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Hassle Startup Ideas

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When you want to buy a new coat, you order it from a store. When you want to buy a new car, you do the same, and your credit card company gets in touch with you. When you want to buy a new smartphone, you have to go through the same process. It’s a bit of a hassle, and it costs a lot of money.


Idea: A startup for people who need to get their applications or websites running quickly online, without having to go through the hassle of setting up servers


A startup that connects charities to donors is looking to take the hassle of filling out grant-writing forms out of the process. They have a mobile app to help charities better track and manage the process.


L2L is building a platform that connects people who are looking to buy or sell properties to those who are looking to rent. The company wants to build a marketplace where people can buy and sell homes without going through the hassle of a real estate agent. The company also has a deal with Century 21 in the Philippines to build a realty app that can help people sell and buy real estate.


A company that wants to take the hassle out of hiring at startups.


This is a way to organize your personal finances without the hassle of a finance app. The company wants to be your “bank” that helps you save money.


A startup that helps people get their hands on a shorter-term loan without having to go through the hassle of getting a credit card. They recently raised $600,000 in seed funding.


A platform for companies to hire freelancers without the headache of building and maintaining a website, or the hassle of dealing with recruiters.


This startup is building a way to help farmers market their products without the hassle of selling via a big, impersonal store. Instead, farmers can have a more intimate and less expensive selling experience when selling directly to the consumer.


A way for companies to take online surveys without the hassle of paper.


A payment platform for international businesses that make money abroad. The startup wants to help these firms expand their business into new markets without dealing with the hassle of currency conversion.


This startup specializes in taking the hassle out of home security.


A digital gift registry and shopping website that allows consumers to buy personalized gifts for loved ones without the hassle of a physical gift registry.


A startup that aims to make it easy for companies to “find and hire the best tech talent, without the hassle of a hiring process.”


The company aims to help brands develop more targeted ads without the hassle of buying and managing ad campaigns.


An online service that helps people sell used clothes without dealing with the hassle of eBay or try-before-you-buy services like Grailed and StockX. The company says it has already sold over $1M worth of used clothes.


A product development platform for startups that wants to help them avoid the hassle of developing their own systems.


It’s not uncommon for someone to wake up with a hangover, but it’s often a hassle to find something to drink that doesn’t taste gross. The startup wants to make sure there is always a drinkable alternative to the morning-after-party staple, water.


A startup that pairs job seekers with employers and arranges interviews, enabling the hiring process to happen without the hassle of having to deal with recruiters.


This startup offers business meetings in a virtual conference room, without the hassle of meeting in person. The company is based in Philadelphia but has users in more than 30 cities.


This is a startup that wants to help people sell their old stuff on Craigslist, using their own photos and descriptions to sell their items without the hassle of eBay or Craigslist.


 A funding platform where a company can take a “drip” approach to fundraising, instead of a full-on “spray”. It allows a company to get funding without all the hassle of pitching, negotiating, and offering equity, while still getting the full equity portion.


A startup for bands to put out their music for sale without the hassle of a label. The company is based out of Philadelphia, and is backed by the founders of the label of the same name.


A video software company that lets users record and edit video in a web browser. The startup wants to make it easier to create and share videos without the hassle.


A platform for selling and buying used cars, introduced at YC’s Demo Day in 2015. The startup brings a car buying platform to a market where many people don’t have credit or don’t want to deal with the hassle of financing. It’s already in use in the Bay Area, and is looking to expand to other areas of the country.


The startup’s cofounders say they want to be the company that takes “the unknown hassle out of hiring” by eliminating time-consuming steps like job applications and paperwork. It also wants to help small businesses scale by removing the need for a HR department.


A company that wants to take the hassle of finding and booking a car service out of the equation and let you order a ride from your smartphone.


A startup that wants to make it easier for people to donate to nonprofits. The startup takes the hassle out of processing donations by replacing the 3-5% processing fee that many nonprofits pay for online donations with a 2.5% processing fee.


A B2B company that helps people share or receive money “without the hassle of going to the bank or running a credit card to wire money overseas”.


A software company for managing health insurance. The startup wants to simplify the process of registering for health insurance so that the process is fast and hassle-free.


A company that helps food trucks get paid for food that was previously ordered but never delivered, taking the hassle out of money transfers and payments.


A free and open-source tool to help marketers create the same kind of email campaigns that we can create in AdWords, but with less of a hassle and less cost.


A company that makes payments more efficient, with a system that allows businesses to send out monthly invoices, and avoid the hassle of managing their own payment systems.


A startup trying to solve the logistics problem of selling and transporting used electronics. The company wants to eliminate the hassle of storing, moving, and recycling the product.


A startup that’s building a service that helps people sell their old smartphones without having to go through a lot of hassle.


A startup that helps employees set up automatic recurring payments from their paycheck. The service is aimed at companies who don’t use a software for auto payments, and the company is focused on helping these companies avoid the hassle and expense of manually setting up recurring payments.


This startup wants to take the hassle out of getting a new phone. The company has developed a piece of Android software that has already been downloaded by more than a million customers.


A software platform that offers employee stock options to startups, letting them offer equity to employees without the hassle of creating a formal offering.


Idea: Make the business of event planning less of a hassle


Idea: Allows people to send money to family and friends in the Philippines via chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram The chat apps offer a great way to chat with people, but it’s a hassle to send money via another platform like PayPal or Venmo, so they’re using chat apps as the payment mechanism


Idea: An online marketplace for the rental of moving trucks The startup’s pitch is to remove the hassle of coordinating with a moving company by providing a platform that allows users to book trucks from different moving companies in one place


Idea: A startup that wants to take the hassle out of the job application process. It wants to make it easier for employers to screen candidates and make it easier for candidates to apply to jobs and track their progress.


Idea: A startup for used goods, where resellers can list any item they want for a flat fee. The startup wants to remove the hassle and fees of selling used goods online.