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by @levelsio

Housing Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps people get the best deals on their housing by connecting them with agents who specialize in the type of housing they want


A platform for the distribution of affordable and affordable housing.


A startup that provides a service where people who are in the hospitality industry can find temporary housing if they are traveling for work


A digital platform for temporary workers, offering access to a range of services, from transportation to housing, and last pay.


A tool for finding student housing.


HousingBridge is building a new kind of mortgage broker, which essentially performs mortgage origination services for large banks. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in Chicago and San Francisco.


This startup makes it easier for companies to decide if they are in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.


A startup that aims to make a service for college students that helps them find and pay for housing, then pay it off through a loan.


Startup #7 is a marketplace for student housing. The company aims to transform the student housing industry, which is currently dominated by a small number of large corporations.


A P2P lender that works with government sponsored housing programs in the US.


A “co-living” startup focused on the business side of student housing and aiming to become the Airbnb of college housing


A company that builds a platform for people to post their rent, so others can find and rent cheap housing in that area.


A company that builds flexible, adjustable shipping containers that can be used for housing, shipping, and construction.


A startup that is trying to make travel apps more useful, by helping you find and book housing, food, and activities.


A platform for low cost college housing. The startup is now working with one university, and plans to expand to many more in the coming years.


A startup that helps people find affordable housing in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco (and other cities too).


A startup that allows people to schedule or “book” housing for future events. The startup lets users find available apartments, book them, and pay for them ahead of time.


The startup wants to build an in-person recruiting marketplace for corporate campuses. The company has already built an app to help visiting college students find housing.


A startup that helps people find affordable housing and makes money by charging rent (like airbnb does)


Idea: A startup for housing rentals The startup allows local tenants to rent out their home from their landlord


Idea: A startup for the rental housing market that helps residents find and book apartments


Idea: A community directory for short-term housing aimed at tourists and newcomers to a city. The startup is planning to expand to other cities in the future.