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Human Startup Ideas

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“Together, dreamers and doers can do more than ever before.” It’s a “startup for humanity” that wants to provide rapid solutions that “help change the world for the better”


A company that wants to take stock trading to the next level with an AI-powered app that can trade stocks with the same confidence and speed as a human.


A company that builds and manages software that helps the processing and management of HR, payroll, payroll tax and other human resource information.


A software platform that helps human resources departments manage their employees' healthcare.


A “human-powered” startup that helps people to organize tasks and conversations around a particular topic.


A tool for working with data in order to understand the real world. For instance, a medical researcher can use it to investigate how much stress the human body can handle, or to understand how people interact with their surroundings.


Algorithms that guide humans and machines to make better decisions.


Alluvium is a company that makes artificial intelligence software for image recognition. The founders say it’s better than other tools because it was built from the ground up to work with the way humans think, rather than the way machines work.


A healthcare service that provides a platform for human resources to view and search through the health records of employees. Providers can also use the platform to set up secure access for their employees, and then billing details are sent automatically.


A human resources software company that helps companies track their employee’s work hours, track TPS reports, and calculate the number of employees they need.


An “agentless” marketplace for professional services. Clients can use the service to connect directly with these providers without the need for a human intermediary.


This startup promises to bring a more human element to AI-based design. Their app takes the complexity of designing AI and makes it simple by using the color wheel to explain how a particular neural network works.


A company that wants to make it easy for large companies to take advantage of technology and automation to save money, while still ensuring employees have access to human resources, benefits, and security.


A crowd-funded project to bring the benefits of underfloor heating and cooling to the underdeveloped world. The startup’s founders came up with the concept for a client-focused project as a way to combine the technology with other humanitarian efforts.


A startup that helps companies replace traditional human customer service with a chat bot. The startup has been in beta since February.


The company was founded by former Google engineers, with the goal of creating a “Google for humans” where people can find information about products and services without having to search through a million different sites.


A way to help human resources departments get a better picture of how workers are doing and whether they are happy in their jobs. The startup is looking to help HR departments with new tools to reduce turnover and better focus on employee retention.


A platform for developers to build chatbots on. The startup enables developers to build software that can mimic human conversations.


A software-as-a-service company that helps clients with “human-centric” CRM.


An AI-powered robot that can answer questions and track trends for business owners. The robot can capture data and use it to make decisions, and can work alongside human employees.


A startup that’s working on a way to integrate human and machine learning workflows. The company wants to help companies do human-based AI as well as machine-based AI.


A startup that uses human transcribers to help companies support their customers in multiple languages


A tool for understanding the human impact of a new product


A startup that hopes to replace the need for human financial advisors with an AI-powered automated wealth manager.


A startup that gives a voice to a growing number of people who are sick of the medical system, especially in the US. It aims to help people connect with their health care providers in a more direct and human way.


The company is building an online tool to help businesses automate payroll and human resources, with features like time tracking and flexible pay.


A messaging platform that supports human-to-human communication in machine learning. The startup is building a chatbot, but is also selling a tool that helps businesses gauge their customer service conversations.


A social network for the humanitarian sector, not unlike Care2 but more focused on the humanitarian side of things like conflict zones, refugees and the like.


A SaaS tool that created a “human editor” that helps users write emails, convert PDFs to text, and make other edits to the text


An AI system for decision-making, designed to work hand-in-hand with human decision-makers.


An AI-driven (no more than 20 people) enterprise software company that is using “human intelligence” to predict and prevent customer churn.


A startup that aims to replace the human factor with machine learning to make sales and customer service easier.


A side project to Zenefits, a human resource software company, that automates payroll for small businesses by pulling data from Quickbooks.


A tool for data wrangling for the human sciences. It’s designed for students and professors (and not just for those in computer science,) and is looking to build a community around the product.


A way to help fast food restaurants manage the waste they produce in their kitchens and on their premises. For every burger they’re able to cut, the startup is able to feed a human in need.


A platform to allow users to tip humans on the internet, and not just digital goods.


A startup that aims to use AI to automate tasks like loan underwriting, automating more human aspects of the process.


A company that aims to reinvent and recruit the human resources function for startups in the US.


An effort to build a more efficient and humane way to process and store food for the future. It starts with a food-loss tracking app and is working on a connected fridge.


A startup that builds AI-powered chatbots to help businesses automate customer service and other support tasks. Their aim is to replace human customer service agents with chatbots.


A software company that helps HR teams with all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. They strive to be a one-stop shop for talent as well as a human resource management solution.


A tool to help businesses manage both the financial, and human aspects of their businesses. Businesses can use the tool to manage their customer relationships, manage their revenue, and create and communicate with their teams.


A startup that uses AI to rank news stories and photos, using a blend of machine learning and human curation.


A software-as-a-service business which automates the process of helping human resources departments create, manage, and track benefits.


This startup uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence to understand the emotions that are being expressed by voice (like “I’m angry”) and determine if this voice is coming from a human or machine.


This startup is building an AI chatbot that acts as a friendly customer service rep. The startup is using a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and domain expertise to make its chatbot more human.


A chatbot-based customer service tool, with the goal of getting humans to do more of the customer-service work.


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


This startup is building a toolset for HR managers that lets them manage their company’s “Human Resources” from anywhere in the world.


Humanized AI, a website that walks you through how to change your habits for a healthier lifestyle.


This is the startup building a more humane and effective way to recycle scrap metals.


A company that tries to get people over the old corporate fence by transforming talent management into a more human experience.


A way for retailers to deliver their products directly to consumers without any human interaction. The startup’s goal is to make consumer interaction with products as invisible as possible.


A company that helps companies create, manage, and implement international human resource policies.


This Israeli startup is building a self-driving vehicle that, unlike Uber's autonomous cars, is purely electric and doesn’t need a human driver at the wheel. The company is planning to launch a service in Tel Aviv in July.


 A startup that collects data from social media networks and aggregates them into daily reports that can be used to measure the human conversation that happens on the internet.


A startup that wants to take on the role of the concierge, with a live human who can help you book a ride on Uber, book a hotel, or find an event.


A platform for human rights, which includes the belief that people should be able to freely share their information. The goal of Propscout is to provide a platform for the sharing of information regarding human rights issues in order to protect, respect, and promote those rights.


A startup that helps governments with the problem of how to enforce and monitor their immigration laws. Their goal is to let immigration enforcement agencies be more efficient and humane.


A startup that aims to help brands create a "more human" social media presence.


A file storage service for people who need to store large amounts of data, including for human rights activists, journalists and whistleblowers.


A startup that offers a distributed human-powered AI that can help organizations build AI-driven chatbots.


A startup that makes a “human-powered robot” that helps companies track their employees’ movements


A customer support app for businesses, that helps users get through to human resources, and allows them to receive specific customer service.


A platform for medical professionals that combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to help them make better clinical decisions.


A B2B company that allows banks to choose between an AI/ML-driven platform and a human-driven platform for OCR, fraud detection, and other similar tasks.


A platform that engages users with content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re fans of an artist or a topic they’re researching. It’s a software-based approach to human curation.


A company that helps brands communicate with their customers in a more personal way. The startup wants to make a “human social media network” that works in a more organic way, where you can reach people with specific interests without the need for any kind of targeting.


A platform that helps businesses like accounting, legal, and human resources departments manage the paperwork, invoicing, and payments for companies all in one place.


A restaurant that allows customers to order food on their phones. The app is meant to be a more human interface to the kitchen and to reduce wait times at the restaurant.


Teams on a team. A Slack app built for small teams that wants to provide a more “human” experience than Slack.


Idea: A startup for business to get on-demand access to human talent for things like sales, marketing, and customer service


Idea: Aims to make it easier to do business in the developing world by removing the human element from contract management The company takes care of the legwork and legal formalities so that companies can do business with foreign suppliers without having to learn the ins and outs of local business processes


Idea: A Chatbot for Lawyers that uses natural language processing to understand human input and produce relevant answers


Idea: A startup that connects people with HATs (Human Augmentation Technologies) with the companies that want to hire them


A Slack bot that helps businesses run more effective meetings, using a combination of machine learning and human curation to help keep meetings on track. The company says they have $12,000 in recurring revenue.


Idea: A startup that wants to bring data-driven insights to the human resources world.


Idea: This is the company behind the Bodega app, which calls itself a “Bodega box that comes with a free human.” The startup is building an app for small convenience stores in order to make shopping for milk, eggs, and other items more convenient. Its founders are betting that by bringing in a human to help customers, they’ll be able to differentiate from other convenience stores.