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Hospital Startup Ideas

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A virtual reality startup that aims to help healthcare professionals train and collaborate. It’s a VR app that lets doctors, nurses, and other medical staff practice together in a virtual environment before they need to go to the hospital.


A startup that helps users find the best deals on last-minute travel deals, with a focus on hospitality and travel.


A startup that helps people with diabetes receive better quality health care by monitoring the service they receive from their doctors and hospitals


A startup that helps hospitals find cheaper alternatives to the expensive equipment they use in the ER.


A health data platform aimed at hospitals. The startup wants to use the platform to bring innovation to the hospital industry.


Helps med school students track their performance in school, at their hospital, and on standardized exams.


A startup that provides a service where people who are in the hospitality industry can find temporary housing if they are traveling for work


Working with healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies, Aptara is providing a platform to help hospitals optimize the clinical processes they use across a range of different technologies.


A startup that wants to help doctors and hospitals manage their electronic medical records. The startup is working with doctors to make it easier to see what’s in their EMR and how it relates to other information.


Idea: A startup for tracking and keeping tabs on the cost of a medical procedure. The idea is to allow patients to shop around for prices, and also to provide a level of transparency that many hospitals don’t have.


A startup that helps hospitals keep medical records on file in a digital format


The startup is building a tool that helps hospital administrators and physicians make informed decisions about patient care.


The startup is building an app that helps hospital business owners manage their wait times and staffing. The goal is to cut down on wait times for patients.


An IoT service that helps hospitals track and monitor patient care across different departments.


A student health-care startup that offers a free student health-insurance plan to individual students, that covers co-pays and deductibles but doesn’t cover in-network hospital visits.


A directory for hospital employees to find any service they need, from doctors to nurses to food delivery, all on one page.


A company that wants to help hospitals build better technology. It's building cloud software that allows nurses to prioritize patient care, use a shared calendar, communicate with doctors, and more.


This startup helps companies deliver care to patients in a more efficient manner. The company works with hospitals to help them deliver care in a more cost-effective way.


A “smart” hospital bed that monitors patients and adjusts the temperature in response to their health concerns. It also tracks their movements to prevent falls.


A chatbot that connects you with friends, family, and colleagues when you’re in the hospital.


A mobile app that allows customers to book services from home doctors. They’re also focusing on providing privacy for health services, by ensuring that the doctor never sees the patient’s name, phone number, or address. The company is currently working with a hospital in NY.


This startup is building an app that lets you make appointments for a medical doctor at your local hospital.


A hospitality company that provides standardized guest rooms in a hotel, either customized to the needs of a customer or a group of customers.


A startup that aims to help remove the friction between resource-poor hospitals in India and those with more resources.


A startup in the hospitality industry that helps people do business travel (IE A startup that helps people find a place to stay when they travel to a different city for business)


A platform for direct-to-consumer health care that allows users to share health data and receive treatment recommendations from a variety of doctors and hospitals. The company says it is the only platform of its kind and has raised $1.2 million to date.


A new business process management platform for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.


A cloud-based system for managing healthcare claims and data for a range of customers and providers. Ivol is a startup that uses AI to sort claims for insurers and then helps physicians and hospitals with the claims and data.


The company is building a platform that integrates with hospital networks and practices to share health records electronically.


The startup is looking to digitize the process of back-office data entry. Based in San Francisco, the startup is currently focused on the insurance industry, though it's looking to expand into the retail and hospitality markets.


A software tool for booking appointments at doctors’ offices, hospitals, and labs.


A medical services company working with hospitals to track and manage patients’ care


SaaS company that helps hospital nurses and doctors build secure online patient portals. The startup is focusing on the healthcare vertical and has its first client.


A startup that helps hospitals create secure software for their staff to access the medical records of patients. The startup has already partnered with hospitals in the U.S. and India.


A startup that helps hospitals manage their supply chains with a similar model to the one offered by Node.


A booking system for restaurants, with a focus on those in the travel and hospitality industries in the US.


This company is building a mobile app that helps hospitals track patients. The app helps hospital staff get real-time information about patients and is intended to reduce the number of readmissions.


A company that is building a platform to help doctors and hospitals monitor and improve the quality of their care.


A startup that’s building a way for hospitals to automate payments between doctors and patients.


A mobile-focused insurance company that focuses on coverages that keep people out of the hospital.


This is an application to help people find a doctor and get an appointment within 24 hours. The startup is seeking to partner with hospitals to help users find doctors for in-person visits.


This SaaS platform helps hospitals reduce medical errors and increase patient satisfaction with their medical appointments. It’s already been implemented at three hospitals in the U.S. and is at 25 others now.


a technology service to make people’s lives easier by letting them manage their health records from a single source. The startup has a partnership with WellPoint to bring its service to hospitals and doctors.


A SaaS platform for scheduling and managing your travel, with a focus on hospitality. The startup wants to help hotels and start-ups book their travel more efficiently.


A startup that helps patients track diagnoses and other data during their treatment, helping doctors and hospitals improve the quality of care.


A content incentive platform that rewards employees for sharing and spreading content. It’s currently targeting the hospitality industry.


A platform for sharing and measuring data in real time. The startup’s goal is to help hospitals save lives by improving operation outcomes and reducing costs.


This startup’s goal is to help hotels and other hospitality businesses save money by using the same technology that powers self-driving cars to know where their employees are, and be able to send them on a break.


The startup makes a “diagnostic X-Ray” for consumers, and is selling it to hospitals for $25 per unit.


A tool for the hospitality industry to manage attendee profiles. One of the founders previously worked at Airbnb.


A health care company that makes it easier for patients to manage their health options. The startup has worked with large insurance companies and hospitals to build the platform.


A company that designs and manufactures 3D printed medical devices. The startup wants to build a device that helps the blind navigate and helps the visually impaired to see better. It’s working with an area hospital and hopes to have a product out this year.


A platform to help companies hire contractors, with a focus on the hospitality and construction industries.


A company that wants to help people store medical records. Medtronic shares the same vision, but has been unable to land deals with hospitals and doctors. Medtronic has raised $1.7 million in funding from investors including GE Ventures and the National Academy of Medicine.


A startup that helps healthcare companies manage their patient records. The company provides software and services to help them make data easier to find. They have already run pilot programs with large insurance companies and hospitals.


A health-tech startup that works with hospitals to manage treatments and operations


Helps hospitals and doctors in the US get a daily picture of their patient population.


An on-demand on-demand surgery service. Patients go to a hospital, get a procedure done, and go home the same day. The company is still bootstrapped, but has been working with both the UK government and the NHS.


A platform for insurers, doctors, hospitals, and patients to communicate data about a patient without having to go through a third party. The data is used to improve care and reduce costs, and it’s currently being used in the UK.


A notification system for public safety, allowing first responders and hospitals to be notified when someone tries to harm themselves or someone else.


A tool built for the hospitality industry that allows them to better manage the labor they have on-hand. The tool can track labor in real-time, and when it’s time to restock the fridge or refill the coffee machine, the software can alert the staff to take action.


A digital marketer that helps improve the customer experience of hospitality companies.


An AI-enabled accounting platform for the travel and hospitality industries. This startup is taking a hybrid approach, using AI to make the process more efficient, and also manually coding the interface so it’s more intuitive.


This startup is building a mobile app for users to discover and book their preferred doctors and hospitals in India.


A company that helps hospitals and other medical facilities cut down on expensive paper records.


A health care company that aims to make it easy for patients to access, at a fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance, the full range of doctor and hospital services.


A platform for building digital signage for retail and hospitality.


This startup is building a service that turns your iPhone into a platform for helping you find a doctor or emergency room. You’ll be able to call any medical professional or hospital directly from your iPhone, and they’ll provide you with directions and a diagnosis.


Connecting LGBT people to the right health care professionals. The startup uses an algorithm to find the right care provider and hospital.


This startup is building a digital way to help consumers choose the right hospital for their family member.


 A company that helps providers manage their own dental, vision, and life insurance needs. It doesn’t offer a traditional insurance product, yet covers 100% of a doctor’s out of pocket costs if they’re hospitalized.


A startup that helps health care organizations make more effective referrals to specialists. It’s currently being used by a network of 20 hospitals in Boston, with plans to expand to the rest of the US within the next six months.


A software company that wants to help hospitals and medical professionals collaborate, share information, and increase efficiency.


A platform that helps hospitals and labs design and manage patient schedules. They’re looking to bring together patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to improve care.


A startup that connects medical workers in a way similar to Uber, allowing them to find patients and make deliveries. The company wants to use the data it records to help make hospitals and doctors more efficient.


A company that helps doctors use technology to keep track of patients who are already in the hospital and notifying them in case of emergencies


This startup wants to bring the benefits of paperless medical records to India. They’re currently looking to partner with hospitals in India to make it easier to transfer medical records.


A digital platform for health providers to provide a hospital-like service to patients. Doctors can see a patient’s health in real-time and send them personalized health recommendations.


A personalized, curative music therapy service for hospitals, created by a company that focuses on using music to treat mental illnesses.


A “digital hospital” focused on improving patient interactions in their healthcare


A software company that sells paperless medical records to hospitals


A company focused on building applications to help hospital staff make better and more informed decisions.


A startup that wants to help people save money on medical bills by connecting them with local doctors and hospitals. The company charges a monthly fee to provide the service.


A digital health and wellness platform, with a focus on medical adherence and safety. Its current offerings include an app, a digital diary, and a smart bracelet. Its current clientele include dozens of hospitals and healthcare companies.


A medical startup building a device that tracks a patient’s progress at home, in the hospital, and in the doctor’s office.


A company that provides an AI-powered platform for hospitals to manage patient scheduling.


A startup that helps people who have been hospitalized find out about the nearest and best places for them to go when they leave the hospital


Idea: A software platform that allows hospitals to put patient records online and share it with patients


Idea: A SaaS CRM for the hospitality industry The company started with $20k in the bank, and by the end of 2015 had $33,000 in recurring revenue


Idea: A startup to help people figure out how they will pay their hospital bills after being treated.


Idea: In the US, a startup that brings data from a person’s Fitbit or other fitness tracker into their doctor’s office. The system, called Bionode, is already used at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. They’re looking to branch out to other health providers as well.


Idea: A platform for doctors to track patients’ vitals and symptoms, share information, and make recommendations. The startup is currently working with four hospitals, and has $1.5m in revenue.


Idea: A startup that is building a platform to handle the logistics of overnights, with a focus on the hospitality industry. The startup currently has over 500 hotels as customers, and has processed over $2M worth of laundry.


A health care platform that helps hospitals manage multiple networks of care.