clients define and measure their social impact, Consequence is a software company helping nonprofits and for-profits better track their impact. It helps clients measure the effectiveness of their programs and measure employees’ impact, too. The company has a $10 million Series A, with $1 million raised in its first round of VC funding.


A company that helps teachers teach their students about the impact of their smartphones


A software company that helps businesses better define and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. The company’s founders say their platform has already helped businesses like Blue Apron and Fandango “get more value for their marketing dollars.”


The company behind the $500,000 World Cup prize pool, FanDuel is building a baseball-based fantasy game. FanDuel has a head start in the US and UK, but will need to grow in other countries to have an impact.


This startup wants to improve the impact of school-based violence prevention programs.


A dashboard for enterprise organizations to better understand the impact of their products, and how to make them better. It’s a tool designed to help people understand how to build stronger products, and how to change their products to help them make more money.


A company that’s building a dashboard for cities to track the impact of their programs and metrics for investors. It’s looking to target dozens of cities, from Portland to Detroit.


The world of finance is changing dramatically, and there’s a lot of confusion around how new technologies like fintech will impact financial services. Fintech can take the form of apps, startups, and platforms, or it can be composed of a mix of all three. Fintech is a catch-all term that can include everything from cryptocurrencies, to artificial intelligence, to machine learning, and more. Fintech startup solutions help companies navigate these changes.


A platform for social good data. The startup is looking to connect NGOs, businesses, and individuals into a real-time social impact community.


A tool to track and visualize a person’s social media activity. It’s a hit with marketers who want to see the impact of their social media campaigns.


A company that makes it easier to measure and manage the environmental impact of a company’s operations.


A startup that’s looking to put a face on the concept of “social impact” in a way that’s familiar to most people.


A startup that tracks the impact of your daily commute


A tool that helps companies manage their risk in the event of an injury to a key employee. It estimates the impact of the absence of a key employee and provides advice on what to do.


A platform that helps small businesses get better ROI on their marketing, allowing them to see how individual marketing campaigns are impacting their bottom line.


A startup that’s building a way to make it easier for people to waste time on social media. The startup wants to make social media less addictive and more impactful.


A startup that measures and reports on the ethics and practices of companies and organizations. The startup shared a solution to a problem in which consumers and companies aren’t aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions.


Idea: A single platform that allows developers to monitor apps, see the impact they have on the web, and see the performance of any single API endpoint


Idea: A platform that helps users launch and run a social impact startup in 15 days


A tool for measuring and tracking performance on social media. The startup wants to help social media managers measure the impact of their efforts, and get a better sense of which tweets are performing well.


Idea: A B2B startup making a new kind of AI for managing oil wells. They say their AI’s can help reduce costs, make oil wells more efficient, and reduce environmental impact.


A startup that helps non-profits and social enterprises improve their impact by giving them insights into how people use their products and services.