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A startup that wants to make it easy for developers to build and host websites of their own Think of it like WordPresscom, but for developers


develops a SaaS platform for retailers to host and serve webinars to customers.


Building a subscription service for hosting websites, similar to Windows’ own hosting service but without the cost.


A startup that invests in podcasts and offers them hosting to help them grow.


A Chinese-based company that is trying to build a subscription-based web hosting service.


A platform for self-hosting, on-demand virtual reality content, allowing users to access VR worlds without a headset.


Giving Demo Day startups advice can only go so far. So Y Combinator does a bit more to help startups. YC has created a forum for startup founders to share information and advice with one another. They also host “Ask-Me-Anything” sessions for founders to talk about their companies.


A second-screen app for creating, managing and distributing podcasts, taking on a market dominated by hosts. The company is also building an app for the live video market, aiming to be the first to tap into the VOD market on the cheap.


A mobile app that connects people to other travelers and hosts. The startup wants to use technology to make the world’s hotels and hostels more efficient and make it easier for people to find a place to stay.


Idea: A platform for hosting online courses. The startup says it has a 45% course completion rate, with a 6% course drop rate.


A software platform for publishing academic papers and hosting conferences, designed for scientists, researchers, and students.


A tool for building, hosting, and connecting with data-driven digital products


A platform for finding and booking cheap rooms in hostels, hotels and other accommodations.


Web Hosting that allows you to have 1 account for all your websites and email, and one billing.


Asana is building an application for managing recurring meetings in a way that makes it easy for both attendees and hosts. They’re building out a dashboard for meeting organizers that helps them schedule meetings across personas and different time zones, and alerts them when meetings are about to start or end.


A startup that allows people to rent their homes to Airbnb hosts on a per-night basis, charging a fee to those hosts.


A startup that brings the power of an “off-the-shelf” product like Uber or Airbnb to the small business owner. It makes the process of hosting, booking, and paying for a service as easy as booking a flight or an Uber.


A platform for companies to host live video webinars on their own websites or via a third party. The company says the software is easy to use, and has had over 12,000 live webinars hosted, with over 90% of those lead to more sales.


A startup that allows people to create and host mini-conferences for up to 20 people.


A startup that provides a service for renting servers, using a model similar to Airbnb Users can rent a server by the hour, day, week, or month They rent out their unused servers, which helps keep them up to date, and clients get cheap hosting


As of 2016, accelerator programs are across the world, from Silicon Valley to London, with India, China, Singapore and Israel also hosting their own.


A hosting company that offers affordable hosting


The startup is building a platform for event hosts. The app is aimed at small to medium size events, and includes features like group chat and live streaming.


The Startup Grind podcast is a weekly podcast about entrepreneurship, hosted by founders of SBJ’s own portfolio companies.


"Idea 2.0 is a tool for entrepreneurs to help them learn about new technologies in the market and network together. It’s the Uber of technology conferences. The conference is in its second year and has had over 1,000 attendees and 300+ speakers from 45 countries. The conference’s format is based on the model of Airbnb, where the host gets to pick the guests. The guest list is highly curated and the speakers are handpicked by the company’s CEO. The conference has been very well received by attendees and has been named a Top 10 conference in the US in 2018.


A mobile app that helps people track down the best restaurants nearby for whatever occasion they are looking to host.


A take on the “room-sharing” model of Airbnb, Mio is a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting guests and hosts.


A platform that makes it easy for companies to host virtual teams that work from different locations. The startup is working with Y Combinator-backed startup Galvanize.


A way to help users create, host, and share videos in collaboration with other users. Users can choose the location and theme of the video, and add their own music and video.


This startup is building a platform that helps sports teams track players’ health and performance in real-time. They are hosting a hackathon for developers to build the tech they’ve been developing in stealth mode.


A platform for businesses to host their services on the Internet, so they can reach more people and deliver better products.


A new set of tools for developers to build and host their apps.


 A collaborative platform (like GitHub or Trello) for hosting and sharing software code.


A startup that aims to host livestreamed public discussions about important issues.


A “web as a service” product that allows users to create and sell their own online courses. The startup is currently rated 6.0 on the web-hosting site SitePoint.


Jeeves is a service that lets people reserve rooms on Airbnb, post photos, and chat with hosts. It’s currently running in San Francisco and Los Angeles and has plans to expand to New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC.


In the meantime, the company’s founders have named the ghost town of Dry Fork, North Carolina.


This app helps users find dentists, find the cheapest prices for insurance, and a host of other financial services.


This startup wants to make it easier for people to sell their used gadgets and electronics. It wants to give users free website or app hosting and a platform for selling their devices and accessories.


A startup for people who are hosts on Airbnb. The startup is looking to make it easier to manage multiple properties


A company that makes software that allows people to create and host websites without requiring coding expertise.


Filling the gap between the limited-access industry conferences it hosts and the online conferences that don’t have as much of a barrier to entry.


A company that wants to help businesses advertise on their own websites. It offers hosted advertising and a platform to create custom ads.


A startup that helps people create and host a one-on-one relationship with advisors.


A system for hosting, sharing and storing videos, photos, and other files.


A messaging system for restaurants that allows hosts to manage reservations, ticket sales, and reservations.


A startup for hosts to sell their spare rooms.


A platform that helps companies host events, with a large focus on live events. It has a marketplace through which businesses can advertise their events, custom event tickets, and sell tickets to the public. Three big clients include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Visa.


An online community for entrepreneurs and innovators. With over 3,000 members, it’s hosted by a number of founders, including Evan Williams. The startup has raised $8M to date.


A platform that allows users to host their own events online, using a mix of location-based technology to lure attendees and social media to attract attendees.


A tool for people to create their own version of Slack where they can host a chat group at their own location.


Companies can use Made.io to upload and store their files in the cloud, so that they can easily be accessed when needed. The company then provides its own hosting and security, and then takes a small cut of the revenue.


In April, the company launched a new product: a platform that allows you to create, edit, and host videos.


Settle.me is a video hosting platform for Airbnb hosts, helping them tell and share their stories.


A platform for developers to host their web apps on the Amazon Web Services cloud.


A podcast company that wants to reinvent the way we consume podcasts. Hosts other companies that use their software so that their podcasts can be distributed on their platform.


A platform to host your photos and videos, and help you find people who would like to share them.


This startup is building a full stack hosting solution for developers, allowing them to build and deploy websites and applications online.


The startup is building an app for employers to create a job and track its progress. The startup charges employers to host the app, and uses it to help employers track the progress of their job postings and manage employee communication.


A platform that allows people to crowdsource their ideas and work with others to turn them into reality. The startup hosted its first hackathon in Tel Aviv in October.


A trip app, built to connect travelers with local hosts to get them a place to stay.


This startup is building a global network of sports stadiums. It’s first project is in Brazil, where it is partnering with an insurance company to run a stadium that hosts games for the local soccer league. The startup is also working with a real estate developer to build a sports stadium in China.


A startup building a platform to host and share videos from remote teams. It’s currently accepting applications.


The Specialized Technology Fund (STF) is a $25 million venture fund hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, where it was founded in 2011. The fund is meant to facilitate the creation of new technologies that can improve the lives of people in developing countries. It is the first university-backed venture fund focused on developing technologies for developing countries. The fund is run by the university's Haas School of Business.


A way to make it easier for small companies to host conference calls.


A platform that helps users find nearby ping pong tables, buy tables, and host matches.


A tool that makes it easy to make videos with simple software. The startup is built on the Huddle video hosting platform.


A startup that arranges bookings for table tennis clubs, school gyms, or snooker clubs. The startup connects people looking for table tennis, snooker, or other sports to people who would like to host them.


A startup that provides a service where people can get a hotel room for the same price as a hostel if they stay in


Idea: The world’s first self-hosted JavaScript IDE


Idea: A free, full-stack, hosted CI/CD platform for web and mobile apps


Idea: Free, Simple and Easy-to-Use P2P Web Hosting


Idea: A mobile app that helps people take the slow out of slow travel. It offers curated lists of local experiences, and helps users book rooms and other experiences with hosts.


Idea: A startup for turning your apartment into a hotel. It allows hosts to rent out rooms via a smartphone app, and comes with features like cleaning, check-in, and flexible cancellations. It’s currently free for hosts, and makes money through a 7% cut from bookings.


Idea: A podcast for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s called “Sales & Marketing” and it’s hosted by two former startup founders.


Idea: A startup building a mobile app that helps people make year-long commitments to a goal. It’s a self-hosted tool that’s currently free, but looks to monetize with premium features.