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by @levelsio

Gym Startup Ideas

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A startup for finding and reserving gyms, as well as a digital membership card. The startup wants to be the world’s first digital gym, using an app to track and manage memberships.


A startup that’s looking to build a product where people can find and book gym memberships online.


A startup that helps people set up their first home gym Sells mats, weights, kettlebells, etc


A scheduling tool for people with a full-time schedule who are looking to find time to go to the gym.


A tool that allows you to create and sell virtualized physical objects, like a virtual home, or a virtual gym.


Launched in July, this startup is building a network of fitness centers that work with local gyms, and can charge you less at each location.


 A platform that helps members discover and share their favorite fitness classes and gyms.


A platform that helps people “find and share the best deals” for everything from gym memberships to long-distance driving.


A startup that’s building a standalone app that makes it easier to use and manage a gym membership.


An online marketplace for gym memberships. It allows users to book time at a gym with the click of a button.


The startup provides software, training and data to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. The company’s software, which is built on the premise that “it’s not about the number of times you go to the gym, it’s about how much you get done when you go”, has won the Best Startup Award at the Philadelphia Startup Weekend.


A startup that helps people get free gym memberships without having to go to a gym.


A platform that helps people find and book the best available gym memberships, and better manage their fitness routine.


A business that lets people take their unused gym equipment home.


A platform that allows customers to make recurring payments — and keep money in the bank — for things like gym memberships or recurring mortgage payments.


 Gets people to go to the gym, and then pays them to go there. People can make money by opting in to be covered by the startup, and can balance their own class schedules.


A ticketing and event ticketing software company. The startup wants to build a platform for events to sell tickets online, as well as a way to sell tickets at non-traditional venues like bars and gyms.


A way to allow people to easily share their gym photos with friends and family.


A device that can help “people get in shape”. The device is currently being used by a number of fitness studios and gyms that cater to women. The company has raised $2.5 million.


A way to log workouts on your phone, for those who prefer to skip the gym.


The company that makes the "company gym", which can be used by companies for employee training, goal tracking, and more.


A business that sends people to the gym, based on the weather and other data. The company already has more than 40,000 customers in the U.S. and has raised over $2 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital and others.


A startup that helps users plan their day (e.g. "I want to go to the gym at 5pm")


A platform for people who want to Lose Weight, but don’t have the money for a gym membership.


A startup that arranges bookings for table tennis clubs, school gyms, or snooker clubs. The startup connects people looking for table tennis, snooker, or other sports to people who would like to host them.


An upstart that wants to build a “smart” watch for heavy users of fitness trackers, claiming it can cut the time it takes to get to the gym from 30 minutes to 10.


Idea: New types of spaces, like cafes, parks, and gyms, that are built for entrepreneurs and freelancers


Idea: An ‘online gym’ for high frequency traders


Idea: A tool for companies to offer rewards to employees for specific health goals. The startup is partnering with employers to offer discounts on gym memberships, yoga classes, etc. to workers who reach their goals.


Idea: This corporate wellness startup is building a platform that lets companies and their employees take their fitness out of the gym and into the world. Their first product, a smart wearable that tracks your steps and other activities, is currently being beta tested in the Bay Area.