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A team of data scientists comes up with a way to use machine learning to detect fraudulent credit card purchases. The company says it has already helped its clients save $7 million, and expects to save the same amount this year as well.


A software company that helps companies build new websites quickly and easily. It has helped companies like Kiva, IBM, and Airbnb build websites.


A startup that helps e-commerce businesses expand globally. The company says it has helped over 1,000 merchants expand into more than 60 new countries. The company has already launched its first product, a global e-commerce marketplace, to the public and has launched in six countries.


A startup that allows people to sell their used books, and it’s helped 20,000 people make $100,000.


A $12-per-month service that brings an emergency food box to your doorstep. The startup has already helped more than 300 people, and partners with a network of food pantries.


Online content creation and distribution company that has helped over 250,000 artists and entrepreneurs connect with brands like Nike, Dell, Mercedez-Benz, and Amazon.


CTO of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he has helped build a $100M startup.


Sunlight is an app that allows media companies to schedule video to go out live on their website with a single click. Sunlight’s CEO says that the app has already helped his company grow by up to 30%.


A startup that allows you to create an “Airbnb for Food”, allowing you to find and discover local restaurants that also allow you to book tables in advance. The company says it has already helped to book a hundred tables in New York City.


A tool to help connect students with secondary education with students in a similar grade at a university. The startup helps with translation and registration, and says it has successfully helped one student find a roommate for her roommate’s apartment.


This startup helps people track the status of their favorite charitable causes. They helped raise $50,000 from the Center for Global Development and the Connected Ventures Fund in NYC.


A company that helps advertisers to maximize the reach of their marketing messages. The startup says it has helped some Fortune 100 companies increase their ad spend by 80%.


A company that “helps businesses buy and build from a wider, more diverse set of technology services”. The startup has raised $6 million from investors and says it has already helped companies grow from “the size of a small company to a well-staffed, highly functional team”.


This is a messaging platform that works with Slack and Google Apps so you can talk about deadlines and collaboration from any device. The startup says it has already helped over 250 companies and is looking to scale.


SMI (Social Media Intelligence) is a startup at the intersection of social media and data, which helps businesses get insights from social media. It’s helped “more than 15,000 customers” including GE, Ford, and the U.S. Bank.


A product that helps people manage their digital content. The startup says they’ve been working with the Y Combinator alumni community since 2013 and has already helped them launch a number of products and services.


A platform that connects people looking to go back to school with students willing to help each other out with things like homework, tutoring, and test prep. The founders say they’ve already helped more than 6,000 students fill out their applications and get into the class of their dreams.


A software company that helps businesses better define and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. The company’s founders say their platform has already helped businesses like Blue Apron and Fandango “get more value for their marketing dollars.”


This startup aims to be a place where you can get childcare information, and then book that childcare at any time. The company wants to solve the problem of childcare shortage, and says it has already helped people book childcare for the first time, and is now helping people find care for the first time.


A startup that helps people experience the city of their choice in VR. The startup has already helped a few dozen people experience the Amazon rainforest, and has plans to expand to other cities.


A vertical website that allows people to write about their experiences with different products and services. It was built by the founders of HackerYou, a startup that helped people connect with each other and build software in the same way Facebook and other social networks did.


Businesses in the Netherlands can create a marketplace for people to sell their home-grown products and services. The startup has already helped 30 small businesses rent out their homes.


A company that’s looking to change the hiring process for startups. The company says it’s the only one of its kind, and so far it has helped hire 100 startups, including Craftsy and Instacart.


A startup that wants to make live video marketing as simple as possible for brands. The company’s founders say they’ve already helped over 1,000 brands, and are having success with brands like Best Buy.


A platform for helping people find their dream homes. The founders say they’ve helped people find their dream house in as little as 10 days.


A social network for elderly people to check in and view pictures of their friends and family. The startup has already helped its first customer, a family member, locate her father and communicate with him (via text) over the phone.


A startup that helps people manage their credit card debt, manage their finances, and stay on top of the things they owe. It claims to have helped over 1 million people, and is profitable.


Idea: A startup for entrepreneurs who want to get in touch with investors Early users say it’s helped them raise $50,000


A startup that helps entrepreneurs in the US get their home-based businesses into compliance with the tax code. It’s also a service that has helped 35 lawyers in the Bay Area file taxes in just over 3 hours, typically via telephone.