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Household Startup Ideas

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A platform that helps people easily sell used furniture, household goods, and other items.


A platform for managing micro loans for rural households.


If you own a home in the US, you can log into an app and see what the utilities are costing you in real time. However, the founders say that households throughout the world can benefit from a similar application.


A startup that helps you find and book a dog sitter so you can enjoy a two-dog household.


A platform that allows people to rent out spare bedrooms and/or spare bedrooms with other household members. It’s designed to help people earn additional income from their homes while also giving their families the chance to stay in their homes in times of need.


A hardware company that wants to create smart hardware to help people manage their lives. The company wants to build smart devices that can help people find what they’re looking for, identify emotions, monitor health, and automate household tasks.


A startup that wants to help users make more money by selling their excess household items to the public.


Jet.com is a startup that will sell anything from household items to clothes to groceries to a single user, with no membership fees or minimum purchase requirements. It’s been called the Amazon of online shopping that will work on the ground. The company says it has 1.1 million active buyers already, and a $3 billion run rate.


A household product company that sells laundry detergent and other cleaning products.


A startup that buys household items in bulk for consumers, and delivers them in bulk After shipping the products, the startup makes money by selling those items on the secondary market


Amazon Alexa has invaded every household in the US. The company wants to make the device even more useful, by adding a voice-controlled interface for apps.


A startup that provides online classes on how to do household chores like cleaning a fridge


A texting platform for groups of people to communicate efficiently. The startup wants to leverage its popularity in the soccer world to make the company a household name.


It’s a subscription service for most common household cleaning needs.


A startup that facilitates the donation of household items to people in need. It’s a B2B business.


A company that’s building an app that can manage the list of expenses of a household or individual.


Thoughtful home services that provide concierge services, cleaning, and other household issues. The company has $10 million in funding from investors including Michael Moritz.


A newly-formed company that wants to enable a sharing economy around shared assets, like household items.


A tool for managing the chaos of information in a busy household. The app lets you track everyone’s schedules.


This is a new way to sell your stuff on an app. Founded in January, Papago helps people sell their items on its marketplace. The marketplace has four categories: stuff, collectables, household items, and vehicles. Members can post their items on the site for 24 hours, and if no one buys it, the item goes back to the seller’s inventory. If someone buys it, the seller gets paid in bitcoin.


A startup that’s creating a digital concierge service for everyday tasks. The company hopes to expand into household services, driving their business model with the same $1 per month fee they charge for their concierge service.


A startup for the buying and selling of used cars, appliances and other household goods.


A tool for managing a household’s information, from bills to schedules to grocery lists to recipes. The startup is building out a family social network.


A startup that creates a marketplace for household services. The company is building a platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect and create a marketplace for items like roofing, plumbing and electrical repairs, and lawn care.


A platform for sharing and storing household items, with an app that helps manage them


A startup that aims to build a “Google for the home”, so you can find all your household goods online.


This is an on-demand concierge service for cleaners, basically an Uber for household staff.


Idea: A home security company for Latin American households, primarily in Mexico. The startup is focused on providing internet-connected cameras that allow users to see and talk to visitors while they’re away from home.


A startup that sells easy-to-use household appliances for people who don’t have much experience with them